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1/8 c7 12jakey121
it’s been a hot minute Soph

I’m going to hopefully commit to reviewing from this chapter onwards. Lockdown does wonders for fanfiction and I’m back in the swing of things at the moment so I hope I can keep it up. Love your writing – always have. And the first person is honestly a breath of fresh air nowadays because it used to be the norm, and now you’re the only one I see doing it.

Estrella – I remember (I think) her being my favourite from the blog. I’m curious about this past she has and the links to the Capitol because you’ve created enough mystery and intrigue to keep us hooked, without giving too much away. It’s built her up to be someone that definitely knows how to play the situation but she doesn’t want to be defined by it. She’s got a confidence to her that is going to help her and a wit as well that bites back at the boys. She’s one to watch.

Ruhi – again I think I remember vaguely that Pagan was quite an interesting character. Don’t think I liked their character but I’m not 100% on that. Ruhi has potential because she has fire to her but right now, not getting absolute loads. I like her independence and ability to sort of bounce back in conversation against the stylists who are insulting her, so I think if she knows how to channel that into a fighter she could go far. I like this thing with Pagan btw, I wonder if it’ll lead somewhere.

Ilias – not the biggest fan of Greta. She’s got a lot to live up to following Tamira in your last story. She’s basically got the hostility of Tamira without any of the charm or wit. Campbell, again, I remember-ish from a previous chapter and I did like her a lot. D11 are keeping up a good image for the cameras and right now, the only air of tension is coming from Greta… so if she wants to be kept around, she needs to change her attitude. Ilias says it himself that he’s the middle ground between the two and I think that’s a good place to be for now, but he’ll need to choose a perspective to take forwards when he chooses what he wants to do. Right now, he’s trying to play it smart and allow himself to feel normal, human emotions that are right for the situation they’re in. Not my favourite, but nothing to dislike so far.

In order of preference: Estrella, Ruhi, Ilias.

Update soon!
1/3 c6 4Littletimmy223
Here we go! Back to it and incredibly excited to see this story picking up again :) great news.

As I said before with this trio, I love their dynamic. The interpersonal relationships and where this could go is just a breeding ground of potential. Castellan, the ever-judgemental jerk, being somewhat in the league of Marcie just dunking on poor Heidi. Gosh. And then she's interrupted by Carrigan yikes. It's horrible but man is it darkly humorous. Also, Carrigan is a whole mood. Throughout this discourse, I can immediately say I'm vibing with this rising conflict. It's set in a way where Castellan really can be the most dangerous of these three. Heidi, I'm keeping my eye on and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her. But yes, this is Marcie's posse of course- but Castellan seems to have the poise to take leadership. They're more evidently level-headed. Also, they got me chuckling hard with their quick little digs. Yeah, a solid introduction to Castellan. I'm a big fan so far, and of this trio in general. They're wild cards and absolutely, delightfully dysfunctional.

I remember being very interested in Nahla's story from the reaping chapters. Venec also, while I might need to refresh my memory and reread some of the earlier chapters, holds a place in my heart. Flawed, yes, but obviously sympathetic enough to bring tea to Nahla. Nahla herself surprises me since I didn't expect her to have any animosity towards her father. From her father's POV, it seemed as if they were absolutely tight. Again, I'm going to have to reread that chapter (I hope I'm remembering right). Anyways, Venec you absolute adorable puppy. And again what DID happen between their families? I'm intrigued. Also, she's hesitant to call her father 'dad'? Interesting. I like her style of reservation and the way she seems to be in deep internal conflict with herself. That always stirs good drama, and I'm looking forward to seeing where her arc takes her.

I remember being hesitant about him in the blog review so I'm pleasantly surprised here. I'm a foodie too, so I get his need for food very well. Nice and appetizing tastes. Also, with Luena, these two got some fun scheming going on. It's sly and I like that a lot. Going against Pagan, are we? Devious devious devious...but interesting. I wonder why they don't want to let them in. Some past drama or some elitist attitudes? Hmm. They're dangerous together, I can feel it. But they're fun too, they have this playful energy and I'm nervous but excited.

Great way to welcome in the new year. Happy new year everybody! I'm looking forward to seeing Greta and Heidi next the most. Learning more about them. Among Us is awesome, yes, its true. Glad to hear that's been fun! Um, but yeah, great descriptors and dialogue going on. It immersed me back into the world at a pleasant pace. Onto the next chapter!
12/28/2020 c7 1Acereader55
Queen of timely updates. You're saving the last little bit of 2020.

Estrella: Not entirely a fan of this background. I don't really recall how frequent the travelling is between the districts in this Verse, but even still I'm not a huge fan of the idea of someone from the districts being whisked away frequently to go sing for the people in the Capitol. It's an odd background and one that I find a bit over the top and a tad farfetched, not one that I'm inclined to really get into and support. There seems to be a lot of issues that happened when she was going to the Capitol though, as the refusal to talk about it despite everyone knowing who she is and what she's done suggests she isn't proud of her job for some reason. Definitely want to know what makes it such a sore spot. I didn't love her attitude with her fellow district mates, it felt like she didn't want to be remembered for her singing in the Capitol but then she acts better than them and like a primadonna because she had done this and they hadn't. Not really a fan of her, she's quite hypocritical and biting despite trying to cleanse this image that she built up for herself in her past life.

Ruhi: I always like seeing the outer district tributes reactions to the stylists and how they treat them because it's so vastly different to anything they've ever experienced before, and I think you captured her raw emotions and reactions to this big change really well. The stylists are all so weird and creepy but you made them have entertaining and funny quips, and I liked Ruhi's internal thoughts about them and the process of getting ready for the chariot ride. I like that she's in this sort of in between place in her head where she wants to be surrounded by people to get out of her head thinking about where she's headed but also wanting to be alone because who knows when she'll ever get to be truly alone ever again. The interaction with Pagan on the elevator was certainly interesting, and I definitely think was foreshadowing an alliance on the horizon which is doubly interesting because that means Pagan won't be with the Careers. Pagan is certainly an interesting one, no idea where they're headed or what they're about but I want to see where this connection with Ruhi goes. I thought Ruhi was pretty good, I liked her headspance and conflict coupled with her quasi-brash attitude on the outside. Interested to see who she allies with.

Ilias: Ah Career drama, my favorite type of drama in the whole story. It's very clear from the start that 12 and 11 will not get along in this story and they won't work well as a unit, much like the last story. But this time, it would appear 11 has the upper hand because these 12 tributes have no cohesion whatsoever. Greta is an uptight stuck up person and she definitely is going to rub people the wrong way, she clearly already has rubbed Luena the wrong way. Campbell is just sad, and she clearly lacks the people skills or the trust in other people to see if they'll ever accept her, cause she just assumes that they won't so she shuts herself out. Ilias is going to have to be the mediator between the two groups (which I doubt Pagan will be apart of) but I have a feeling that him putting himself in the middle of this little skirmish is going to come back to bite him. Sometimes playing the middle is worse than choosing a side in the end. His little display at the end of uniting 12 together was simple yet effective, though I think it will erode over time. He's probably the most muted personality within the Career drama though which makes me worry he'll fade.

In order of preference here: Ruhi, Ilias, Estrella.
12/23/2020 c6 Acereader55
Hello miss Sophia! I'm so glad you've returned to this story to keep writing it because this Quell twist, this cast of characters, and this Verse is all so exciting and I really want to see this story play out no matter how long it takes.

Castellan: I still love these 3 so much, I love the dynamic here. We never see tributes that know one another like family which makes this unique hodgepodge dynamic of twisted siblings which is just so fun to read about. Each of the 3 of them have their own role to play and they play it so well, and clearly of the 3 Castellan is the most logical and sound of them all given that he was at least trying to work with the mentors and trying to come up with a plan of survival for the 3 of them. Their quips and remarks to one another are really funny to read, they're obviously all horrible influences on one another but at this point they're stuck together like glue. I love how incredulous they are at the thought of being voted in like some common criminals like they assume all of the other people are, and I love how they think they're above it all and above the rest of them. I doubt they'll branch out and find any other allies but that's just fine, I think their dynamic is fantastic with just the 3 of them. Castellan is looking to break out of Marcie's shadow finally and leave the cusp but I wonder if when he tries too hard Marcie will beat him to the punch first, holding onto that spotlight forever.

Nahla: She's certainly quiet, and when comparing her with some of the other personalities both in her district and throughout this cast of characters, she's a lot quieter compared to the rest. The idea of being voted in for being the peacekeeper's daughter that is overly harsh and ruins people's lives makes a lot of sense, and I like the sort of emotional toll it is starting to take on her just ever so slightly. She prefers her own thoughts and company to those of others, but I think here we're starting to see the change within her where she might very well want someone else to be around her so she doesn't have to face things alone. I think her being removed from such a strict schedule actually might be worse off for her, I think she might fly off the handle coming from such a rigid and strict lifestyle and then with nobody telling her what to do she might lose her mind which would be fun to read about. Her conversation with Venec was interesting... he's a weird one and I wonder why he was smiling so much when she was talking about her parents.. something about him just creeps me out. Nahla is fine, I think she might fade into the background with her more muted personality if she doesn't snap once she enters the arena.

Alpheus: Oh D11 is going to be a lot of fun this year I can feel it. Him and Luena are two peas in a pod, and I think they're going to get along very well and be tight allies because of the similarities shared between their personalities. He's someone seeking a bit of a thrill, someone that wants to seek the next adventure high, and he's someone that clearly loves the attention that comes with getting the votes. He leads a high class lifestyle despite having his parents killed, and I like the description of the lifestyle of those in 11 cause it's so different to any other district that we've heard of. The conversation between Luena and Alpheus about working hard for 11 and such is really interesting and I like the sort of vibe that they have going on, though I doubt Pagan is going to fit in well with them. I'd love to see who they try and recruit and who would even dare to ally with them given their status within this Verse, but I'm excited to see what they cook up together cause I bet they'll be a lot of fun to read about.

In order of preference: Castellan, Alpheus, Nahla.
12/23/2020 c6 5Axe Smelling God
It’s nice to see you again, I’ve missed you greatly and I’m excited to get to the games.

Castellan- I acutely lien to see this trio. Just imagine having all of your friends with you in the games and knowing that you all won’t make it. This is a great thing to see being expressed through Hidie and how she is crying. While Marcie seems to be trying to be more optimistic and while for Castellan he seems to be a little more cold towards the others.

Nahla- I’m so intrigued with the way that you have weaved the story with Venec and Nahla. It alludes to the reason they have a connection, yet one that they all truly don’t know of fully. This is a great arc that I can see you setting up and I’m excited to see where you take my girl and this group. Also you have once again written her beautifully and I have to thank you for that.

Alpheus- also this was a great way to be introduced to Alpheus again and his party boy lifestyle. It’s nice to see that this is all going to be in compliance with the way that these tributes are done well. This was a nice change of pace and I can’t wait to see where you take him.
9/6/2020 c5 16JabberjayHeart
Okay, some quick thots again!

I'm cackling at the imagery of this first section. Watching all three of them being voted in is fucking hilarious, I cannot. The sweet, sweet irony. The kingpin, her lackey, and the runner. A damned trio. They're literally reality TV gold.

So much mystery in District 3! What is happening? I have no clue what Venec is hiding since he seems so nice, but I'm excited to see his other face and story. Nahla, being the Head Peacekeeper's daughter, makes sense if 3 really hates their policing. And lastly, Silas, who we've heard from already but feels very poignant.

District 6! Felix makes sense. He's a well-known thief, obviously got a shitty story, so it makes sense. Vanilan with the Peacekeeper makes me feel he's a criminal still. Estrella gets the most reaction and from the subtle details, I presume jealousy from wealth.

So enigmatic. There's little to no hints about each of these tributes. Ruhi, Madoc or Kadrium (though I think we know Kadrium's). I'm super curious, though we get more inkling into Ruhi. Madoc plays the most mysterious so I'm pumped to see him.

District 11 plays the proper Careers. Their set-up is less grime than 12, more professional and in tact. They're essentially 2, but firmer. The whole mood here is so fascinating and I love it. The cheering, the betting, the fact the trainers get rewarded for their tributes. Amazing. Alpheus is fun and, whilst I'm not sold on Luena, she seems okay for now! And lastly, Pagan, one of my favourite tributes.

Lastly, Custer and Cornelia. The Gomez and Morticia of Panem. We already have a reason for Campbell, I obviously know about Greta, so I guess Ilias is the most fascinating as we only got a glimpse of him. He seems nice, soft, someone being punished perhaps? Campbell is also being punished. And Greta... well, she's a dick, so.

I'm so intrigued by this. There's so many unanswered questions that I can't wait to see it unfold!
9/6/2020 c4 JabberjayHeart
I read this a while ago but only just reviewing it, so be prepared for some short ramblings!

Felix! I love him. He makes my heart go thump. The thief angle works well with the twist and the fact that Felix is so silver-tongued and charming about it is just the icing on the cake. That streak of manipulation and self-surviving attitude makes him well-rounded.

Kadrium is very understated that I worry he'll get lost amongst the louder, bolder voices. I think the reason works well here, also, out of spite and jealousy for his status. He really stands little chance against such badass tributes, but he'll be a lovely little breathing period amongst the chaos.

And lastly, Campbell! You know me, I love some religion. I think it plays such a cool aspect to a dystopian future like this. She's really had such a shit hand given to her that I have high hopes that Miss Campbell can slay it!
8/22/2020 c5 14Chaos In Her Wake
I'm puking at Custer... YIKES i hate him. Love Cornelia, hate him.
Ok well I guess I'll go backwards then?

Love to see that D12 is completely thrown off its Career groove by this Quell! Campbell, who's an unknown, Ilias, who pretty much seems like a nice kid who got voted in for not being badass enough, and Greta, who's the closest thing to a Career of the three.

And then there's D11, where they really focused on the Career votes to the point where trainers were casting bets. LOVE that. Sets us up for a strong trio, especially Luena and Alpheus. Nice.

OOF D7 is also a whole mess. Got the deets on Ruhi, since Dev is the POV. And I like the almost desperate view as Kadrium and Madoc are chosen, since Dev is so hopeful that someone will be able to help Ruhi. It's less analytical than most of the other POVs this chapter and I really appreciate that! Super curious about Madoc, I still have no clue why he's here.

ASTON! tactical king!
I can't believe he's only FIFTEEN omg.
And these three tributes... yikes. Felix definitely shows some bad history (but since we met him in a kinder moment I have a lot of sympathy), and Vanilan just screams snake. Estrella's the odd one out, and I sooo want to meet her!

DAMN District Three had an AGENDA for this Quell? Everyone said FUCK the abuser and the cop's kid!
way to go, organized voters?
And then Venec pretty much got it rigged against him. Can't wait to see the rest of his story too! I'm so curious about the ones we haven't heard from much yet. There's so much more to explore hehe.

lmfao PIPPA
she's HILARIOUS this was truly the perfect POV for the d1 reapings. Someone who was incessantly bullied by the mean girls but also doesn't want them to leave. A curious middle ground! Fantastic. lol her SHOCK as they each got called up... INCREDIBLE choice there sophia.

Happy writing!
8/13/2020 c5 4bobothebear
hey babyyyyyy

pippa: LOVED pippa's take on hydra getting voted in im LAUGHING WE SHOULDVE MADE PIPPA BE A PART OF THE TRIO INSTEADDDDD. anyway we are simply living and LOVE to see our bombshells doing their thing! we being me and padraig since teddy! fell of the face of the earth. hope you're reading this theodore,, anyway

allegius: SPICY! we've heard from silas in the pre-reapings but nahla and venec were both question marks and we've gotten some HINTS for both of them. well for nahla more or less we got the gist but i wanna know more about venec and what got him voted in since he seemed so nice in his blog post! very spicy INDEED also nahla w the training i see u!

aston: nice to hear from king since his win! questioning whether or not he deserved to win is a pretty natural reaction esp after killing so many friends yk! anyway the tributes! i'm so excited to hear more from estrella! she was one of the standouts from the blog and im pumpppped to see more. felix i remember liking and vanilan is a question mark i'm excited to hear more from! felix baby you're going to get yourself KILLED

dev: i think you've done a great job of making these reapings personal and from relevant povs that give identity to tributes still and that's clear w allegius's and now dev's! poor homie ruhi doesn't deserve to be here :/ sux baby girl! they're a pretty quiet trio - waiting to see where the capitol could take their stories from here!

octavia: love the distinction between eleven and twelve's culture w this twist! eleven emerging from the shadow of twelve's savagery bc eleven has their shit together to organize some voting! im calling it now,, the victor will be from eleven. money's on pagan!

custer: these two are so disturbing im like... can u get a room. ANYWAY i like the nod to the rationale behind twelve's voted tributes not being strictly trainees! really excited to hear from ilias and greta - those were two standouts from the blog that i'im curious to hear from personally!

update soon!
8/12/2020 c4 1Acereader55
Ugh Sophia I love your writing so much it truly gives me life. And the fact that you're doing this while socializing and being a real human at college gives me hope that I too can lead a double life of college socialite by day and fanfictioner by night. I am truly so excited for these Games and to learn about why they were all voted in and the dynamics they'll have with each other and their mentors, it's truly so exciting to think about.

Felix: Okay if this was a normal games I would be so annoyed by him already. The poor, thief, just wanting to survive type of character really does nothing for me anymore, and on top of that the extra throw in of being with the Mayor's kid secretlyish and hiding things is just such a throw in for sympathy that it does nothing for me to endear me to the character. However, in a story where they're voted in this makes so much sense and works because the Mayor would obviously have some influence and be able to get the votes to be directed where he wants them to go. I really did like the interaction and moment of sincerity between him and the Mayor's child. It was sweet and was successful in making me feel bad for Felix. I think his personality can fun, he seems like a spitfire and someone that's going to say whatever is on his mind and not really care about the consequences. I think depending on who he's with he could be fun to read about and the history works so well with idea of tributes being voted in.

Kadrium: What a total opposite from Felix, and this is what I love about this twist to see how the districts deal with it. Do they vote in the delinquent poor people that nobody wants or do they vote in the rich that they despise for having more than they do. I think he's such an understated personality, and someone that doesn't have a loud one which is refreshing given what we've seen so far. He has a more simple feel to him and that draws me into him. I like his sort of naive mindset where he didn't even think that it could be a possibility that he would get voted in for his father's business decisions, and I like how he just wanted that quiet moment to get away and not have to think about the potential problems in his life which his mother was obviously trying to remind him of. I really liked his conversation with his mother because it added into his naive perspective and sort of head in the clouds type of personality while also establishing some of his backstory and family situation. I worry he might fade into the background with so many other louder personalities but this was a solid introduction.

Campbell: Was not expecting this from this district! I was assuming that they were going to pool the district and get them to vote for people that they wanted to see in the Games and she certainly is not that. I thought this was the blood thirsty district what happened. Cornelia and Custer are going to have a fit when they see her. Again, the whole orphan thing is kind of tired and done and especially her being the one that's picked on and such it's a bit been there done that, but again it makes sense for a story like this one for people to come together and vote someone that won't be missed as opposed to risking having someone more prominent and that has a family that would be upset if they went into the Games. I did feel bad for her being bullied by her peers and then being locked in the closet, but to me she's nothing that we haven't seen before and I'm also just confused how she was voted in instead of someone from 12 that's trained campaigning for the votes to get in. She doesn't really do it for me but that could change!

In order of preference: Kadrium, Felix, Campbell
8/12/2020 c5 12jakey121
First off, the hydra? That’s an amazing collective name for the three from One. Loveee it.
All my worst dreams have come true.
I’m out a coke dealer.
Fuck I love District One in this story. This trio and their backstory and their relationship… it’s already iconic and I can’t wait to see what happens. I don’t particularly like any of them but this time idgaf about actually liking them. I’m here for it all. That moment, them all holding hands and looking out at the district that voted them in, they realise that two of them at least will die. I can’t see these three not allying together in the Games. I’d be surprised if they took anyone else in tbh.

Thank you Sophia for doing something with Venec’s backstory and reason for being chosen because honestly… I thought it absolutely sucked, it was the part I struggled most with on his form, but you’ve created this intrigue and relationship already with Nahla that is sure to be fun to see develop further.
Thank you!
Ok first off LOVE that the girls all cheered for Silas. It’s morbid sure but he deserves it. I think it’s blindness that kept Allegius from thinking that Nahla had a chance at being reaped. But I mean… if he’s a horrible Head Peacekeeper to Three’s citizens, why would they note vote in Nahla? It’s ironic considering his thoughts on Venec and the eye for an eye thing going on throughout this POV. I love the tension. Either Nahla and Venec are going to be enemies from this moment on, or something will happen between the two and Nahla will realise that it’s not Venec’s fault. I don’t know her personality but judging from this, there’s more to her than meets the eye. Yeah she’s a composed, fixed figure right now because her dad is watching her… but away from him. I’m interested!

Loveee seeing Aston. And I love the lil flashback to the conversation he’s sometimes had with Garrett. He might not think he deserves it, but he did enough in that Arena to show people he was a fighter and he came out the other end.
I’m curious what he’s like as a mentor since he’s still new.
Tribute-wise, I liked Felix’s little outburst. Estrella was my favourite from the blog so I’m still curious about her. Vanilan had a Peacekeeper escort him so there’s some backstory there. Other than that, intriguing bunch, so I’ll have to see where they go from here.
Ugh I’m so excited for this story I’ll probs keep saying it.

Oh shit.
He’s too old to be chosen himself, so the District get their payback by voting in his sister. That’s fucked up. We know Kadrium and we know he refused to acknowledge the fact that he might be chosen so that must have been a slap to the face. And then there’s Madoc who endearingly tripped up the step but aside from that, not sure what to make of him yet.
This is an odd trio with little to go off just yet. Looking forward to more from them!

I was meh on Pagan back from his own POV but I’m looking forward to the other two only to see whether or not they are all buddy-buddy or if there’s more to it than that. Alpheus seems almost too happy, enthusiastic jock and Luena the same but head-cheerleader-ish.
I do like that the Career system is still here for Eleven and that their voted three are the trained tributes who probably campaigned to be selected. It adds a more typical dynamic to an otherwise atypical Games full of the characters we’ve seen before, so where normal Careers fit in will be fun to see.

Always found Custer and Cornelia so much fun from your previous story.
And I love that Twelve is very different to Eleven. No one really campaigned to be chosen so those that are selected are from other walks of life. Poor Campbell doesn’t deserve it but there she is. And then there’s Ilias and Greta who apparently have some training but didn’t finish?
Greta seems the strongest of the three in a more conventional sense but Ilias seems kinda awkwardly cute so I wonder why he was chosen.

District One and Three were by far the most stand-out for me. D1 for the three tributes, D3 because of the impending connection between Nahla and Venec. Exciteeeed.
8/10/2020 c5 4Littletimmy223
Really great quote right from the start.

oh it's so good. the karmic justice being delivered here is painful yet also kind of hilarious? Like, the image of these three being absolutely flabbergasted by their change in fortune yet knowing it was inevitable from the get-go is what makes this perfectly poetic. I can tell that Marcie is still going to ringleader the trio into finding a way out of the Games. I can imagine that it'll get very cutthroat with this hydra quite soon. I wouldn't be surprised if they eat each other. I wonder how long this unity will last? Also all this drug and coke talk had me chuckling. Castellan to me is the wild card. I can see him turning Heidi against Marcie or vice versa. There's a danger to him that I don't think the other two have clocked.

Now we get to meet some tributes that we haven't been introduced to yet! Also, strong suspense and mystery building up whatever Venec's done. I'm very curious now. Also, I love the imagery and the repetition used in this section. It was some powerful writing. I'm loving the energy from D3. yeah, silas had that one coming. I imagine the women were cheering from happiness due to seeing Silas's sorry ass walking up to the stage. Also, I'm clocking Nahla as a big threat these games. I think she'll do some damage, oh yeah. And Venec...what an interesting history that's being created here. No doubt we'll learn more, but for now I'm loving the themes of legacy and family that are being tied into this story. There's a lot of 'reap what you sow' type stuff going on. Gah, this twist really makes history important. I love it.

Yeah the the themes of guilty and history are tied together in this story for sure. I mean, I know it also obviously comes from the legacy and reputation that haunts each tribute in the first place, hence them getting voted in. But also on the surface I thought I would be ready for the actual history that causes these tributes to get voted in. I wasn't. It's really sad to think and actually comprehend getting voted in by your own home. This section helps drive that point in for me. So yeah, I wonder how betrayal and guilt will continue to manifest. Also, loved the inner monologue going on here. Felix probably earned himself some fans and enemies from that stunt he pulled at the end. I wouldn't be surprised if Felix either loses his ego hard during these games or becomes a truly chaotic and brute force of rage. Also, Estrella intrigues me. Vanilan I don't know enough of yet, but he's also got a trouble-streak. Interesting.

I can see why Ruhi was the replacement. Again, paying for someone else's sins. Yeah, and great worldbuilding that's been going on throughout btw. I'm loving how fleshed out each district is getting through the eyes of someone other than a tribute. I enjoy citizen and peacekeeper POVs very much. Kudos for including other perspectives and such, it's nice. And yeah, I wans't expecting Madoc to be clumsy, which I found endearing. And Kadrium we shall see, shan't we? I do hope they protect Ruhi, but maybe she'll learn to look after herself. This is arguably the most vulnerable feeling trio we've seen so far.

Love the atmosphere haha- what a juxtaposition. Rager and a good time hell yeah. Idk, even though it's horrible, I love the cheering and the betting and the zeal that's being poured out here. Manchester screaming brings a smile to my face at the absurdity of it. I'm just imaging this dude exploding with cheer, like he needed a win. Also what a trio! I'm beyond excited for this presidential party team of hormones and philosophy. I wonder if Alpheus and Luena actually like each other? Do they secretly hate each other? I can also see this trio being the well-oiled power couple of the games possibly- or the manuevers of the games- or whatever the fuck they'll do. Idk, but the vibe I'm getting from them is dominance. Whatever comes next- I'm excited to find out. also love pagan's momentary wtf moment with the mic XD

so these tributes aren't really careers? Interesting. I wasn't expecting that. I knew from Campbell that she wasn't all trained and everything, and Ilias too I suppose in hindsight from the blog. Wow, yeah, Custer and Cornelia really do have their work cut out for them. I'm loving all the dynamics here, and Custer and Cornelia are messed up. Good stuff. I feel like 12 might pull the underdog route and surprise everyone since I'm feeling they'll be underestimated this year. Who knows? Let's find out!

Honestly Nahla and D3 stuck out to me the most this chapter. I cannot wait to hear more about her and how she thinks.

Nice update and see ya next time! Stay safe :)
8/10/2020 c5 recklessinparadise
Helloooooooo! I lovedddddddddddd this Reaping chapter; there were so many different viewpoints featured in it that it was so interesting!

District One: I literally can’t deal wit how much of their lives in One revolve around coke; like it’s actually ridiculous but hilarious when you think about it. I like that we got to see an outside perspective of this trio, considering we’ve already seen what the three are like on their own. I’m so excited to see these three in action in the Capitol and it seems like One is glad they’ve left!

District Three: I really liked this take on a Peacekeeper’s child getting voted in as it’s taking place in Three, which is a district I’ve never seen this for before. It’ll be interesting to see how Venec and Nahla’s relationship develops considering they seem to already know one another and I really loved when all of the girls cheered for Silas getting picked, I was here for that!

District Six: I liked reading about a previous Victor and how he’s dealing with winning the Games and coming back to Six. Six is definitely an interesting mix of tributes and Felix definitely stood out from the three; when he shouted into the microphone I literally CACKLED. I didn’t learn much about Vanilan and why he’s been voted in so I am interested to see why he’s known as the Despicable.

District Seven: Soph, you wrote Ruhi and Dev so perfectly it literally made my heart hurt; like this was so true to the both of them that it made me so happy! I love the angle you’re taking with Seven, that none of them truly seem to deserve their fate and that they’re all so ordinary; I really hope the three of them end up having a close relationship with one another and allying but I guess we’ll see lol!

District Eleven: I didn’t think the three from Eleven would end up getting along, but I already love the dynamic these three have together! Alpheus, Luena and Pagan are such a difference to the three ordinary tributes we’ve just seen in Seven and I loved to see that contrast, it was glorious! Eleven is probably the one district I’m most excited to see in the future from this chapter, they seem like a really exciting, intriguing trio!

District Twelve: Cornelia and Custer are literally ICONIC, and nobody can tell me otherwise! It’s interesting to see how badly Twelve is set up compared to Eleven even though the both of them are Career districts. Ilias, Greta and Campbell seem like they aren’t going to get on very well and I’ll be interested to see how the three get on with their mentors, as it seems Cornelia doesn’t really want to help any of them return to Twelve as Victor!

Can’t wait for another update! See you soon!
8/10/2020 c5 5Axe Smelling God
Pippa- okay the amount of coke these people are consuming is like.. I know you guys have money but isn’t coke expensive (lmao). Anyway I like seeing perspective of the others it works for this format of seeing how others viewed them. I also like how these three tributes have such a great relationship and it seems like Pippa and ginger are surprised by the three of them being chosen. I loved the reference of them being a hydra. It’s was a nice refreshing way of seeing a trio.

Allegius- Okay, you wrote him perfectly and the little details you put in there from how he has a commanding tone, how he wants to reprimand Nahla for tearing up. This was beautifully written and I ate up every minute. For Silas all the girls cheering and clapping shows how petty they are and I love it. This just shows how you need to treat everyone with the best intentions or you might get voted in. So... I love the little quip that Venec and Nahla have a connection. Hey, Jakey what did venec do the poor ono family! I need to know now.

Aston- it’s nice to see what he’s been up to since he won his games. He always seemed like a fighter and to be so young as well makes it so much better. I can see that he has some of his own angst wanting to have his brother up there or one of his enemies, it’s interesting to see why people voted for the reasons they did. Estrella I’m guessing is very rude at least her picture gives those vibes from the district reaction she must be rich in some way. Nice to see Felix again and his ending was what I would expect but to be cross checked sucks. Vanilan seems very chill from the district stand point at least. I’m interested to see why he was voted in what despicable thing he did.

Dev- I love seeing all these different perspectives (chefs kiss) this is beautifully written. I can actually feel his anguish and his overall sadness that he has for his sister to be voted in. I also like the backstory that will hopefully be unfolded sooner rather than later cause I’m invested in Ruhi. Nice to see kadrium again and I wonder how he feels now that he’s been reaped, since he didn’t think he would’ve been reaped in the first place. To see Madoc might be a way to give them some wiggle room in the competition.

Octavia- I think this is kind of funny in a morbid way, but I love it. They’re gambling to see who’s going in and all but one comes out. I can see that this could be interesting in a high stakes kind of way and it was something different which is cool. For Alpheus he seems likes he a little full of himself, running to the stage and taking the mic. It’s so interesting that eleven and twelve are the career districts. For Luena she seems to be a star from what they said and for pagan with the smile. This is surely going to be an interesting bunch of people that I’m excited to see.

Custer- well this was interesting to see. We always have one mentor who doesn’t want to mentor then the other one sucks it up and does it to help others. So I can see that they have a fun banter and I can’t wait to see the both of them again. For the tributes Campbell has a fire indeed and she will definitely be fun to see in the arena. For greta I love her and she’s been trained so I’m excited to see what she brings to the table and Ilias he was trained but dropped out I want to know why he was voted in. I’m very intrigued to see what he brings to the table.
8/10/2020 c5 DA Member Hogwarts 2.0
I'm really tired and sick butttt I've read thia over twice and want to review with it fresh in my mind so I'm sorry if my review is short and vague.

Your writing is beautiful, Sophia! It is so compelling and every character always has a distinct voice in their POV. Dev's POV was the absolohte perfect blend of descriptive and emotive so it was my favourite of the six and therefore District 7 stood out to me the most and not even because my trib is in there haha because as Dev said the 3 of them just seem so ordinary and a bit pitiful and like why are they there hmmmm so excited to learn more. Six also stood out... right Felix is grating me already hahaha even though I GET and respect his reaction like as a human but ad a character he just seems like he was creative with showing off and being tHe BigGesT pReSeNcE in the room and I'm not here for him.

District 12 was a brilliant pov too omfg your ability to give such a strong and authntic voice to such an array of interesting and different and sometimes repellent characters is just amazing.

Glad you're able to work again but pls stay safe and make sure to take time for yourself gurl and to relax! I dont mind waiting ever especially when the quality of updates are like this!
So goooood
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