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for The Grass Is Always Greener

6/24 c1 Numbu X
I loved this storie!
The idea is very good thinked. One velieve to the life would bet if change the self life for the his enemy, vecause KND alawias wind. Instead, the thing let bad, Father is not prepare for catch the rol of Numbu 1, and wen the new Nigel-Father is hwo get the ansed KND's book, and returm him, Benedit don't understanding nothing.
Fther waited know how the KND alwais wind, but end for discobering than so imposible could be play the oposit rol, which do all more interesting.
Wen I saw the chapter of Bob Esponja, I end boring of so whatch it. But with this version, I remembered its filosofy: you should which got, and not wait to the life of the others can be better. Plus, remember me a intuition of a francais writer, Georges Bataille, around of the read: one want across to the umbral to separe the wolrd of the imaginary character of our wolrd, his adbenture show us a dream irrealizable, when that umbral is imposible of across, so as for the frontier bethween both, as, as the show this story, if we could across it, would death.

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