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for Fallout: Stranded

6/5 c32 rollynolly
No you idiot she took your Maria from you you didn’t gave her the guns Six.
5/25 c36 slakkyjoe
The comparison Six made was entire different situations that does not explain why he spare those them. On one hand he was ambushed during his delivery and the other hand the people he managed to delivered to try to rape and harm him which is completely different things. Besides that I honestly quite dislike how 'merciful' he is for this version of him because if he did not actually hesitate nor have that much empathy for them he would have less enemies after him since he most likely would remain an unknown for a bit longer and end up less worse situations and also the both them girls quite annoy me with how naive they are when it comes to killing like seriously they tried to kill you so its only fair to return the favour.
5/19 c1 Awesome
I'm the same guy who made a review about this story.
I'm saddened to see it hasn't gotten an updated nor has the author hasn't updated and has he explained on the reason.

I love this Fanfiction so much that I've reread it twice now, while it not being that much, It's the only fanfiction I've ever reread twice.

As a result I'll be doing a fanart for this fanfiction, be it the first fanart.
I'm not sure if I can link it here nor am I allowed to but I'll link the drawing once I'm done with it.
3/26 c51 p6lishb6kser
Hi, please tell me that you hadn't dropped this fic.
I've been reading it soon after you've started writing it and you never had a hiatus this long.
Will you continue the story? I'd like to know since it's one of my favorites
3/8 c51 Guest
Mp7 with acog and suppressor and m4 with grenade launcher and acog and saiga 12 with hand grenades ) so how would a stalker deal with the monsters and magic of that world
3/8 c51 Guest
Hey author, can you consider making a s.t.a.l.k.e.r x MGE crossover, where a stalker with a lot of gear ( fully upgraded exoskeleton, pkm, svd,
3/5 c43 hyperiumon
"its not like a ghost can get pregnant" famous last words six, famous last words...
3/3 c1 Guest
Thanks for the AN's, based on your first few AN's which state that you're buffing MGE and the next one that straight up states that the MC is afraid and running from Druella, I can say that this is in no way for me.
2/27 c5 Ziggy2277
I mean, aren't both sides technically genocidal. Granted, it's a little bit unintentional on the mamono's part, but they are still doing it and don't seem to be really bothered by that fact.
2/18 c44 1Cleber20092
Just waitin for more!
1/22 c1 CEOofCyberpunkBookStoreGrind
1/6 c51 3SamMason666
This story really feels like a fallout storyline
12/12/2022 c51 Nap101
Please update. Don’t leave me like return to sender this shit is really fucking good
12/4/2022 c9 Guest
Bruh if he was really from Fall Out he would kill the monster girls and Sasha not be some beta male bitch who “sympathizes”with her the monster girls are fucking evil rapists the Order is also evil but there not rapists who enclave your mind so you become a husk of a person. Fall Out is a dog eat dog world so if this is how he acted there we would be dead in 4 days
10/20/2022 c51 1Chaotiquill
Just binged this story in a few days, and I have to say I really love reading about Six's exploits in the MGE universe. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to seeing how his stay in Wonderland plays out.
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