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6/14 c50 1Admechservitor
Another amazing chapter. I hope Markus will live through this and become a part of the main party or at least a reoccurring character.
6/14 c50 454godamora
ok they escaped the castle, now to escape Wonderland itself. The one place in MGE that I'd rather burn to the ground.
6/14 c50 Zombie Overlord
Hue hue, now Six is in the real madhouse. Will he be able to escape the most sexually degenerate place in all of Eos? Will he bag a new mamono companion? He will likely need the help of some of the local residents of Wonderland if he wants to escape and remain sane.

The mamano of Wonderland are incredibly powerful and equally matched in their lustful insanity. Though, much like the companions in the Mojave, Six always manages to find the random oddballs that stick out from the norm.

As easy as it is to apply the NAXALT fallacy, not all mamano are sexual sociopaths; perverted, definitely. But not all are sociopathic madwomen that think human men as second class citizens or pets at worse.

A cheshire would be interesting as they are the guides of Wonderland, or a mad hatter as despite their incredibly lewd nature. They are incredibly intelligent (and insane). Nothing Six isnt used to. A jabberwock will likely be the final “boss” or obstacle for Six, as Alice often uses them as guards to the entry points of Wonderland. Dragons that got corrupted into super perverts. Its actually sad, how corrupted they are.

There are a number of native mamano to Wonderland that even by MGE make me go WTF (see Jabberwock and March Hare), with how degenerate they are. Seriously, Wonderland is the most whack region of MGE’s world.
6/14 c50 Krasie
Great chapter as always every time you update it makes my day so much brighter.

don't bother with losers like the reviewer below me keep on keeping on!
6/14 c50 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capítulo
6/14 c50 20Mace sheperd
Hey I read this chapter

I found it frustrating that Six just didn't shoot the doors open

Also its really vile how evil the mamono are

Also can you please answer my questions i left in the pms?
6/14 c50 Gamatime
I'm kinda surprised six hasn't broken out the power armor yet. I know that shit would be overkill as fuck but still a big scary suit of armor in wonder land would be very useful
5/27 c49 Guest
Just wanted to say you wrote a fun and engaging story. Good job man, hope your imagination keeps going wild!
5/13 c1 zetsubougintama
Sorry, I didn't here to review your work. But I am here because I was surprised about what I discovered that KC is on the crusade on the MGE fanfic that hurt mamono. It's might be for long time even a year but I want to give some opinions.

Personally, I don't like Staffsergeant's 'The Good Hunter' that much. I have seen many Staffsergeant's works and he seem like he have an obsession on making a grimdark, edgy and OP protagonists just to coming and stomp other setting which target on anime series, especially eroge and hentai genre. I admit some are good like Kuroinu fanfic which I think those bastards deserve it but not The Good Hunter.

I have to say it first, I am Wilmarina simp so my opinion might have bias. The fallen heroine reminded me of Artoria before she met Shirou and while I kinda okay for what she have become I really wish she and the other fallen maidens find a better path to resolve thier problem even they was transfromed (Especially on Mimil and Sasha who I really want them to have a better path, consider there was a more wholesome sects of sabbath and deity like Shirokuto and Eros). But what happened to Wilmarina in The Good Hunter spoiler make me abbandon the fanfic immediatly. I wish for Wimarina for many thing even she became succubus I wish at least she can learn to be a hero again and protect both human and mamono from the greater evil with her own volition. But got a brutally beat down by an edgy OP Bloodbourne player character until she turned into sobbing mess is not what I wish for Mary. It's horrible, not fun and unsatisfying.

That's will go to Druella and demonlord faction too. I don't know why but it seem like majority of MGE fans are like to bully Druella a lot. Most of fanfic that involve her like to portrayed her as a one dimension hentai villainness. Maybe it's just me but I consider Druella have more complex layers, misguided and misunderstood than a straight up evil. Compare to Kiara Sessyoin and Kama, Druella might be looke like a saint yet people simping Beasts of Humanity but condemn Druella and her mother in extended. Hypocrite much? As far as I know I consider Druella is wearing a villainess mask just like Wilmarina wearing a heroine mask.

It's not like I am siding with KC, either. If what you are telling me is true I think what KC done was immature, pointless and potencially lose a support from fanbase. Consider he is Japanese maybe he have no idea how social media norm work in western and other asian countries since I also see some japanese Vtubers have no idea about reddit. Still, I worried about KC's mental health. I wish to see more of his works and hope he will not sulking, let go, continue his works. Disagreement is a part of human nature afterall.

Another thing I was concerned is KC's crusade waver my motivation to create MGE fanfic since I don't know how high the violence I could go in fight scene to not hurt and how lewd I could go in fanservice scene to be SFW. You see, I want to create a MGE fanfic that give a 'True End' to the fallen maides include Druella. Something like making MC help the maidens resolve their issue while making Druella to see an error of her way. What I say is I want to make MGE fanfic with more lightheart action adventure/love comedy harem genre with moderate SFW 'fanservice' but with KC going a crusade I kinda afraid I might and ire if I make one. On the other hand, the fic that KC going after are mostly a fanfic that have too excessive violence on MGE setting. This is the problem about MGE fanbase, some fan who spoke louder than other take MGE setting too seriously and treated the demonlord faction like a Slaaneshi cult and must be destroy. I mean... WTH what's wrong witb those people? They condemn and goes after Lillith and her family yet they leave the ACTUAL Slaaneshi cult alone. Not that KC doing a right thing, mind you.

In the end, my opinions is just based on your telling. I still skeptical about KC going crusade but if there was a smoke they always be fire I guess. Sorry again I am not here to review your fanfic.
5/8 c49 Guest
You know reading this gave me a spark of inspiration. What if a spartan 4 was stuck in this situation. For those of you who know halo mjolnir armor require a series of special equipment just to remove the armor without triggering a self destruct. Not to mention their capabilities of surpassing human comprehension and being described as one man armies.
5/2 c49 Nightwatch 7
So the Dragonia arc has come to close huh. Kinda sad that none of the cast joined him but oh well. While we are anticipating for him to go to the Mist Continent, the twist at the end was a pleasant surprise. I guess Six is off to Wonderland eh... welp poor soul. That said, I wonder how you're going to deal with the Wonderland, aside from the sexual insanity the realm has to offer. How will this impact his journey aside from giving him a very lucid dream?

Until next time then. Cheers!
5/1 c49 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capítulo, no estoy seguro de que lo atrapo
5/1 c48 RARE2000
Not too pleased about him just immediately submitting and flattering her Ego when caught. Though I suppose defiance and violence would only encourage her, and short of a nuke, he likely can’t take her out.
5/1 c49 Zombie Overlord
Whelp, 6 is about to end up in a place that makes Big MT seem tame. The insane place even by Monster Girl standards. He better get a set of iron undies and make some good friends..
5/1 c49 Dasgun
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