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12/3/2021 c1 CCPH
Your ability to write with the essence of canon yet exude the sensibilities of the show AnnE is quite impressive. It may seem like a small feat bc AnnE’s retelling is based on the books but I would argue they are quite different “vehicles” to telling her story (as was the 80s version) so to create a seamless amalgamation of these is quite impressive. I really enjoy the fluidity of your scenes, the emotional tether never feeling broken even when we transition from Marilla to Gilbert and then back again; it’s as if Anne’s love springs forth from a central well. I quite liked the image you invoked in the middle of the White Way of Delight, the glow of the snow matched with the sharpness of the air, as Gilbert kisses her hands. In the middle of this dreamily quiet landscape he recites as evidence to her the real tomes that have kept his rapt attention all semester long, only leaving him a few lines of prose to gift to her. It’s the most nerdy romantical interaction for two teenagers seeing each other in person for the first time and it’s just so so them lol. Similarly, the doting nature of Anne’s care for Marilla was only matched by Marilla’s modest chides, an almost teasing nature between mother and daughter who’ve learned there roles in a familiar routine that on the surface may appear to be a dance around expressing love but to a knowing eye is exactly an overt expression of love. This story may have only been one chapter but it packs a phenomenal punch! What a wonderful read:)
2/3/2021 c1 lucel18
Beautiful! Thank you so much!
7/30/2020 c1 2maristellavascotto
reread this story and realized that I had not done a review ,
and to think that it is this that inspired me to write my story .
the 'emotion for me and ' was great ,ANNA’s concern for the health of Marilla and sl as she was determined to viziarlain that holiday period I was struck by the declaration of 'love ,by Anna to Marilla " you are my everything and I can not imagine the world without you "and the concern for its thinness made me decide to tranquiizzare the two women (and even yours you wrote) with a story with a happy ending...grazie di tutto"oz diva
7/20/2020 c1 Denie1943
Sweet story. Just too short...
6/28/2020 c1 14Romantique
How lovely that we both thought of Christmas as Anne and Gilbert's first meeting since parting in the S3 finale! Your characterization of Marilla is wonderful. Thanks too for your review of my story, which I'm working on concluding soon!
6/23/2020 c1 OriginalMcFishie
It took me a few minutes to work out what season 3 was…then I realised this is Anne with an E territory . I love the detail from the start about the icicles and snow crunching. You’re writing has come so far, and its little details like this that give it depth and colour. I love how you’ve linked Anne’s comment on Marilla’s lack of imagination, and how she puts her imagination to use So much Marillaness here. Her emotions at Anne returning tuning to brusqueness – its so very Marilla. Anne noticing the cleanlinenss of the house shows how much she’s matured; Marilla’s fears are really but its wonderful how Anne puts them to rest. It was lovely seeing Dephie at Christmas. I can really visualise this gathering. Ah those reconciliations between lovers when you’re fearful that life has moved on, but with a connection such as theirs its always just waiting to reignite. And finishing on that quote answers the what might have been questions. I know Marilla would sacrifice a life with John a million times over to have had her Anne and to see Anne and Gilbert happy together, but oh for what might have been. Funny how life seems to work out the way its meant to be. There is a real sense of peace and love throughout this piece. Absolutely loved it.
6/18/2020 c1 23dreamfandomist
This was so lovely! Thank you for another wonderful story!
6/18/2020 c1 14elizasky
This is very cozy! I'll admit that I have not seen the third season, so I may have missed some references, but you do a good job of signaling where everybody is and how the show is different from the books.

As ever, your Marilla is well done. I liked the way you portrayed her love for Anne — it's not exactly emotive, but the way she hovers and dotes on Anne captures the sense of longing she has for Anne. It's as if everything sort of slows down when Anne is not there (as in the cooking of the same food every day), but she still encourages Anne to go out into the world. I wonder what this version of Anne will choose. It's true that she would do well out in the wide world, but she loves Green Gables and longs for home.

The scene with the kiss was very sweet. The chilliness and stillness of the setting made for a very cinematic picture there. I do love Gilbert's medical sweet talk.

Josie in fine form, and I'm glad to see Tillie getting her share of attention from boys. Ruby was my favorite of them in the first season, but I don't know whether she survived into the third. Do my eyes deceive me or is Diana missing from the bonfire? I am hoping there are plenty of stubborn horses around and she's getting her own Christmas kiss somewhere.

I hope you get your fourth season someday! Even if it's a few years from now, it would be fun to have the actors grow up a little and jump back into the story at a later point. Meanwhile, the fandom can have lots of fun filling in what's next!
6/17/2020 c1 3AnneWithAnEStory
Just my random thoughts : p

The scene in the carriage was so lovely...Shirbert at its very finest.
Gilbert telling her that in his medical courses they were studying the bones and ligaments of the hand he could only stay interested if it was her hand he was thinking of.


Seeing Delphine crawl was emotional even though we aren’t “seeing” her lol but you know what I mean, anyway I can’t believe she’s crawling aww

Marilla and Matthew look older to Anne than she remembers...It’s sad how you don’t notice people aging so much when you’re with them you only notice it when you step away for a time and come back and then it’s like wow. It made me sad that Anne is noticing for the first time those sad changes.

It’s sweet Marilla was fussing so much over making sure everything was just right for her dear girl to come home from college for a visit. So Marilla- loving with her actions. But I’m glad Anne can use her words to show her love so Marilla will hear it loud and clear, I think Marilla needs to hear all that joyful chatter. These two are so precious together.

I love the party scene and how they acted like the horse had just been stubborn and that’s why they were late to the party. Lol

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