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for The Prince and the Swan

11h c7 1William Francies Reisen-Newman
nice story so far.
7/30 c7 traceybuie
Bella and Edward are a comedy. Blind leading the blind. :) Thanks for writing and sharing.
7/29 c7 kouga's older woman
Cute! Can't wait for them to grow closer
7/28 c7 cbmorefie
7/22 c6 6sweetsouthernsongbird
This is definitely interesting. Can't wait to read more.
7/18 c6 kouga's older woman
Can't wait for him to figure it out
7/17 c6 traceybuie
I hope Carlisle opens a few cans of whoop ass on Nurse Vicky. ugh... Poor Edward doesn't realize it was Bella that kissed him? That is so sad. Thanks for writing and sharing.
7/17 c6 cbmorefie
7/10 c5 Guest
Looking forward to updates.
7/10 c5 Edward's spouse
Excellent waiting for more
7/10 c5 kouga's older woman
Edward must be so confused
7/10 c5 traceybuie
They strapped poor Edward to the bed? How awful... Thanks for writing and sharing.
7/10 c4 traceybuie
Rose is pretty insecure, huh? It is a madhouse there though. hehehe... Thanks for writing and sharing.
7/10 c5 cbmorefie
7/9 c4 Guest
so good!
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