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for who's the Q?

6/26/2003 c2 8katta16
firstly. august but i want it now. im too impatient and secondly. Where in europe are you going
6/25/2003 c2 lara28
this is cool i like Tom as a Q update soon
6/24/2003 c1 1AliasC.L
Keep going. I always wanted to see a fic with Tom as a Q. Even started one myself that is still waiting to get going. ^_^
5/31/2003 c1 71Anke
very intresting! Cant wait to know where this will going
5/28/2003 c1 jade
5/28/2003 c1 8katta16
I love the plot twist. and am waiting for the next part upatiently as always. i am wondering how katie will fit into this, as yo said this was a continuation false profits.

Keep writing and don't keep the readers waiting


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