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for Fallout: Stranded

1/26 c48 DrZeta
Great chapter as always. Not gonna lie, I was rooting for one of the dragons following Six.
1/26 c48 a roll of toilet paper
Great chapter, hopefully the trio can reunite with Koyoi and Elt soon.
1/26 c48 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capítulo
1/26 c48 1rc48177
congrats, you nearly snagged defeat from the jaws of victory but lived to tell the tale. Next time may be different.
1/26 c48 3Sperance
FINALLY! Someone being reasonable on the whole "Six killing monsters" thing. You wouldn't believe how tired I was of the monster hypocrisy. "Oh, Six you're such a horrible person for killing people trying to rape you. I'm going to berate you for it while killing monsters myself."
1/26 c48 Dasgun
1/26 c48 Dang Khoa1
Thanks for the chapter, also nice MGR reference :3
1/26 c48 Shooter312
thanks for the chapter
1/25 c48 3RPG Proficient
You sly motherfucker. Don't think I missed that Metal Gear Rising reference.

I'm also glad to see Six's sticky fingers coming back to bite him in his ass. I was waiting for that moment all the way up until it happened honestly.

Good shit
1/25 c48 3DD-Returns101
I love the characters man, keep up the good work
1/25 c48 2Wrandral
nice, for one glorious moment before you announced she was dead i thought you were going to send Six to meet the Yandere Dragon from FGO named Kyohime xD
1/25 c48 Gamatime
I'm surprised that not of the mamono ask if the science at big empty could make them be able to produce males. They probably could tbh and if six said most definitely well I'm pretty sure the dragon queen would be very very good with letting six borrow her tearstone in exchange for possible giving her the ability to produce males monsters
1/25 c48 454godamora
Denora is really showing off traits of Smaug in this. Makes me think what a genderbent version of Smaug would sound like.
1/23 c24 Guest
Just a little literary kink I'd like to point out. In this chapter, when Elt said "Once we figured out that that Yeti meant no harm, you immediately switched gears." And, you know, gearwork didn't really exist in this timeline, even though we commonly use it as an expression. Just something to point out lol
1/20 c47 Scriptura
This is so fun! I really like all the twists and turns this story has, and the action is also narrated very cleanly. Aditionally, I really like the characterization of the courier. He is very capable, but not infallible, and he has his asshole moments, put he is not a irredeemable psychopath. Props to you for making a fun story with solid worldbulding and balanced characters, can't wait to see more.
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