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6/8 c20 15Cullen Cousin
good chapter
6/8 c20 LaurelLeafSinger
The werewolves that Edward was talking about are popping up in La Push! Are the Cullens cursed and don't really know that they're vampires? LOL
6/7 c20 kouga's older woman
Poor Bella! What reason did they give Carlisle for him not being welcomed?
6/7 c20 cbmorefie
6/2 c19 traceybuie
It's a terrible feeling to realize you've done to someone what once done to you. Thanks for writing and sharing.
6/1 c19 Cullen Cousin
good chapter
5/30 c19 kouga's older woman
Poor Edward! I wish there was a way
5/30 c19 majose
Wow! That sucks. Are the all from Edward’s time hidden in this time?
5/30 c19 cbmorefie
5/30 c19 Chazarabriseis
5/22 c18 traceybuie
That WAS a horrible way to find out you mom and baby sibling died. And Bella is drawing comparisons in her life to Edward's now. They both need hugs.
Midnight the cat is still awesome. :)
Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/21 c18 Cullen Cousin
good chapter
5/21 c18 kouga's older woman
Where was the baby building, what was the baby's name?
5/21 c18 cbmorefie
5/18 c17 traceybuie
Awe... I like the idea of Bella's cat being her guardian who will live as long as she does. :) Thanks for writing and sharing.
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