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7/8 c1 Guest
Great story, thank you for writing this
6/20 c1 Guest
I'm glad that you discovered the show and that you were moved to write.

I remember seeing a commercial with Ryan and a clip of Ryan and Sandy and was hooked before the episode aired, or at least hooked on Ryan's story and how Sandy and that relationship would factor into it all as the pivotal one. I'd be disappointed more times than I'd like to remember by the writing after the first episodes, but the hope of the beginning, the potential, and how well those 2 actors brought their characters and bond to life kept me hoping.

I definitely would have liked, and kept waiting for more personal moments like this. A version of Kirsten who called Ryan an endearment like "sweetie" even once, never mind multiple times in a scene would have made a huge difference from the distant, often cold, one on the show. She's much more of a Sandy here, although he's in character.

Thanks for filling in some major holes and doing a far better job of having both guardians aware and interested, not that it isn't a challenge to see Kirsten as almost a different person. Ryan deserved so much better.

The writers also glossed over how much he would have had to cope with on a daily basis in such a foreign environment with the looming fear that he could be alone and rejected again. True he's extremely polite and considerate of everyone. That's him. I'd also say that he's desperately afraid of not doing everything to be invisible, wanted, earn his keep and not give any ammunition to be hurt more and tossed aside.

Keep on writing and don't be discouraged by the show's writers!
6/19 c1 Guest
Awesome story. Please write more. I love 1st season Ryan and would to see more parenting

Can you write a story about what happened when Kristen got Ryan out of Juvie?
6/19 c1 Kylab1224
Looking forward to more stories from you I hope!
6/19 c1 6deviltown
Great! Hopefully we’ll see more OC fics from you! Have you finished watching all seasons?
6/16 c1 Great
great story! I also love the relationship between Ryan and the cohens. Please update!
6/18 c1 146Linneagb
Aw. Poor Ryan, of course the Cohen's wouldn't touch him but he's been so used to it. I really liked this fic. Thanks for writing and sharing.
6/18 c1 2kandyocbr
So nice!
6/17 c1 10matthewsbj
Very nicely done. I wish there would have been more hurt/comfort scenes in the show. I really enjoy the whole family together. I like how you portrayed Kirsten, in respecting Ryan's boundaries but at the same time showing him motherly concern and support. Same with Sandy.

Seth's concern was also nice to see. A lot of times, he was portrayed as somewhat selfish. At the beginning, I could somewhat understand that as he had been an only child for 16 years. The interchange between Seth and Kirsten was also nice.

Looking forward to any future possible The OC ventures! :)

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