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1/19 c35 1Astevalus
Phew, I finally catched up. I am also making a Fallout x MGE crossover, so finding another one, especially one that is still being updated, is a pleasant surprise. It has been quite a fun journey, and I love how you characterize your Courier. Also, Druella receiving a Benny treatment? Fan-fucking-tastic.

Love your work dude, keep it up.
1/19 c35 thetyrant67
My final thought on this story is that I hate it and love it in equal measure. It's not the usual fix-it power fantasy, and it is serious without being too edgy and angsty.

To summarize, this story is a trainwreck. A tragedy one can't help but watch until it reaches its inevitable outcome. A tale of broken souls just trying to find their way in the world.

But only time would tell if this will change.
1/19 c33 thetyrant67
Poor Mamono, falling in love with what is essentially a living weapon. You can act as if you're human Six but in the end, you were a corpse repurposed to be a killing machine by destiny itself.

Less than human but something more. Does your heart only beat literally? Or can it also beat metaphorically?
1/19 c27 thetyrant67
Six, being tsundere doesn't fit you. You need to lay off the jet.
1/19 c25 thetyrant67
My thought is that, if people are coming from the MGE fanbase and have no idea about Fallout, then this story is definitely not for them.

Six, honestly, is an animal. A clever, ferocious animal. He only focuses on survival and sure he still has a sense of sentimentality, but the primal instinct to fight and survive is what wins in the end.

Being kind to Papi? From a logical standpoint, he didn't have to waste ammunition and he was given access to additional resources by a willing individual.

Six's treatment of the Whitehorns? Same as the reason above.

His treatment of Anastasia? A chance to gather information about the enemy.

Keeping Elt around? Leverage against his Mamono harem and an additional body to throw in the way of danger just in case. Only as a last resort though.

Six may like to think he's still human, but deep inside he's just a smart animal hellbent on surviving. His accomplishments are just one of his ways to justify his continued existence.

His life is just a continuous loop of finding a problem, solving it, moving on, then rinse and repeat just so he can continue ignoring the problems about himself that he knows he can't fix.

Hence the excuses about love. It's not that Six is too busy for it. He's a man who's just too broken for things like that to work. Deep inside, he knows the best thing is for everyone to just leave him alone. Less people getting hurt when expectations are not met.

Fortunately, that seems to be changing a bit. The hug for the Ice Queen is a good start I'd say.
1/19 c20 thetyrant67
I am suddenly reminded of that My Little Pony fanfic where a human had relationships with the ponies.

In that story, the Changelings were an alien race who infiltrated civilizations and fed on love.

Unfortunately, they met humanity who fought them tooth and nail. The fighting was so brutal it nearly drove them to extinction.

From the eyes of the Changelings, the humans were insane. Because to them, they did their best to create a society that continuously created love even if they were manipulating an entire race. They just couldn't understand why Humanity would fight against the creation of a better society.

Of course, to the humans it was still a hostile act so the Changelings got a taste of furious and unrelenting firepower.

That relates so much to Six and the Mamono here because they have glaringly different mindsets.

One on side, the Mamono wants a world full of love and pleasure.

On the other, you have a man who can kill as easily as he breathes because that's what the wasteland shaped him to be. He has a fixed view of how the world should work.
1/19 c17 thetyrant67
Oh Six, tragedy will always follow you like a starving hound, won't it?
1/19 c15 thetyrant67
Man, I think your writing reflects Six very well. A twisted, broken man who only lives for the sake of completing a task. For someone drenched in blood like him, that's the only thing he has to convince himself to continue existing. Should he suddenly accept a life of peace, that's when the doubt and self-hatred hits.

So inevitably, he just focuses on something else.
1/19 c8 thetyrant67
Fallout is not a kind universe. It's a place where being violated in the most horrific ways in broad daylight is something that's considered as a normal occurrence. Death plagues the roots of the land itself.

Six is a result of that horrible place and it shows.
1/12 c34 7AMAZING EZ-8
you know what would be interiesting?, if durella (like the couriour ) forgot her memories and after recovering sets out to find who she marked ( think of it as a side story) where she faces people, not eminently monsterize people when she comes and talks to people about the past her, learning from other peopl's experiances and generaly being like the couriour, when they meet up it would be like looking in the mirror, where the courier is in benny's position
1/12 c35 Da7k5hadows
Omega E. I have a few problems with your review. First the Courier being a jackass, you do realize what the fallout universe is right? Findings nice people there is sort of a rarity.

Second the Courier having regret for killing monster girls, the Courier (and you the player) slaughters people, mutants, animals and robots by the hundreds practically every day. Why would monster girls be any different, why are they special? Because they’re pretty to look at? Because they’re cute anime girls?

Thirdly, the Order. So you’re basically saying you want him to join the demon lord, I’m not saying the order is good, but remember the order isn’t “controlled” by humans it’s controlled by the angels. Which technically are “monsters”. The order are not acting on blind faith or altering the rules, their are actual “gods” telling them to do the things they do.
1/10 c35 Dasgun
1/8 c35 AMAZING EZ-8
Hi so i read the entry on the phantom and would like to point out how they can possess other women like regular ghosts
So the phantom is basicly a Ghosts
1/6 c35 7Omega E The Reader
Honestly I would have liked this story if it wasn’t for some major flaws and glaring problems:

Firstly the Courier is a bit too much of a jerksss. He seems to treat people like he is a jerk or something. It makes me question his survivability if he is that much of a jerk.

Secondly, why? Why did you have Mimil be killed off? She literally was 15 years old or something along those age marks and he doesn’t have empathy at all. People seem to agree or something but I clearly don’t.

Thirdly, the blatant hatred toward MGE. I know it has bad points but there are some good points. You don’t have to shove it down our throats that obviously. Monster girls are NOT THAT lustful or lustful beasts, they are capable of reacting like normal people and some of them are indeed innocent I would say. So having the protagonist kill them off without any hint of regrets seems less likely.

Lastly, the Courier should be MORE hostil towards the Order as it functions very similarly to Caesar’s legion as their way of doing things via brutal imperialism is just too obvious.

That is all I have to say. Everyone seems to agree but I don’t. It has become very obvious that most of the crossover fics regarding MGE are TOO hateful towards MGE. And this one is clearly one of them.
1/6 c35 Guest
At this point, he'll be basically need to involve the history about his world, the mutants, ghouls, and whole shtick along with his story in the Mojave. Can't wait to see the monster girl's reaction towards his whole story. hahahah lol Still, excellent writing material here.
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