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8/9/2020 c4 14Chaos In Her Wake
I love u! and your updates no matter when they pop up!

Felix? King. a real Aladdin type plotline, except the princess is a prince (thank u sweet baby gays for giving me LIFE) and you know. It's Panem. I'm emo about this, knowing that he will in fact get voted in. Bitch ass mayor! That's homophobia!

And then Kadrium, who essentially will get voted in for similar reasons to the ones Atticus was worried about. Poor kid, he doesn't seem at all that bad. Just a bit spoiled. I don't think he'll stand a chance among the baddies from the other districts and whatnot, but best luck to him?

and Campbell! Nuns? A Catholic orphanage? Here? Inch resting. Wonder if that is a potential world building exploration in store, or if we're just rolling with it. Is this a Limos crossover?
So everyone hates her big time. Child abuse? Yeah? That... pretty much sucks. Doesn't have Career vibes at all- once again, the Career districts are so weird during this Quell. They're the ones I'm most excited to see!

Happy writing uwu
8/9/2020 c4 12jakey121
missed u sophia idk where you are atm but it’s good to see an update !

Felix has the sort of backstory that I expected for this twist. And in a normal SYOT I’d probably roll my eyes at a thief but honestly… I really like him. Maybe I’m biased because him and Atticus are cute af and I’m here for anything gay but there’s something gritty about him but human as well and I like that. I mean in a normal SYOT I think his street smarts and shitty background might help him in the Games and the way he adapts to what he has to do, but there will be a lot of tributes probably with similar stories to tell, but for now I really enjoyed him.
Plus your writing just does it for me soph. honestly

Kadrium has the sort of air to him that I think will do wonders for development in the Games. He’s so stoic and well put-together and poised that you can really work with that and destroy him lmao
Or kill him. Idk. He needs to remove the stick from his ass but I think with time he’ll start to do that. There’s the hint of larger emotions being repressed there and I’m exciteeeed to see maybe that side of him unleash a little. For now, he’s got a very strong head on his shoulders, a world-view that is realistic if not a little tinged by his upbringing, but I like his no-nonsense attitude and the way he speaks comes across almost posh lmao. I like him as well!

Ok first this POV chef’s kiss honestly written so damn good. So damn good.
But this backstory of like an orphanage? Like some oliver twist type shit? I’m shocked that I’ve never actually seen it before but damn do I love it and damn do I feel sorry for Campbell. She’s a product of not being wanted and yeah she’s probably not the loveliest person to be around, but you can’t help but feel sorry for her.
I think away from this place where you feel sympathetic for her and you put her with other tributes she could come across more irritating, BUT this entire cast is going to be full of dubious characters so it’s not like she sticks for that. I like her bite and the attitude she has, and again under that is the girl that just wants a family and yeah..
Loved it.

I liked them all so no point doing a chart. If I had to order them, I’d probably go: Campbell, Felix, Kadrium. But as I said, they’re all in like atm

Update when you can ofc but I can’t wait for whenever that is
8/8/2020 c3 4Cosmic Corsair
A promise is a promise. I'd drag my ass here eventually. I'm here to finally review this wonderful story. you don't even realize how excited I am to see all of these characters...this is going to be a banger for sure.

First, I am absolutely in love with this trio, I'm just gonna treat them as if they're one singular character, it only feels right. So my suspicions were correct about these three, they're involved in the drug trade and contrary to the stereotype, they're not just mere peddlers, they've got a blooming empire going on here. A bunch of teenagers, operating a drug cartel, what the fuck! Out of the three, I can say I honestly don't like Marcie, truth is, she's the most detestable out of the trio. Marcie's personality, it comes with the territory so it is what it is.

I don't expect her to undergo any significant personality development, and odds are she'll only get worse. Heidi is manipulative and alluring, like this siren sort of character who gets people to spill all their secrets to her. For some reason, I thought she'd be more likable, but she's almost on the same level as Marcie. Castellan is definitely my favorite. He's quiet and taciturn, doesn't really care for the gossip of his partners. He sells the stuff and collects the money, that's what he's good at doing and there isn't all else much to him, but for some reason, his really quiet demeanor compared to the cattiness of his friends comes across really intriguing to me and creates this cool dynamic in my head as i imagine them talking. I can't say I LOVE any of them, there wasn't much to gleam here that was positive, but so far they're the most interesting District group and they'll be a tough act to follow!

Silas is so low-key and that's what I initially loved about this introduction, is that you can't really tell what it is about him that's so vile. Why would anyone hate this strapping lad? He's wealthy, charming, and easy to talk to. But under the surface lies a few dark secrets — his exes. it's so apropos that a guy like Silas, who comes from all this money and has armies of friends, would have a bunch of skeletons in his closet. People you never expect to be assholes spring up and turn out to be assholes. Silas is so realistic when you think about it. I really like this reason for being Reaped, it's not unfathomable that this would happen to someone and really makes sense based on his background and personality of being a Bruce Wayne-esque playboy. He's pretty gray area for now, morally. It wasn't really clear if all of his exes were abused — I like the mystery going on here with the accusations. It's like, is Silas really a piece of shit or is he being falsely accused out of spite? He's gonna be one of those characters that tries to manipulate people with his charm and then tries to backstab them later. Cedric vibes!

I had high hopes for Pagan and I was not disappointed. You're really good at writing villains, that's no damn secret! I really love the way you set up this scene here — we have this dude who's supposed to be this bloodthirsty Career, instead just laying on his lawn watching the sun rise, spewing out strings of profound, metaphysical ramblings on the human condition, empathy, and his own mortality. Not your average CAREER! I like how Pagan is so at peace with himself, even though he knows he's messed up and can't wait to kill people. Contrary to Marcie and Silas, Pagan actually WANTED to be voted in and took the necessary steps to make sure it would happen. So he's basically this story's true volunteer.

This character brings me back tbh. He reminds me of Chancellor and Phobos in that he's sadistic but very composed and rational instead of being stereotypically aggressive. What sets him apart for me is the profoundness of his thinking, the way that he views the world is oddly idealistic and almost romantic in the philosophical sense. His dreaminess adds a unique, hypocritical facet to his sociopathic personality. I think it'll make him less grating as we continue to see him. He's a very interesting character.

Like: Pagan, Castellan
Neutral: Silas, Heidi
Dislike: Marcie
8/8/2020 c4 dyloccupy
hi luv!

felix - thief tingz! really enjoyed seeing his relationship w/atticus,,,i found it hilarious that his dad was campaigning to get felix voted in. like, dat sucks! at least felix was kinda getting back at him by smooching on his son lol. anyways! dis was a pretty cute pov, i see potential for felix :)

kadrium - omg king of being naive! definitely liked the whole “my dad got me sent in bc he’s horrible” backstory. kadrium should’ve listened, mother knows best! this leaves a ton of room for potential growth tho, so that should be fun to read about! excited for kadrium!

campbell - queen of the orphanage! OKAY BUT I LOVE THIS GORL LIKE WHAT?! i expected this, but i also didn’t. that doesn’t make sense! but idc, dats just my brain malfunctioning again. absolutely loved loved LOVEDT campbell’s narration! from her interaction with russo to sister elizabeth, it was just amazing all round. AND THEN we get some vulnerability at the end?! just give her the victors crown already!

mine: ilias
love: campbell
like: felix, kadrium

can’t wait for the next update :)
8/8/2020 c4 4bobothebear
hey nevergone4ever

felix: he's a thief! but not just any thief,,, he's a quirky thief O_OO_O_O_O_O ok so yeah he's not reinventing the wheel background-wise but realistically there are prolly many a poor thief in panem! my fave part of this pov was felix's relationship w atticus and the silent comparison of their lives bc it's sad but he's still there :( so he cares :( shit was cute as fuck

kadrium: REALLY liked this look. the whole "daddy's business fucked me" angle is nice and all but what stood out to me about kadrium was his naivete and his inability to accept the reality and gravity of the shit around him. i think that leaves a lot of room for growth and development especially pre-games and i think he'll be a super fun narrator to follow! excited for him!

campbell: twelve with a NUNNERY! im honestly surprised that an orphan would be hated so much in a career district that they would beat out potential volunteers who would campaign for the spot yk? curious to see what the other twelvers are like and how their storylines line up against campbell's. that being said i enjoyed following her and thought her narration was the most natural of all three SO im excited to see more!

in order of preference
kadrium, campbell, felix

see you sooooooonnnnnnn
8/8/2020 c4 4Littletimmy223
Here we go again!

Felix: What a guy. What a bro. What a thief. What a man. What a poor soul. I enjoyed his lifestyle choices, even if they get him into trouble over time. I feel like his path in this story will take the route of an underdog who perhaps gains his heart of gold. I don't know though, as I feel like Felix walks a slippery slope. Anyway, oooooooh the mayor's son. That's a big no-no but also hot. I wonder how Felix will grapple with the knowledge that his lover's dad basically guaranteed him to the Hunger Games. That's a thick soup. Anyway, I enjoyed Felix's POV as I feel like he'll be an interesting tribute to watch out for.

Kadruim: Now we have Kadrium. What an interesting person. It breaks my heart to see that he has such loving sisters and such a loving mother. Basically, any tribute that has a somewhat wholesome family life for me is always going to tug the heart strings. I bet that his dad's business isn't so honest or respected as Kadrium believes it to be. I could be wrong, but I smell something juicy there. Also, they emulate the path of their father somewhat with that temper. It'll be interesting to see how that plays into future gameplans down the road. I also find it easy to relate to Kadrium. Yeah, I'm thinking they're one of my favorite actually. I just really like their family life and drama.

Campbell: Already I can smell a contender. I also love their attitude. It's rude and abrasive but in the fun way that makes a character flawed but compelling. I'm really excited to see how Pagan interacts with this year's careers, and Campbell is on that list of high curiosity in my mind. Them hating singular oats in oatmeal is such a good way to get the reader into their mindset. I love it xD And you can definitely see where this anger originates from. Her psychological trauma of losing her parents and being alone in the world is something I'm interested to see in how it develops. I think she's got a lot of richness. These tributes are making me excited to see when the melting pot comes together! Ah! But yes, she's endeared herself to me. I may even hope for her to be a potential victor? is it too early to do that? Haha, anyway, keep up the good work.

The districts I'm most excited about seeing are 12 and 11. I'm sensing a theme of abandonment and loneliness for the story, maybe? And that each of these characters is lacking something in their lives. I also enjoy the familial theme of losing parents or lacking respect in the district. The whole voting system this year really throws a psychological hurdle for almost every character overcome (unless they wanted to be voted in).

But yeah, stay safe and healthy, see you next time :)
8/8/2020 c4 5Axe Smelling God
Felix- I actually like him a lot and his relationship with Atticus is so cute and John green damaged that ti makes all the more better. I love how you write these tributes as actual teenagers in this kind of environment it’s brilliant and I see that Felix has a hard life back home and this might be the moment that he needs. If he wins he can make more of himself and have a better life.

Kadrium- how wrong he will be when his name is called. He might seem calm and relaxed but he seems a little distant from the rest of his district. He kind of kept to himself about everything and seems to want to be alone but if you’re not companying for your well being and letting your district take all this control things can get muddled and this is one of those times. He seems nice but with his father’s background this is what is causing all the problems for him.

Campbell- well that was something wasn’t it, seeing that she has so much fire in her. I can why she was labels the hostile, but I hope she can try and keep her temper in check because it can be hard to find allies who want to deal with that anger especially having to see tributes get selected. I definitely know that Russo and Sister Elizabeth voted for her, all she has to do now is win and become spiteful buy the orphanage and fire Elizabeth.
8/7/2020 c4 DA Member Hogwarts 2.0

You're doing reapings wow you da man! I cannot vibe with them at all (to write I mean, I enjoy reading them though)

Felix: MAN is he annoying LOL I don't dislike that though I can like annoying characters he reminds me of a hateful, scumbag version of Holden Caulfield and I don't know why... maybe how he is so aimless and blase about things like ohhh I'll go do this... or something. I actually cried and wheezed at 'I may go buy some weed or something' and idk no why but the or something took me the fuck out. Idk he's sort of boring but not and sort of repetitive but not? Idk haha I maybe sort of like him but he's annoying as hell? Idk

Kadrium: yo it's ma boi with da nice sweater. I loved this introduction it was mote vague than the other two but that's defo how he is supposed to be and I know you can do a lot later on so I'm excited. I always enjoy sort of nothingy characters who are just really normal on the surface and even mundane but who think and react in ways that are just a tinnnny bit off beat and that's how you've portrayed him and I loooove that.

Campbell: she is fantastic! She has such a strong and unique voice to read and I'm here for her. I know she could get old fast but i can sense she will have major growth and not be as one dimensional as she sort of seems right now. The sarcasm and bitterness felt so authentic and I liked your writing style especially well in her POV.

Mine: Kadrium
Love: Pagan
Like: Campbell, Silas
Neutral/ idk how to feel?: Felix
Dislike: Marcie
8/6/2020 c4 2kremit1000
AGH I'M SO EXCITED. I came here like oooo I wonder if Felix will make his debut today... Hmmm and then boom! I saw the title and instantly knew. Agh! I'm so excited to read him in sure you're gonna knock this out of the park! I love your writing style. You don't see first person all that much in SYOTs anymore so it's actually really cool. OK ok onto the reading alas!

Felix-AW yes I love it! Love it love it love it! It's always so damn exciting meeting your tribute for the first time! I apologize in advance if I don't have much to say regarding him cause we'll... I created him haha! Not to much reaction I can quite give in comparison to the others!
Well first of all, I love his interaction with the shop keepers. The little insult he threw at them in the end was absolute perfection haha! And the fact that he still got away with a scone... Damn. I could really go for a scone right now I will not lie.
His relationship with Atticus is so good too! Atticus being this preppy mayor's kid and Felix being well... Very much not that is v cute and you wrote it really well. You've captured the characters so well for your own style. They had good chemistry, even if they're so different which was really cool to read.
Onto the next character!

Kadrium- ya know... I'm not obsessed with him. His mother certainly rigjt. He has growing up to do. I don't hate him by any means! He just strikes me as super arrogant. But not even in the type of career arrogance we usually see in the games. It's more of a suppressed anger and fear that is translated into arrogance. Which like, while I think is generally a little relatable I'm also like... Dude. Let's be realistic here.
Now I suppose since we know he's being Reaped I may be biased but he should really see this shit coming. Yes, he admitted at the end hes thought about it to some degree. But still, he's an asshole ro his mom! So like dude. What's the deal. Is he scared of showing weakness? Is it a self defense mechanism for his own brain? I have questions about the way his brain works. But in general I'm not in love with him. He is either pure oblivious and privileged or a stubborn boy who can healthily translate inner stress. He's better than the rich kids from the last chapter, but still annoying on some other kind of level lmao.

CampbellThis may end up being an unpopular opinion I will admit... But I actually like Campbell? Like shea definitely a loud mouth, abrasive as hell and perhaps kind of a brat... But it seems liek she has good reason to some degree and I always tend to find rebellioua tributes sorta charming anyway I will admit!
In my head I'm trying to figure out like if she's actually a genuine mean person or if she's just been really graded down and torn down after years of living in that shitty orphanage. Side note: it's lowkey kinda cool that religious affiliations exist in this verse. I mean that in a world building way. You don't see that all too often I feel like so I appreciate the unique way that this exists.
Back ro my point. If she actually is just genuinely a harsh ans rude perosn all the time I will probably end up liking her less than I do now. But if she perhaps shows the same apunk but with a little bit more... Softness I will probably get really attached to her in the future.

Anyhow, great chapter! So excited to get to read more! It's gonna be so great I can already tell
7/27/2020 c3 DA Member Hogwarts 2.0
Quick review here as I'm very behind in the ff world atm but trying to find my 2nd wave of motivation to write so I'm reading and reviewing again! Yay.

I didn't really care for this section and that is NO slight to you at all as you set scenes so vividly and you portray interactions between characters very naturally and your choice of words and dialogue in particular is always wonderful. I just found these 3 grating and hated the whole drug pushing storyline lol I'm not saying it couldn't or doesn't happen ... idk but Marcie in particular feels very caricature like. I both feel sorry and scorn toward Heidi, I feel nothing about Marcie I just don't vibe at all rn but I could be interested in learning more about Castellan. I know they will bring a lot of fun and energy when we get to training and ofc the games and it'll be cool to watch the group unravel but as of now... not my type of vibe or characters.

I liked Silas's pov I could honestly see a guy like him having a running internal monologue like this he is pompous but also kind of blase and a little bit insecure like obviously warped to behave this way by the influence of his father- that's only an explanation NOT an excuse for abusibe behaviour but all the same he is rather interesting and compelling despite not being likable at all but alas not many tributes in a story like this should/could be fully likeable.

The opening of Pagan's pov was so lovely to me and seemed so idyllic like it was so aesthetically pleasing for me to envision them lying on the dewey grass and listening to their mother's humming... it was cute and wholesome and a little jarring because it was so light and thats unusual for most tribs in these stories.
OH keep forgeting 11 is career. I can sense the struggle in Pagan already and they're already flimsy in convincing themselves they can kill so easily! I loved the interactions with Uriel!

I just know this story is going to be brilliant! Cannot wait for the next 3.
7/22/2020 c3 17JabberjayHeart
I'm fashionably late but I couldn't not review before you updated. I refuse to be behind on one story and it'll be yours.

This story is going to be fucking wild, I cannot.

We genuinely, straight up have a drug ring? By rich, snotty teenagers? I'm cackling. This whole set-up is hilarious. So, Marcie is the drug lord, whilst Heidi and Castellan are the mules? The abusive bullying of Pippa? The innuendos? I'm laughing. This was genius. Do I like any of them? Absolutely not. Do I find them all entertaining and the scenario interesting and refreshing? Damn right.
I can also see why they all got voted in. The little shits. They're gonna be such good entertainment. I won't like them as people, but I ready to read every little snide remark they make.

Silas is going to be voted in by scorned lovers? This is reality show drama and I'm living.
Once more, Silas isn't a likeable person himself — but he's so interesting and dynamic and entertaining than it makes me excited to see his glow-up. Him and Thaxton read like two common youth who drink in the field and get hammered. Wild.

And we end on Pagan!
His vibrancy is so surprisingly dark. He speaks so poetically, his descriptions make me envious, but it's clear that he's definitely unhinged in some way. The beauty in killing? The talk about meat behind the bread and bones of the body? The way he flourishes in nature? He reads like his name — a Pagan. I'm so eerily fascinated with him. He could become tiresome over time, but the glimpse into his mind whilst laying on fucking wet grass was great imagery.

Damn. What a chapter.

These three are wild. I don't particularly like any of them, but damn, they have personalities and they are exciting and fun to read. I could grow to like them all a lot. I'm sold.
7/21/2020 c3 11BamItsTyler
Marcie: Pauric...What a name that is. ...I'm not sure what to say. They're drug dealers, specializing in some form of cocaine. And Marcie is well off at that. I did enjoy the slight exposition that Pigs were apparently moved to District 7 because the population got fucked up. This is the pre-reapings of course, so I'll have to see some more of her soon. I could see why she was voted in. Lacing drugs and making peoples children go to the hospital because they OD'ed? plausible.

Silas: A very relatable scene. Is he a fkboi?! Is that why he's being hung out to dry? If so, that's all I got about him. I do enjoy his reasoning and mentality. And I wonder where this'll go in terms of intertribute interactions.

Pagan: It quite rejuvenates me, very big words. They're very weird. Big words, articulate. They remind me of a new world type person. A hippy sorta, but instead of peace they're more morbid than anything else. What potential do they possibly have? We'll have to see.

I too had a little scare. My eye was watery and my nose was runny...but it was probably because the masks were stifling and I slept with my eye open, which irritated it.

Seeya soon.
7/20/2020 c3 dyloccupy
if i reviewed. i didnt bc i did. no i didnt.

marcie - to the submitters that created the d1 kiddos,,,,THANK YOU! we really are gonna get fed with these three hoes running around. we LUV tributes with connected backstories! so marcie is head bitch, the regina george of the group. the dynamic between this trio is honestly so fun and fascinating and i already want one of them to win! going into the arena with such a complex relationship can either be a blessing or a curse (probs a curse for miss marcie, who i can see getting stabbed in the back by her underlings). love the drug dealer aspect too! SO EXCITED FOR THESE KIDS!

silas - omg,,,the way he reminded me of jules for some reason. yuh so having his ex-gfs campaign against silas is such a cool idea! it’s what he deserves after abusing them! can definitely see him becoming a creeper around the other gorls in training,,,hopefully one of them beats his ass :) anyways! curious to see how this dudebro woman abuser develops.

pagan - LMAO he instantly reminded me of a tree hugger hippie or something idk! he’s weird and gives me cult vibes,,,which is super fun! the way he’s so philosophical and psychotic definitely makes for an interesting antagonist. campaigning to get in makes sense for a career district, so that’s cool! idk how to feel about this kiddo but idk i’m definitely intrigued!

7/19/2020 c3 recklessinparadise
I am so late to review this but it was simply BEAUTIFUL Soph, I really enjoyed it!

Marcie: I love the fact that the three tributes from One already have such a defined and close relationship with one another; it’s going to add so much to this story and plot. It’s easy to see why Marcie is known as the Godfather because she seems to both directly control the drug distribution in One and indirectly control her two closest friends. This trio remind me of Mean Girls and I am so here for it!

Silas: Distasteful makes so much sense for Silas because he is just a horrible, misogynistic person that I don’t care for at all; like I knew I wouldn’t like some of these tributes considering the premise of these Games, but Silas is literally just awful. I love the fact that his ex-girlfriends campaigned successfully against him, that serves him right for thinking all they were to him were property.

Pagan: Man, Pagan is literally so weird and so complex that I literally don’t know how to feel about him. He seems so introspective and intriguing and yet, he wants to volunteer to fight to the death; I can’t correlate these two aspects to him, and it’s making my brain literally melt. I definitely want to read more about this mysterious boy because he’s such a question mark for me.

See you soon!
7/16/2020 c3 4Littletimmy223
Here we go!

Marcie: Wow, what a UNIT we got going on here. Interested to see where this trio goes and how they develop in relationship to other Careers. Also, the Tribute pool in general. I wonder if withdrawals is something they are going to have to deal with? I can also see why they were voted in. If they're responsible for kids being sent to the hospital, blatant abuse, as well as being drug suppliers it seems like they've boosted their fair share of enemies. I wonder if Marcie and her friends will be able to adapt to the newest turn their lives will take. I love her already. Her snarky, domineering, and apathetic nature seems to make her and Silas good partners, even if they don't care for each other. Heidi I'm sensing might snap if pushed around too much, but we'll see where that goes. I'm loving the chaos this trio will ultimately cause.

Silas: Yeah, Silas, Silas, Silas...he's got that textbook "I can do no wrong" denial energy. Definitely an unreliable narrator in my opinion, which adds to why I find their role in the story quite juicy. No doubt they committed a lot of horrible acts in their life out of some misguided vanity and father-seeking validation. However, they're in the shit now. Yeah, I don't care for you Silas, but I see you've got one hell of a wake up call. I wonder if they'll have the strength to face their demons without capitulating? Not sure, but either way I'm sure it'll be a bumpy ride. I also wonder who Silas will try and surround themselves with once in the Games. They seem prime to be manipulated themselves once the guilt train hits. . watch yourself silas.

Pagan: hey baby. someone said they give off culty vibes and I'm like yeah wow xD baby cult leader here. Super excited to see them interact with everyone else (you too marcie trio and Silas) - I wonder who they'll gravitate towards? I think you nailed them. They're sweet, they're sensual, but they're just a little, y'know...off. check your hubris Pagan . or don't . Excited to see where you take them! let's get freaky

YAY! What a cast we got already! Loving all these different messed up folks and how they'll all collide into each other. Yummy backstory and juicy relationship dynamics to come, I can tell this'll be a fun and wild ride! Hell yeah
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