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8/30/2021 c5 Eddyg125
How the hell is May better than Ash when he's had more experience? I also hope that Ash gets his rematch against May.
8/19/2021 c7 TheThunderOfYourLife
Having a lot of fun reading this. It’ll serve as great inspiration for developing political themes in what I’m working on, alongside a similar story to this about Ash and Dawn.

Keep it up! Thoroughly enjoying it so far.
7/14/2021 c7 4Subject 666
Great chapter! Looking forward to the next as always :)
7/12/2021 c7 3Ruthlesssceptile6
Can this get any more interesting? Amazing work man!
7/10/2021 c5 Lover of A Good Story
This series started interesting except that MAY, who has had LESS then zero experience with aura, is automatically better at learning and manipulating it then ASH who HAS had at least some experience with it? Yet more modern female empowerment garbage where the woman is better then the man at absolutely everything despite having NO experience at all.
6/15/2021 c6 4Subject 666
Excited to see what comes next :]
6/7/2021 c6 Pokemon fan
I'm definitely enjoying the story so far and great to see another chapter for this story and just curious will greninja be in this story to he be a great addition for ash to have especially with the ash greninja transformation
6/7/2021 c6 Guest
Glad to see another chapter for this story definitely enjoying it so far and hopefully sooner rather than later ash finally tells may his true feelings for her so she can finally tell him how much he means to her and finally be a official couple the next time they go at it they should definitely try out different things and go without protection so they can experience and test just how amazing they can really feel when they try it for real since there curiousity will eventually get the better of them just to see what it's like even if it's her getting pregnant by ash she wouldn't mind and have a child with him to her it be worth it when they truly feel ready for that step
5/15/2021 c5 simpledude
Hello there! Glad to see you back and motivated. I've been following your story since the very beginning, it's just that I was lazy enough to review as a guest and not switch to my account.

Anyways, just came to say that of course I'm still interested and look forward to reading more about this amazing fic, definitely on my top advanceshipping list, even though it's just the beginning, it's just that great for me. Hope we can learn more about Ash other friends, and getting them involved in the story as well (like Gary, Paul, I wouldn't even mind Drew haha).

Thanks for the chapter, take your time, and stay safe!
5/14/2021 c1 3Ruthlesssceptile6
Amazing the see the story get updated! Will read the chapter when I get the time, most probably I need to read the whole fic again to get a recap, its Mindblowing! I cant say at what level my happiness is to see you back! Thank you for the updated! I hope youre doing good!
5/13/2021 c5 Guest
Please do add more advance shipping moments especially the part where may said she and ash have a bath together and do more than that other than just seeing them train add a chapter where it's pure advance shipping and there spending a day having fun together to help get rid of the stress and emotions they have been feeling lately so they can be ready to train when there fresh and recharged
9/26/2020 c4 5PolarDawn
A little late to the party here, but I'm loving this so far! Seems like there are three main parties involved now. Very interesting. I can't wait for more!
9/23/2020 c2 JojoLoud
What about Max he should be of Mapple's bloodline
8/6/2020 c4 Guest
Man I'm happy to have found this amazing fic! So far so good, your writing style is solid, the plot is quite interesting, and it has been only 4 chapters! All in all, one of the best advanceshipping fic I've read. Keep up the hard work!
7/15/2020 c4 4Subject 666
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