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6/12 c6 Guest
Oh my - finally Perry has someone who knows him well enough to confront him, Stefan's sticks it to him, "You're an intelligent man, Perry, but you are hopelessly naive when it comes to women." And, "Why in the name of all that is holy and good would you take a case involving Ellen when you're obviously so head over heels for Della?"
And I loved this advice Stefan drives home to Perry, " ... if you're playing any kind of game with Miss Street you'd better knock it off. And for pity's sakes, keep Laura Cavanaugh away from that young woman."
To Perry's credit, he was "abashed" by Stefan's insight, even though it came too late.
At least we know Stefan has Perry's number.
6/12 c5 Guest
Perry recruits Father Corro to help address Ellen Payne's problems
Incredibly complex issues and conversation between Perry and Stefan
about the difference between secular/civil and canon law; the subject of marriage, divorce, annulment, the Tribunal role in excommunication, - further complicated by alcohol, abuse, violence.
6/12 c5 GinnyB
Great background and insight into Father Stefan Corro and his connection with Perry's history and experiences with his college buddies (and current circle of friends) is not very flattering. Through Father Corro's experience you bring Ellen Payne, Laura, and Della into a contemporary story line. The info about Stefan's attraction to Della shows a human side to this priest - refreshing to see him have to deal with his thoughts and feelings.
6/12 c4 GinnyB
So Ellen Payne shows up out of the blue (following Perry's encounter with her during last Christmas spent with Perry's brother and family) and triggers Perry's weakness - he "lacks the ability to realize when women are using him." Della hopes Father Corro can " ... give insight into Perry's infuriating sense of obligation to women he has bedded in the past."
Good luck with that Della - that subject can send you into another kind of dizzying circle if you're not careful. Perry gets hooked, behaves badly, you get hurt, he apologizes, you get conned into understanding or forgiving - and this cycle continues. Finding your way out of that conundrum has all kinds of ramifications. But, if anyone can maneuver that slippery slope it's probably Della.
6/12 c2 GinnyB
One thing your stories provide is "connective tissue" for the continuing and enlarging narrative between all of your P&D story line. In this chapter Perry's introspection included previous conversations with his sister-in-law, Valerie, about his relationship with Della. I particularly loved the Christmas and Thanksgiving stories that included his brother Burt and his family
6/12 c2 GinnyB
Interesting to have Perry admit to a lapse of concentration due to Della's skirt and sweater outfit and the effect it was having on the men in the courtroom, "I allowed Hamilton Burger to walk all over several statutes with regard to confidentiality while stewing over all the ogling."
Evidently the subject of jealousy is ongoing between P&D so, trying to avoid the word has become a game between them. In this case Della's creates her own term of "bothersome libidinous proprietorship" which Perry gets a chuckle out of. The banter between them is delightful
6/12 c2 GinnyB
Wow, what a chapter. So well written, with humor, introspection, innuendo, honesty and genuine affection with some spice. What more could we ask.
Absolutely love the half serious banter between P&D, about Della's wardrobe selection for court.
6/12 c1 GinnyB
Oh boy, this is fun - Perry vs a jealous judge AND Hamilton Burger. The way you've written the OBS judge's observations about Della is delicious. I love the idea that Della influenced the judge's positive response to Perry's objection. And, ultimately, Perry gets the best of both Burger and Judge Simms. HA
5/9 c12 Guest
Interesting chspter. Thanks for sharing
5/9 c12 susiegeorge
Great update. I am really enjoying this:)
5/8 c12 25CaptainChaos
Great update. Looking forward to the next one
5/8 c12 2GirlCalledIronside
I'm really enjoying this, can't wait for the next chapter
5/7 c12 Sonia
Wonderful. The plot continues to build momentum. I love so many things about his, and I am so proud of Della fir doing what Perry requested. The wit is a delight, and OBS's come-up-ance is going to be magnificent. Very, very enjoyable.
5/7 c12 A Carwile
I reread the previous eleven chapters. Chapter 12 does not disappoint! Lt Hartman’s declaration about Beelzebub’s favorite daughter, and annulment, tribunal refusal, civil divorce, remarriage, grown children and grandchildren and Perry’s request for the lieutenant to be deposed was worth the wait.
As always, the dialogue and character developments are witty, wonderfully wise, and worth the wait!
With thanks,
5/7 c12 Guest
I know Bert ran off or was shot through by that wayward bullet. More please
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