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6/29 c29 aal818
Thank you. Great story. Similar to the previous one in in some ways. Glad you are back. Hope things are well with you.
6/29 c26 aal818
WOW. Is this to be the end?
6/28 c24 aal818
Really liked going back in history with Parker summing their lives before and after Nate.
6/28 c22 aal818
My o My. Somewhere I read another incident like this. Lots of angst. I’ll keep reading.
6/28 c18 aal818
Oh my goodness. Lots of twists and unexpected turns. And Bonono is in it. Guess I’d better get reading to get it all straight.
6/27 c11 aal818
I like Elliots plan but will the others be able to live with his timetable. Definitely different than the 1st story. So far so good.
6/27 c7 aal818
This doesn’t sound like an alternate to the previous story. Many different changes. More mystery
6/27 c6 aal818
Oh dear. So Nate walks away. What’s up?
6/27 c3 aal818
OMG. So heartfelt. I was in tears. It adds to the DVD. What’s up next?
6/27 c28 aal818
Oh dear. Not sure I like this alternate. Sure puts an ending to the story. I like your writing. It has lots of description and angst. This much I am not sure of. So does this end your episodes?
6/26 c27 7Cgarcia555
Wow. Sophie gave them what got! Love it.
6/25 c26 Cgarcia555
Boy Nate sure can be a dumb cluck! Hope everything works out ok. Or Eliot might just go to the prisioysnd get a pound or two of Trevor’s flesh!
6/21 c14 Cgarcia555
Love this story. Poor Nate. He is such a smart stupid man. I do hope the team catches up to him soon. Seems he’s starting to come yo his senses.
Next please. Lol

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