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7/16/2020 c3 1Acereader55
Hello miss Sophia! I'm so glad you're so excited and thrilled about this story because so am I. This chapter solidified how excited I am to meet all of the tributes and learn why they were voted in because there's bound to be some very interesting and fun reasons here.

Marcie: Oh my god this was one of the best POVs I've read in a very long time. I can't even explain properly how much fun it was reading this POV and getting to understand the dynamics between these 3 better. Such little moments like their quips towards each other and their glances and glares at one another make their relationships feel that much more nuanced and real. I'm shocked they didn't see it coming at all, I thought for sure the 3 of them would be pooling their connections to get all 3 of them in the Arena but nope! I love the reasoning behind them getting voted in too. They thought they were safe with their drug business and everyone wanting them around for that but they're in for a rude awakening, and it's no wonder given how they seem to treat people. Marie reminds me of the peak in which Teddy would make these types of D1 females and the godfather tag certainly rings true here and I love it so much. Heidi seems to be the weakest of the bunch and I wonder how their relationships will crumble once they enter the Arena. Very excited to see how their relationships hold up in the Arena and to see them interact with others but this was a great introduction, seriously love these types of personalities and what a fun POV all around.

Silas: So we're meant to dislike him yeah? What I got from the ending little bits was that he was sort of abusive or very forceful with words and actions to get his girlfriends to do whatever he wanted for not only himself but for his father as well. it would seem he responds very well to men but women he seems to have a problem with which doesn't jive well with me. I don't blame the girls for campaigning against him if he's treated them as poorly as I think he has. And something at the beginning struck me as well.. his friend's father asked how his mother was doing since she was "sick" but me thinks that his father just doesn't let her out much or do anything without his permission. I like that his friend tried to warn him and he brushed it off thinking nothing of the women because that's probably how he thinks of all the women around him, and I can't wait to hear from him when he's actually voted in and has to deal with that. I think we're meant to dislike him so mission accomplished, and I'm sort of hoping a woman is his downfall in the Arena.

Pagan: I am so creeped out after reading this POV honestly. I don't even know what to make of him or this POV, I'm just sort of confused. I can't tell if he's actually sadistic or not? He made a comment about needing to cover up wanting to kill but he also then kind of covered that up by saying that he only wants to kill to discover more about humans and the universe and the unknown. He sounds very philosophical and very into the universe and the unknown which is just very weird to me and I don't quite know what to make of him or that in general. His relationship with his friend was interesting because he didn't seem apathetic to having friends which most psychos and sadists would feel like so that's a plus, but I just am so confused by him but also a tad bit fascinated trying to work out what his real feelings and motivations are. With the excited to go into the Games and campaigning to go into it he does read into what a typical tribute would look like in D11 so I'm hoping there's more under the surface there which I'm sure there is from what we've seen here!

In order of preference here, I'd say: Marcie, Pagan, Silas
7/16/2020 c3 4bobothebear

marcie is so fun PAURIC heidi's dad im GONE! i love the power dynamic you've established and the way you tie that into smaller details - the way they sat at heidi's breakfast bar, the way their dialogue interchanges. it's fun bc you've distinguished them so well while maintaining this general energy of hateful bitch and i loooooooooVVVVe it. queen shit

silas STINKYYYYY. i love the idea of other people campaigning against him and i love the way it was done - not to shirk the onus of being voted away from him but to emphasize how bad he was. like homeboy was grimy enough for these gals to get off their asses and spend their time spreading his lies and deceit! excited to see him SQUIRM in the capitol

pagan is weird af lol my man lookin like socrates out here! i'm curious to see how his peculiar disposition fits in w the other volunteers from eleven and what pre existing relationships they have seeing as they're all likely to have campaigned to get in. overall.,, he's weird and i think i might like it but idk yet! ahaha!

review me
7/16/2020 c3 2kremit1000
Omfg these tributes are already so interesting! Like I have a feeling this is gonna be a trend through this storylike they're all voted in so their is gonna be something really intriguing about them. I'm sure eveyone is saving this but the backstories! So good-so cool and it's really gonna make this story awesome.
And once again let me just sayI love your writing. It's so clear and just really enjoyable. So like thumbs up haha! Looking forward to even moreMarcie (and the othersWell they are just plain nasty I must say. Like OMG. I remembered them being references earlier in the story and the girl talking about them was right. How uppity and terrible can one person be?! You really captured her as like the OG mean girl. The way she describes things is so like... I don't even know how to describe it. And girl- the drugs. These three be Wildin in one. Castellan seems like he'll be the most dangerous in the areana. There is something really unsettling about himhe's too quiet for the way he acts. I can see myself growing to like Heidi. She's definitely a "sheep" and I can totally see a redemption arc for her. She just needs to find herself

Silas- Ugh! I thought at first I was gonna maybe like him. My dumb ass was like "aw he has such a good friendship" with that other kid. I should have known better. And I know that know. Don't trust anyone in this story lol. I went from "oh he seems nice" to "uh oh he may be an asshole" to "NAH NEVERMIND DONT LIKE HIM". What a journey lemme tell you. He'll get what's coming to him, I'm sure of it... I'm not sure why that other guy is friends with him. He seems chill by himself lol

Paegan- was one of my favorites when I did my blog review. However now I take that back. Don't get me wrong! He's absolutely fascinating and I'm v excited to read more about him. However I didn't expect him to be a career. I suppose it makes sense given his district in this verse. HOWEVER I'm still surprised.
The beginning of his POV was very likehe's super intelligent and almsot spiritual, something you don't usually see in a career. It's quote odd really, maybe that's the new breed of career. I'm super interested to see how he interacts with others in the games. He seems like a lowkey psychopath instead of the usual brutalist the careers usually are.

Like: Heidi
Nuetral: Pagan
Dislike: Castellan
Love to Hate: Marcie
7/16/2020 c3 5Axe Smelling God
Marcie- well I can see why her title is “The Godfather” and the amount of drug use in the morning is hilarious. I can definitely see that Marcie is the leader, with Heidi being the sheep or follower and Castellan being their for the thrill of it all. This was a great way to introduce them and I’m excited to see more from Marcie.

Silas- well you really chose these titles perfectly for everyone and I can see why he’s titled distasteful. He’s an awful person and for his ex-girlfriends to retaliate is childish in my opinion. This is someone’s life they they want to see cut short but it would be funny if he won and came back and then flipped them off as he walks to his mansion with Thaxton beside him. This story is going to be interesting with why everyone was chosen and I’m excited to see more.

Pagan- I like him so much, he has this poetic nature to him that I admire and I’m excited to see what he has in store. I know he’s not campaigning for his death without a fair reason for it. I want to know more about him and why he wants to take this path where he has to fight to the death for it. Also his interactions with Uriel were great and I’m so excited.
7/15/2020 c3 14Chaos In Her Wake
sophia i am LIVINGGG for this tribute roundup. I am so invested, backstories for ONCE are truly, inescapably NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT and gurl it's a feast out here! I loved the contrast in each section about attitudes towards the Games: Marcie &co don't see it coming at all, Silas is distinctly aware it's a possibility and it scares him, and Pagan actually wants the nomination.

Oh, this group from One is FUN. 'Godfather' makes almost an unfortunate amount of sense now, wow. A drug dealing, freewheeling, mean girl (including Castellan) trio? Regina George ain't got SHIT on Marcie. These three are a package deal from start to finish, I can't wait to see them forced into the Games. It's interesting to get the first look at them from Marcie, in charge and commanding. I'm also really excited to see how this solid group dynamic functions from Castellan and Heidi's perspectives, especially since they all have super distinct roles. Ugh. It's nice to have a through-line established for training and Games plot from the get go!
Also, the dad named Pauric. I see you! Just like Mr. Freudenberg in pad's story hehe

Silas! Fuckin hate him. Well done.

And Pagan is something else ENTIRELY. A fairly 'traditional' Career... as far as this story and AU go. Which means, they're completely fucking WILD. Motivation? Career-standard delusion. Personality? Batshit. In a story like this? I dig it. Super culty vibes, especially with the outward persona of soulfulness and nature loving and the hidden sadism. Yikes! I really hope Pagan isn't as prepared as they think they are- as they say, it's hard to imagine death if you're not familiar with it. If Pagan feels no remorse in the Games whatsoever, it'll be super hard to get development. But, there's a massive potential for growth if Pagan has to do some 'soul searching' about murder and whatnot in the arena, and I hope that comes to fruition because it could be so fresh.

Happy writing!
7/14/2020 c2 1tear that cherry out
hey baby girl! its your world!

this prologue was FUN! you called the terrible three OUT in this chapter! its a fun idea that the d1 mentors already hate the tributes theyre given - usually, metors are trying their best to bring home their tributes but this time around, its completely different bc all of these names in this story are the most disreputable teenagers in the district.

the whole moral dilemma that carrigan was going through was fun to read as well, bc it kinda gives an insight into how everyone in panem was feeling about the process of voting tributes in. its just such a unique dynamic thats happening in this story - with the cheeriness at the reapings, to the relationship tributes will have with mentors, to the relationships they will have with each other. its fun. im excited

AND ONTO THE BLOG. im finally here!

d1 eating it up this year! we already know that myself teddy and kevin are biased but hey… it would be rude not to pull out all the stops for this story! i think all three of them hold such a unique role in their relationship that its gonna be really fun to see how it plays out. im excited, for everything. how they interact with each other, how they interact with other tributes, how they react to being voted in… im so excited

nahla: a very simple name, but im really liking nahla. and a really simple fc to go with it, but i like it nonetheless. she has really familiar eyebrows? i feel like i've seen those exact eyebrows somewhere before… anyways. the daughter… the first thought that jumped into my head was a peacekeepers’ daughter, since everyone hates law enforcement amirite ladies! but then parochial adds a really intriguing hint to her character that i have no idea what to expect, really. it'll but fun to see how shaky / irrational play into her otherwise dominating character – im intrigued!

silas: fun name, and im obviously a fan of the fc! the distasteful is a pretty funny word to title someone with. he just seems like your typically obnoxious, extroverted fuckboy that stands out like a sore thumb in a place like d3. he could either be really grating or really entertaining, but i think either way, hes your type of character!

venec: i cant say im a fan of this name or fc :/ they’re both ok, that fc just looks like that boy in school who would remind the teacher they haven’t corrected the homework yet when no one had it done. his character seems fun though! the ditz.. literally me. hes not someone that would seem to be an understandable candidate to be voted in at first glance, but he also seems like a character that has developed as a result of a big big big mistake – and thats what i imagine hes known for in d3. excited to see him!

estrella: yessIR. this name and fc slaps. estrella is a name i wouldn’t imagine myself liking but it kinda just works here. the primadonna is funnnnn i always tend to enjoy those type of characters – as everyone probably knows. altruistic is a trait that stands out to me here, simply bc its listed as a strength. honestly she seems like a really pleasant character with traits that i tend to really enjoy – spacey, tranquil, naive – and she definitely seems like the type of girl whose family’s reputation is bigger than her own, and therefore people have a prejudiced perception of her.

felix: felix artinian! name is okay, a pet peeve of mine is when people submit character names to authors who have… already submitted that name themselves. fc is okay, he has a very square head. the delinquent is emphatic! and definitely highlights the essence of felix’s character so far – a boy who is probably v street smart but to the point that it has earned him a bad rep. once again, someone i feel like you’ll really enjoy writing.

vanilan: name… not sure what to think LMFAO. vanilan. surana. i have no idea. fc is okay, but the despicable! another empathic word. this time, its much more understandable though – along with marcie, he seems like he has the potential to be one of the biggest antagonists in the story. but thats fun! we love antagonists around here, and his type of character really makes sense for the type of story you’re writing

ruhi: love the first name, brennan is… very familiar! very irish! love me some brennan’s bread. fc is nice also, and the replacement is very mysterious… what does it mean? im sure we’ll find out. anyways, she seems like the head-down, no-bullshit type of girl that will either stand out for her authenticity or fade into the background for refusing to be FUN. i feel like bitter and insecure are too really strong traits that will spice up her narration a lot, though, and im excited to see it

madoc: name is… im not sure how i feel abt it? madoc sonders. hm. fc im not really a fan of, and the other is another obscure title i cant put my finger on. HE IS MASSIVE LMFAO? literally the same height as me but like 120lbs heavier. oh my lord. once again, he seems like a rather mild character compared to most in this story, but impressionable could allow him to be roped into some fun dynamics in this story. hes a big question mark for me, which could be dangerous in a story like this.

kadrium: hawtrey LMFAO and him from d7… funny! kadrium sounds like something on the periodic table. fc is nice, i really like his jumper? my style. the rich kid lMFAO yeah theres no hiding behind that one. and his character matches up to that, really. i cant really get a strong grasp of him yet, but he could be a fun character to work with.

luena: yeah… yeah. luena isn't a bad name, but with glacelle beside it… LMFAO. im not gonna rehash my opinion on ace’s naming style O_O as many have said, fc is giving very midsommar vibes. the socialite! a big personality undoubtedly. she sounds like someone id really enjoy reading – a character thats vibrant and pleasant in their interactions, but quite the disaster when push comes to shove. unpredictability is fun and shes giving me what i need!

alpheus: alpheus baker… its a no from me. theres so many surnames in this world and we’re here with baker. and this fc is a no from me also. the mixed bag – not sure what thats implying. he seems like someone thats quite outgoing and charming, but he can often be overpowering with his flashy personality. the mixed bag now makes sense! not sure

pagan: just like the name scout, i never imagined id like this name until i actually had to think abt it and… i like this name. pagan. its giving me hippy. fc is nice, i feel like he definitely has a posh british accent. and the FLAME! what does that mean?! it feels mysterious. he sounds like a fun character, but i cant really get a full overview from him with these traits – individually they're fun, but altogether they're kinda obscure. he seems like a wildcard nonetheless.

campbell: i actually like the name campbell, esp for a girl! seavey does it no favours, though. fc is meh. the hostile is quite straightforward, as are all her traits – shes a bitch, but only if you step on her toes. nothing too exciting.

ilias: the name… kinda a mouthful? laghari stresses me out. fc is nice, the weak… ooh girl. another mysterious one. he seems like such a gentle soul… why is he being voted in lMFAO? bc hes not like everyone else in d12? seems contradictory… maybe hes the disgraced son or something bc id imagine d12 would prefer to pick tactically and vote in their best fighters. a big question mark, but i feel like his personality might be a nice respite from the intensity of all the other tributes.

greta: another… i know i shouldn't like the name greta but i do LMFAO. malvey compliments it so well. so simplistic yet very enjoyable. fc is… a big yes from yob LMFAO that sounds like a slur or something omg. she seems like a big personality, but not in an irritating sense – she just seems like she has a strong he’s don her shoulders, but shes volatile and prideful enough to fuck someone up if she has to. if anyone was voted in for being a talented fighter from d12, id imagine it'd be her and possibly campbell. she sounds like fun!

and a chart of courseee

favs: estrella, luena
like: nahla, venec, vanilan, ruhi, pagan, ilias, greta
neutral: madoc, kadrium, campbell
conflicted: silas, felix, alpheus

update tss pls :3

kiss kiss! im ready for war!
7/14/2020 c1 tear that cherry out
hi i never reviewed this? and its all about review count!

you already know how excited ive been for this story! this quell is an especially interesting concept because it allows people to realistically submit the most innovative characters and reason as possible - usually, everyone is expecting a few normal tributes in the bunch, but theres nothing normal about this quell. if theyre boring theyre gonna get eaten up!

cornelia is an intriguing character. definitely a byproduct of the new d12 you've created - she seems vicious, shallow and snide. i really enjoy her narration, theres something... bleak and haunting about it? like theres a fire to her but theres something really... idk... morbid about her entire persona.

im just disappointed theres no tamira feature in this chapter... but a girl can dream

blog review soon! even though we've literally discussed every aspect of it already! see u again!

update tss btw _
7/6/2020 c2 11BamItsTyler
Alright im here! Sorry! I might do the same thing again next week as I will be sequestered in a different location without a laptop...Yikes. But I will be reading if you drop anything.

I like Marcie's name. and I also like her title. I wonder what the story behind it is. Her personality seems fitting to the title. She's someone I'll enjoy reading I'm sure of it. ...I hate knives or daggers. Sure they're practical, but there's nothing sexy about them.

Both he and Marcie seem like they may be okay together or as district partners, depending on how annoying Castellan might be. We'll have to see.

Heidi seems so young looking, though I enjoy her name, The 'sheep'. She could go far, depends if she gets rid of her label sooner rather than later or never at all.

The daughter eh? I like the name...Yoko. Is she a mayors daughter or something? Idk. Hypnotic? We'll have to see about her.

Silas...Cowardly sticks out very much to me. and like a rich kid no one really likes...?

A ditz. I wonder how that'll go down in the arena?

Estrella looking like a character off of "Saved by the Bell"...everything from the hair, to the background screams 1990s. She seems like the youngest and has the traits for it as well. THe last name is okay I guess.I think she's someone I'd like above all else with some others.

His hair, x) He seems like a mess..Catty and Trashy..ahahhahaha. I wanna see him. Here's hoping I can get some laughs from him.

Oooh.. Ruhi is nice too...well, when you look at those strengths...I'm getting Vayln vibes from her.

Madoc: His traits alone make him seem like a threat...280 pounds geeeeeeeeeeze.
His title explains it all, sorta. Wonder what's got him down.

Impervious to what? Bossy seems exciting. But he doesnt peg me as a rich kid who is 90% vain and outspoke...Sienna... :(.

Luena: I like the title socialite..Either she was voted in based on popularity or no one likes her in the district.

Why is he a mixed-bag...Maybe I need to reread the form.

Pagan's face looks cool. But what does intoxicating mean? I wonder how these three will operate as a unit. Hopefully not subservient to 12 again like last time..

I like the name Campbell. Standoffish alongside Ms. Yob seems like they might try to take control...but the 11 ppl seem to have an edge in terms of leadership. I dunno that's just me.

Ilias...I wonder if he was trained or not. The title tells me no. Loyal and altruistic with his partners doesn't bode well I think.

Ms. Yob. I enjoy the name Greta...Knife. Rowdy and Domineering in a Career pack...I wonder what this''ll do to the dynamic?

I have genuine interest in how the pack will function this year. Will the One's have a resurgence? Something tells me they will. Estrella and Greta seem to be my favourites so far.
7/4/2020 c2 7Cashmere67
for some reason i thought i reviewed this? apparently not. loved the chapter, tho. write anything about d1 and i'm into it. the fact that the victors could vote is so funny to me... like obviously they could but hearing that they voted for something as simple as an ex-boyfriend makes me think of what other random people/reasons other people in the district voted for. love the relationship between brielle and carrigan and the varying opinions on their roles as victors/d1 politics

so... blog!

District One: it's hard for me to comment on any of them... you alluded to their shenanigans in this chapter so i'm SO Excited to see what direction you take them in and i cant even begin to explain how excited i am for the capitol.

Nahla: I like the first name and the FC. The Daughter is also an interesting title? I assume she's the daughter of someone notorious/evil/bad in D3. I also like hypnotic as a strength... tos vibes.

Silas Garamond: I like the first name and the FC, once again. Silver-tongued/social are similar to me tbh. but I like how simple his s/w are? No fancy synonyms... proud, moody, jealous. very to the point. no fluff. i respect him for that.

Ok venec's name isn't my favorite but i like his fc. the DITZ. that's so funny. scatterbrained and flighty fit the bill so i'm excited to read his pov. i am particularly interested in this story/blog because of the quell twist... i need to know what y'all came up with O_O

Estrella Villon: i have soooo many thoughts on her. i like the name. so much. and I LOVE THE FC.. it might be my favorite one on this blog. just from the blog - altruistic, spacey, decadent - i think she's going to be a fav of mine. and the prima donna... rich girl? probably

Felix: i'm intruded by mr agrippa. i find the name unique? witty and humorous are very similar to me and the crude/pessimistic piques my interest! he seems like the dark humor type of person.

Ruhi Brennan: once again, i love the first name and fc. the replacement? i have so many questions about these titles. like what DOES that MEAN? and woohoo for district-relevant weapon of choice.

Kadrium: i like his sweater! and another cynical boy. the rich kid - once again very straightforward and to the point but i dig it.

luena: i like the first name! fc is kinda wack but i like 'the socialite.' i didn't think we'd have that many rich kid tributes but i guess it makes sense. she just SCREAMS ace i love it

Pagan Corneal: i'm so.. intrigued? his fc makes me uncomfortable? also what does the flame mean? he stands out a lot for his unique s/w. i don't see intoxicating, iron-willed, or piercing used often.. or ever? i also love the idea of obsessive. i'm super excited for him because i can't get a good read on his character yet. also the name? very different but i like the name pagan

campbell: honestly dont luv the name but i like the fc and the hostile is such a strong word LOL AND CYNICAL again. lots of pessimism in this bunch... i think she could one of the main antagonists in this story .

ilias: interesting that he has altruistic as a weakness while estrella has it as a strength. i can see it going both ways. he does seem not physically weak, but weak minded... sensitive? humble? im getting sad boi vibes, even from the fc.

Greta: ok i love the name... and the fc... d12 is really strong this year. all three d12 tributes seem veryyyy different and i think they're going to definitely clash at some point. ROWDY is so FUN and so IS THE YOB LOL

so, overall stand outs; d1, estrella, pagan, greta
7/4/2020 c2 14Chaos In Her Wake
ahahaaaa i LOVE that the victors know in advance. Also because I want more details about why people got voted in, so the little clues here were wonderful in advance of the blog review. Worldbuilding is my best friend

Ugh just from the blog I'm like YEP! More rich white jerks than average? Makes sense for this Quell! If you're gonna vote someone in... all of this makes sense. I have no complaints about diversity rates, wealth or age disparity, etc, because this is Not and Will Never be a random selection. The Quell does change the distribution of tributes! Love to see it!

So D1 is a whole little rich friend group? Mean Girls style?
The Godfather. LOVE it. that's fun. Also I love inventing the stories for why they got voted in my head, so I'm seeing the evil daughter of D1 mafia, voted in because this is the one time she doesn't have protection!
And Castellan as her right hand man, so he got voted in right alongside her. And poor Heidi as the scapegoat/Karen Smith of the group, associated with but not of the same caliber as the former two. Lol gurl RIP. Normally stiletto as a weapon prompts the 'just say knife!' response but in this case I wholeheartedly believe she plans to use the shoe.

Nahla! Oh no!
Parochial stands out for her, as well as 'the daughter'. Religious plotline? Her dad is some kind of authority (undercover religion?) figure and she's voted in to punish him? That's what I'm coming up with.
Silas. Yes I made a white boy, yes there's a reason. Can't wait to see him die a horrible death!
The height/weight distributions are killing me... you've got Castellan and Venec who are so similar and then Silas who's two inches taller and 40 lbs heavier...
Anyway I have no clue why Venec got voted in! I'll say... he made a mistake that hurt someone (like accidentally knocking someone into traffic lol) and now everyone hates him, or he's just dumb and people were like ugh whatever I'll put his name down it's fine he won't be voted in... and it added up. He and Heidi might get along lmao.

Estrella! Last name falls into the category of 'names that almost look like Villain', which is an oddly specific thing to have a category for and yet here we are. Priiiiimadonnaaaaa first laaaaady of the staaaage! Voted in bc of her parents money or bc she's seen as 'above' everyone else and they were jealous, that's my guess. Another fun high-class personality to absolutely destroy in the Games!
Felix has BIG hit or miss energy for me just depending on whether his strengths or weaknesses become the focus of his personality. I'd wear his shirt. Probably got voted in for being an up-and-coming criminal?
Vanilla... this boy needs to EAT SOMETHING. Seems like a straightforward antagonist, catty and trashy could be fun though. A traditional reason for being in this Quell- he's probably already killed someone.

The story I'm coming up with for Ruhi involves her being voted in as a stand in for someone who can't be affected by the reaping. Or she's hated in the district for replacing someone at... something. A more down to earth mean girl, perhaps? Sophia, the hardest part of writing this quell for you will be keeping the narrative voices distinct and not letting them blend into groups like 'rich kids' or 'awful guys' or 'mean girls' or 'ditzy'.
I'm DYINGGG like earlier how I mentioned height/weight stuff? Let's do another comparison. Vanilan is 5'10" and 130 lbs and Madoc here is 6'3" and 280 lbs. that's FIVE INCHES and 150 POUNDS difference! Anyway. Madoc seems fun, might get along with Ruhi pretty well. Voted in bc he's a social outcast? that's what i'm getting from him. A much quieter personality than most.
Kadrium reads pretty straightforward from this post. Rich, hated for it. That's his personality, his reputation. Okay bud what's the rest of the story there?

And now we're in to the Careers. I have SO MANY QUESTIONS about how these two districts handled the Quell. Did they encourage people to vote for the training prodigies so they'd be more likely to win (like voting for volunteers essentially) or was it a cultural free for all? I hope we find out!
Luena looks like she could have gotten people to vote for her bc training. Watching all these high-society kids and socialites try to outdo each other will be fabulous during training.
Alpheus do be a mixed bag... I have no clue what to think of him and no clue what his story might be.
now PAGAN is the one that stands out... even though his name is basically Pagan Cornea I am so intrigued by his s/w like they are truly captivating! I'm into it! What's going on here, I have no clue but I'm curious! He's also skinny af.

I would have expected Custer and Cornelia to rally the district to vote for the best volunteers, but maybe not. Especially seeing that Campbell is only 16. Here's my two guesses for her: she got voted in bc everyone hates her and they want to see her die bc she's bad, or she wants to volunteer in the future but doubts her chances, so she got people to vote for her now so she'd be guaranteed a slot.
Ilias is also curious, and makes me wonder even more about the subversion of this Quell in Twelve. Voted in for being the weak link? Not up to standard perhaps? I like this method of introducing a legitimately kind character to the story. I'm not seeing a 'traditional' Career alliance happen this year.
the YOB i'm dyingggg. Okay then! D12 is not what I thought it would be at all but I'm excited to meet them all!

This entire crew is just going to be battling for dominance the whole story- I'm curious to see who will manage to score major plotlines and development.
Happy writing!
7/3/2020 c2 2sock-feet-and-stirring-sand
hello hello hello!

so interesting that the mentors know ahead of time. maybe gives them some time to prepare. also must suck if they hate them to have to try to get them to win. there’s so many reasons to vote for someone that it’ll be interesting to see all the reasons these kids got in.. oooooh I wanna know so bad— already so intrigued by d1. this is one time when I actually really wanna hear everyone’s backstories!

as much as i’d love to emulate olive and take wild guesses at everyones reasons for being voted in, im already worse at guessing than the average so i’ll probably stray away from that in favor of just gushing over how hot everyone is.

ok go.

marcie- the godfather eh? intriguing, she may be the head of something sus is my best guess. I don’t think her reason for being voted in was just based off personality although i’m sure that didn’t help based on her weaknesses. she’ll be a drama queen and I sense her going far.
castellan- so we know he’s hated, too. the pamperedness fits in with what cardigan says but I wonder how else he’s made himself an enemy of the district. transactional, some sort of dealer of something maybe? also. skinny boy wtf
heidi- sheeeeeeeep. she and marcie are almost the exact same size. wonder if she was tied up in some bad shit. seems like she’ll be a strong personality, maybe she and marcie will raise hell together.

nahla- the daughter sounds like she’s being punished for her parents’ crimes, but again just a guess. there really is zero way of knowing why people were voted in from a blog and that’s the fun of it. hypnotic and parochial, interesting. I feel like she’ll be a quieter girl with a bit of a beast inside of her. ugh…. tabitha’s her mentor. I hated that h0e.
silas- no idea why he could’ve been voted in. moody and jealous will be interesting but not much to say here otherwise although i’m sure i’ll like reading him.
venec- lmao poor kid. very plain fc which is alright cause he seems like a pretty simple-minded boy. masked/nervous despite his charm is definitely ironic. not my favorite from the get-go but we’ll see how he’s written!

estrella- her last name is villain. a bit spacey and tranquil makes her seem gentler but her tagline is prima donna so not sure what kind of gal she’ll be!
felix- I want to say this one’s more obvious, if he’s a delinquent he’s just been a troublemaker forever and everyone’s had enough. but who knows? humorous might be fun but I can see him being a solid antagonist.
vanilan- the infamous vanilla syrup! catty and trashy, oh yes. excited to see him in action.

ruhi- hot. the replacement? intriguing. wonder why she’s bitter. she has some good survival skills and im interested to learn why.
madoc- the other…. not sure what that could refer to. BIG BOY oh shit. fearsome for sure. downcast, tense, i’m really interested. sorry if i’m rushing ive got 10 mins before work and I gotta get this in first!
kadrium- hopefully he was voted in for another reason besides being rich. maybe just never got his comeuppance for problems he caused? can’t tell. not much to say for him either.

luena- rowdy? yes. impulsive? uh oh. I sense drama. intrigued on how she was voted in…. I feel like if she’s got a large social group she would have been more respected. but who knows!
alpheus- mixed bag gives me nothing to go off and i’m so thirsty. I wanna know these backstories! facetious is always fun but he’ll need to get serious quick if he wants a chance.
pagan- yeah he’ll be one to watch. overindulgent and intoxicating, hyperaware, plus he looks like rob pat. watch out kids, he’ll suck your blood.

campbell- hi soup girl. no one is ever gonna guess why she got voted in and I love reading the ideas. good luck with cornelia.
ilias- please be nice to cam pbell. his traits are so nice? why’d he get voted in? ugh custer is gonna ruin him smh.
greta- the YOB lol. really intrigued by her. self-serving and self-critical are such a delicate balance and she’ll be fun to see. I think custer will prefer her over ilias.

thanks again for accepting campbell and see u next chap!
7/3/2020 c2 4Cosmic Corsair
This prologue got me hyped, i'm so ready for this. The Quell makes things interesting with this batch of tributes because these are all going to be people that the world despises — the most controversial, the worst of the worst. There's going to be so many dysfunctional, machiavellian, sleazy personalities scheming against each other, like the 13 Games. There will be nothing traditional about any of these characters — which also means the Careers won't be that trained, and even if they did, they either weren't planning on going in yet, or at all. I'm interested to see that conflict, though i'm also even more curious about the outer District kids. I wonder if some of them had some idea they were going be chosen. like these people are going to be objectively rotten or controversial in some way. Infamous! I can't wait for the backstories and all the interactions...

And thanks for accepting my tribute at the last minute (again). District Six is fucking LIT. aNYWAY, I like the idea of this so much I'll leave a nice full-length blog review!

Marcie: She looks wealthy, like very wealthy. The tagline and the traits give me a strong 'mafioso' vibe. I'm wondering how literal I should take these taglines, because I'm imagining that Marcie is like the heiress of a notorious crime family in the District. She's definitely not a good person; she walks all over people, crushes their spirits and does it A LOT. Maybe it comes with the job, maybe she enjoys it too. Whatever she's involved in, it's put her at the top of the food chain. Her family has ruined lives and the District has taken it out on their eldest daughter by voting her into the Games.

Castellan: I like this name, actually, I was considering using it as a surname at one point. The last tho — I SEEN YA. I'm a huge fan of 'silver-tongued' and 'ambitious'. To me those traits only apply to one type of person: a sleazebag. And paired with transactional — the context of that word varies. For sure he's involved with some shady shit; the drug trade? That's the most common type of contraband. That's why I think we might be seeing something else here — arms dealing? Gem trading? Prostitution? Human trafficking? Maybe that last one is TOO much, but hey, it's the criminal underworld. In a post-pandemic society, in a fragmented District that deals with luxury goods, what ISN'T for sale? Whatever it is, Castellan dispents the merchandise. Interesting that he's 'pampered' and 'needy' and 'insecure'. It makes me think he comes from a wealthy family so it's not like he needs the money, so maybe he was coerced into that life somehow. Super intrigued.

Heidi: This one's harder to guess. I'm not sure if these three are connected in some way, but if they are, I think Heidi works as a benefactor type of figure. Like out of the trio, Heidi might come from the wealthiest family in the District. So if Castellan and Marcie are involved in some scheme, Heidi's the business magnate that got their little "empire" running in the first place. If they're not involved, Heidi is an enigma to me. She looks very beautiful, and her traits give me like a "beguiling manipulator" vibe who uses her looks and charm to rope people into whatever scheme she's got going on. But I don't think she came into it herself — she was roped into what she's doing and she's convinced herself that she's doing the right thing. Sometimes she feels remorseful about it, though. Delusional, rebellious, charming, but misled. Not to stereotype, but she almost sounds like a sex worker who got manipulated into the lifestyle somehow by a manipulative ex. But she could also be the charming benefactor of a crime syndicate.

Idk why I get the feeling these three have a connection because now that I think about it they all work well together. Marcie as the head honcho, Castellan as the distributor, and Heidi as their deluded sponsor. So in Breaking Bad terms, Marcie is Gus Fring, Castellan is Jesse, and Heidi could be Lydia?

Nahla: Another vague heading. Nahla is pretty but also has like the most bland looking facial features ever, like she's the kind of person who could easily blend in with a crowd and nobody would ever guess what she's up to. I want to think that such a bland picture has something to do with her backstory and personality, but maybe a picture is just a picture lmao. I don't think Nahla will be a backstory-heavy tribute like the previous three — I think Nahla is more of a bully type of character who preys on weaker-willed people. She's outspoken and expressed some bigoted, controversial sentiments that landed her in hot water. But she comes from a powerful family and she's basically untouchable. I think she may also be a victim of her parents' crimes, and the District may be taking out their vengeance for her family on an uninvolved but not entirely innocent Nahla.

Silas: I love the name Silas. He definitely seems like a sleazy, charming sort of character but 'distasteful' doesn't tell me much. 'Cowardly' makes sense, but jealous is going to require some context. It seems like he could be an obsessed social climber? Like someone who wants to worm his way into the elite class and will step on and debase anyone he has to in order to be accepted by the other elite. And he's made many an enemy of the elite he's toppled to reach the mountain peak. Fairly big dude here, so there's always the question on if the Careers would consider recruiting someone like him.

Venec: Clean, crisp post. That picture just makes everything seem clean and sharp. Venec seems like a very layered character to me, probably the most layered so far since these traits all apply to different aspects of him and just leave me with all sorts of different questions. He's independent, but cowardly and inattentive. Charming, but also anxious and hides his true colors? INteresting to see humbling as a strength because I looked it up and it means shaming, so I guess he's good at shaming and putting people in their place which could be funny in the Capitol. The Ditz is pretty funny, I actually love ditzy characters, to me they're the funniest and my favorite to watch develop in the Games. Idk, it seems like he could be rich? Perhaps a social climber like Silas. I'm getting like a Bruce Wayne/Jay Gatsby vibe from Venec — he's like a rich playboy who fraternizes with other powerful people in the District and likes to maintain a healthy image. It makes me wonder why he was voted in. Could be envy from people, or blackmail, or some hatred for his family. Intrigued!

I wonder if Venec and Silas have ever met each other. Not sure if Nahla is wealthy, but her family is notorious for something. I think Venec and Silas might get along, unless Silas gets jealous of Venec.

Estrella: Bitch.

Felix: We've got our troublemaker here. Yeah, this guy seems like he was voted in for being kind of a menace? He's blunt, funny, brazen, vulgar, probably had a lot of friends but also made a lot of enemies. The weaknesses surprise me a little bit, I expected more angry traits but he seems lazy and grumpy. Maybe he mouthed off to the wrong people, burned too many bridges (or churches), kicked too many dogs. He seems kind of like a jerk, but not super malicious, more like an attention-seeking jerk who did stupid things to impress his friends.

Vanilan: I love this first name! Ooof, so he's like Felix but turned up to eleven. This guy actually seems like a punk — someone who takes advantage of other people and doesn't care about the collateral damage. He's petty, has a loud mouth, and seemingly has no remorse for anyone. Like aside from Marcie, Vanilan looks like the biggest antagonistic force so far. I'm really intrigued if he's important, or just some kid from a bad area who exists solely to make life worse for everyone around him.

I think Estrella and Felix will get along since they're both honest and outspoken and vulgar, they both like to laugh at stupid shit. But Vanilan and Felix do not seem compatible, unless Vanilan tries to rope him into some scheme. Vanilan and Estrella, not sure. He'll probably find some way to argue with her too. I'm interested to see how they'll react to Estrella — whether they know what she did and have heard all the rumors. Somehow, I'll doubt they care with their seedy histories. They've probably done worse.

Ruhi: 'The Replacement' sounds like it has something to do with family. Huh, my first thought is that it involves a twin sibling. Like the real Ruhi is a bad seed but her sister loves her too much so she decides to switch places with her and of course twins, duh, no one is the wiser. That would go in line with the whole 'hopeful' and 'hardened' — hopeful to save her sister and sacrifice herself for her, and hardened to win. Ruhi has to pretend to be this mean, troubled girl but in reality she's nothing like that. This could actually end up being a pretty fascinating character if I'm right. If not, Ruhi just sounds like a bully to me.

Madoc: 6'3 280(!) LBS. This guy is a BEAST, holy fuck. Super Heavyweight. Bane shit. I have no idea what the hell "The Other" could mean but it's conjuring up images of those classic monster flicks from the 1930's. I'm just seeing some gigantic beast of a boy who EVERYONE is afraid of. Like this kid is so big and scary that when he sits down on a bench, everyone just runs away in fear. People treat him like some circus freak or something is my guess, like he's not a bad guy or anything, he just scares everyone and so they voted him in. I'm just sensing that MADOC is really misunderstood and actually isn't a hell-spawn monster from a swamp, he just looks like one. I dig this concept!

Kadrium: Well this one is easy to understand for once lmao! I love that the tagline basically spells it out for my dumbass. So obviously he's wealthy, but idk, it doesn't seem like he's that bad of a dude. Overbearing and pessimistic, sure, maybe a little bigoted? Honestly he reminds me of Venec and Silas. I think they should definitely recruit Kadrium because they are literally compatible in every single way, moreso Kadrium and Venec. Tinder match. I kind of like that his traits don't paint him as one-note, like Venec's post. There's complexity to Kadrium as more than just the typical 'rich asshole'. It gets tiring, and I think Kadrium will bring some needed complexity to a story filled with rich, manipulative characters.

Luena: This name, yes. I love the picture as well — although her eyes look so distant LMAO she literally looks like one of Ozias' cult members or something. I love 'visionary' as a strength so much, even though it always reminds me of a motivational speaker/cultist. Seems to me like she has a wide circle of friends in the District — maybe she trains but places far more importance on climbing up the social ladder. She actually sounds exactly like Silas, except Luena is impatient and wild. I'm intrigued.

Alpheus: I'm jealous of this dude's neck. Alpheus is a SOLID name. "Mixed Bag" is a funny tagline. I'm just going to use that in place of 'meh' from now on. This guy has layers, definitely hard to place, harder to see why he'd be voted in because he seems like a typical Career. Backstory definitely needed. I think 'egocentric' and 'faithless' and 'facetious' have something to do with it. He seems like a lively, spirited guy and a decent person on the outside, but maybe internally he has a huge ego and lies and cheats to remain on top. Maybe he finally cheated the wrong person. I wonder if maybe he got into a relationship that ended badly and now they're out to disparage him so they got everyone in their social circle to lambaste him?

Pagan: I kind of dig this name. He's the tallest tribute in the story, though the discrepancy between the height and weight is staggering. This guy sounds emaciated, somebody feed this boy! The Flame could mean many things, but judging by these traits, man I'm intrigued. I see this is Timmy's tribute, and well, I remember Pullox... I'm getting big potential villain vibes from this guy. 'Obsessive', 'Intoxicating', 'Overindulgent', I'm sensing an obsessive ex-boyfriend, or like a stalker. Creepy, creepy. I'll even go as far to say this guy could be a serial killer or something. Very intrigued!

Campbell: I like the name. This chick seems really tough and resolved — coming from the Career district that makes sense. I'm intrigued what exactly would constitute as being someone who deserves to get voted into the Games in a Career District. Like I wouldn't doubt if Twelve just agreed to vote in who they would have chosen to Volunteer anyway. I'm curious about Campbell, because her traits don't seem all that different from what a Career — albeit a competitive one, would act like anyway. Perhaps her attitude made her lots of enemies. We'll have to see.

Ilias: Great name. I think altruistic makes sense for someone like Ilias in a Career District where such a trait is frowned upon. Ilias might actually be the nicest character in the cast, and perhaps that's why the District voted him in. He's too nice and maybe it worked against him and it was the last straw for the Academy. I'm really interested to see his backstory.

Greta: I don't like to harp on names, but man Greta might be one of my least favorite names for a female lmao. It's fun to say though, and the last name kinda redeems it. The picture is very nice. She seems like a strong Career girl as well, and perhaps she can make up for Ilias' passivity. I assume 'Yob' is some UK slang for rowdy nuisance. So she's rowdy, uncultured, and a massive hardass, but she also doesn't think too highly of herself either and is her own worst critic. She's very similar to Campbell and may have similar reasons for being voted in. There could be room for development here down the road with Greta though. Development that Campbell may not be willing to undergo because of her cynicism and callousness. More complexity here for sure.

So, there we have it. Let's see how many right I get. Some were so vague it required some wild assumptions. But, I actually like many of these tributes. I'm interested in all of them and want to see their backstories so badly!

Love: Castellan, Heidi, Venec, Madoc, Pagan
Like: Silas, Felix, Kadrium, Luena
Neutral: Nahla, Vanilan, Campbell
Mixed Bag: Marcie, Ruhi, Alpheus, Greta
7/2/2020 c2 4Littletimmy223
Here I am! Ready to get into this crazy thing, I'm sure it'll be a fun ride.
Kudos to starting off my interest in D1 tributes strong, as hearing their reputations from Carrigan they sound incredibly difficult to live with. I like the build-up of those three names and what they represent to the characters. Not sure how everything will play out, but it is quite disturbing to know that you've been voted in by the people you live around: neighbors. That must be a punch in the gut. On to the blog!

the godfather- interested in that moniker. I feel like that has a power dynamic to it, and the connotations I'm reading from them don't give me 'kind' godfather vibes. Enjoy the fc and I feel like they fall into the ego-centric malicious Career pack nicely. Not necessarily treading new ground, but still, the type works. I wonder what they think of the competition? Are they lacking in empathy? Ready to see more of her.

the transactional - now this I have soft-spot for. I always like meticulous types, and silver-tongued has me intrigued. They seem kind? Or at least like they don't revel in violence, which will be interesting to see how that compares to other Careers/Tributes. Insecurity is always a weakness no one can escape, huh? Anyway, I'm also curious on how pampered they are. How much do you want to live, Castellan?

the sheep - interested in how this dynamic plays out with Marcie. Marcie seems like they know/are ready to kill or go there. Heidi strikes me as someone who's never really had to fight before. I like improvisational, and the weapon of choice is interesting. But yes, I'm predicting that Heidi and Marcie will 'not' get along. Also, why do people hate Heidi? Are they simply spoiled, or is there more? Consider me curious.

the daughter- parochial stands out to me. I feel from that like she might have this covetous nature? And also do we have a genius on our hands? Why is she detached from reality? All in all, I see the potential for her to be deadly if she goes down that path. I'm sensing anti-social behavior on her part as well. Yet, she seems to have a strength to her. I bet she believes very highly in herself and her own abilities.

the distasteful - mmmm another silver-tongued one. Yet this one seems more ego-driven and spindly than Castellan. The weakness of cowardice piques my interest since I think that has a lot of weight on the narrative. In what way are they afraid? I don't imagine liking this character, Silas, but definitely being interested in how they impact the story of others. Maybe they'll even grow in maturity.

the ditz - they seem like an honest soul. It hurts to know someone with a vibe so carefree or humble is picked for death. I wonder how come? Do people believe in their ability to win? Or was this due to some darker secret? Either way, I feel like they're one of the more selfless tributes who actually want to help people and the world in their own small way. I like that. That's my theory on Venec.

the primadonna - haha of course! We must have a primadonna in the race! So are they truly as innocent as they present themselves? Primadonna's (in my mind I could be wrong) are usually the center of attention. Yet sincerity and altruism are mentioned with Estrella. Hmm interesting. Those normally don't go together in my mind. So what inner-conflict are they facing? the need to be in the spotlight yet the doubt if their intentions are pure? I wonder.
btw loving all these tributes. this indeed is going to be a dramatic ride, I feel that. So many conflicting personalities!

the delinquent- aha so now we have arrived at the free, rebellious spirit! I've seen his kind before. I'm guessing these games will teach them responsibility in some way. They seem to have that "idgaf" attitude about them, which makes sense for their age. I only hope they can grow, or I feel like they're gonna be cannon-fodder. Still, gotta love rebels.

the despicable- now THAT'S strong title/introduction. I smell antagonist. Very excited to see how they play in this grand scheme of things, and I wonder if they have a soft spot? Or are they as opportunistic and merciless as they present themselves? Idk but I'm invested in finding out. You go be despicable Vanilan, you go be you.

the replacement - yeah I like the attitude all these traits give off. I imagine someone who doesn't take shit from anybody. I like that atmosphere, and where it can go in terms of character development. I'm sensing this one will not want to make many allies, that's just a gut feeling. That bitter quality about them is what draws me in. I'm all for some learned empathy coming their way. Or will they fall further into cynicism? Idk

the other - so we got someone who's impressionable and impassive. Someone who doesn't want to make friends but might have to. Someone who might be the loner who gets further than anyone predicted. Until I know more about them I won't offer a stronger opinion. Yet, I get the feeling that they've been hurt by the world. Maybe lost someone close at a young age? Just a feeling I have.

the rich kid - I love it xD I like that they're graceful. I see tender pragmatism and logic coming from them, maybe some introverted conversations as well. I think someone like this will be viewed as the underdog, and that the Capitol will underestimate their strengths. They'll have some subtle influence. I just really like their vibe. It's got a hardened yet soft feel at the same time.

the socialite - ah party girl? Or a party person? Party at all? I feel like they're someone who wears a mask to all social gatherings. They 'seem' jovial, but are they? I'm loving the energy though, it's got me smirking. and visionary makes them sound ambitious, which they probably are. Therefore, they're someone who might become a leader? Do they take risks? I'm interested to find out.

the mixed bag- Hmmm idk how to feel about Alpheus. They are truly a mixed bag. I like their adjectives, but I don't know if I like them. They seem to paint themselves as someone who doesn't believe in anything, yet appears as if they're sincere. They give me social manipulator vibes. Untrustworthy vibes, but also intriguing vibes. I've been saying vibes a lot. Anyway, I wonder if they have a heart? Will they find a belief or purpose? Are they afraid to? I imagine they're not popular in town, hence getting voted in.

the flame - mine :)

the hostile - I can sense tension with her and other tributes. Who's going to lead this year's Careers? I for some reason imagine Marcie, Luena, and Campbell will vie for power. Or perhaps Campbell sees themselves above the need for leadership or to lead? maybe they'll strike on their own. they have lone-wolf energy. Anyway, interested to see how these callous natures rub off on one another. I imagine people voted them in because they're afraid of her, or they think she has a HUGE chance of winning. Probably both.

the weak - now why would someone like this be voted in? They seem...nice. I'm somewhat baffled that D12 would vote in someone sensitive, kind, altruistic, all that jazz. Are they a secret weapon? Or what? Idk, I've got a lot crazy theories and hypotheticals. I'm eager though to learn more about them because of this. I think they'll add nice dimensions to the story.

the yob - I had to look up what yob means xD And hey, kudos to them for being considered yobbish! I'll say I like them a lot, I like the dauntless mixed with self-critical. I find that dimensional and also opens the door for a lot of doubt to creep into Greta's mind. I imagine their journey to be something to watch. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing it unravel.

So yeah...that's all of them. I'm interested by each and every one of them, and while I might personally find some more endearing than others, I know I'll love what each contributes to the story. So yeah! Glad to be here, and excited for what's to come :)
7/2/2020 c2 23District11-Olive
I loved this prologue, it really captured how sick this quell is especially knowing that the mentors know who is chosen before it's announced. It's also really awful that they know the tributes, like wouldn't they just want to go warn them and tell them to GTFO? Ugh, perfection for this quell though. I'm so excited for this story and I thank you for accepting my cute lil chonker.

As promised, for my blog review I am going to make overly specific guesses about the reason why I believe each tribute has been voted in by their district. If I get any right I will be disappointed.

Marcie: She is the daughter of the leader of some kind of weapons cartel, where people are paid to get guns to various parts of the districts/Panem. I think that her family was outed as being involved, but the police were never actually able to gather enough evidence to charge them for anything. The district believes that they are the reason for a lot of unrest in the district, so they want to get back at the heir to the crime empire who also happens to be a raging bitch (ruthless, volatile)

Castellan: I know that D1 is all connected, so based on that I see him being Marcie's right hand man. I see him as being like the tax collector, getting payments for their little illegal operation while reporting back to Marcie et al. when he has a problem. I am getting Randall vibes from Recess, a sniveling snitch for some reason. I think he was voted in for being close to Marcie, as well as for being just a generally creepy dude.

Heidi: Similarly, I think that Heidi acts as almost a little sister to Marcie and Castellan. I think that she has adopted all of their beliefs that what she is doing is right and fair, while also learning to jump right into any situation she is needed in. I also see her as being sort of the slimy, 'nice if she needs to be' type that won't hesitate to rat you out to her superiors. As I type this, I feel like a conspiracy theorist and also a little bit insane so sorry to anyone that has gotten this far.

Nahla: I think that she is the daughter of a cult leader that has become known in the district for taking advantage of vulnerable people and turning them into followers. I feel like people see her as an almost ethereal figure, much like her father, because she is destined to inherit their following. I think that people voted her in to try and show the cult that their fearless leader isn't so fearless and because she is such a well known but controversial figure in the district. They want to get rid of her and the legacy her father is trying to leave behind.

Silas: I think he is a con-man, the type that promises things that he can never deliver and has somehow been caught in doing this. I think that he tried conning someone by becoming involved romantically (an important figurehead's son/daughter) and got exposed / publicly shamed by the family leading him to be shunned. He was voted in because this happened rather recently and people hate him for the games he tried to play.

Venec: I think this is going to be one of those cases of 'othership' where a combination of him not belonging personality-wise while also being related to someone controversial caused him to be voted in. The title of being ditzy combined with independent leads me to think he does not seek close ties, meaning he does not have a lot of friends. I think he might come off as a bit shady to others, so he might not be trusted. I also think he comes from a well-off family that perhaps did something to earn the district's distrust of them. In combination, that caused people to think he wouldn't be missed so they chose him.

Estrella: She is the daughter of an obnoxiously rich family that doesn't care about the hardships that the rest of her district faces. She is seen as a spoiled rich kid that isn't afraid to speak her mind, but that rubs people the wrong way no matter how kind she appears to be. A mix of jealousy and distrust causes her to be voted in.

Felix: I am going to guess that he is generally a shady character, perhaps a thief and/or a liar that tries to see what he is able to get away with in the district. He's had run ins with most of the shopkeepers, maybe broken into a few homes, but never seems to be arrested or punished perhaps due to a protective family member. People see this as an opportunity to get rid of a menace in their district that authorities don't want to punish. They vote him in.

Vanilan: I will make a similar guess to Felix, that he is a troublemaker but I think that beyond this he is also a conspiracy theorist that tries to push his ideas onto others. For him, it's not a matter of being protected, but more so that he's never done anything quite bad enough to get punished. He wants to bring change to his district but other people see him as a threat to their comfortable yet pitiful existence. He's voted in as a way to get rid of him.

Ruhi: Okay I've thought about this one a lot... the replacement, but for what. My theory is that an important, beloved figurehead's family (I'm going to say the mayor) was mysteriously killed in a house fire. As the deputy mayor, Ruhi's parent took the position and his family was to take on the duties of the late family. HOWEVER it became suspected that her parent actually caused the fire and so the people resisted his taking the power, but they couldn't prove anything. His family became hated among the people, so they vote in Ruhi to get back at them.

Madoc: Idk he's just a hoe.

Kadrium: I think he is the spoiled rich kid that was trained to take over his family's business but was also taught about how to crush people beneath his feet to get his way. He is disliked for the fact that he has everything he could ever want, yet still acts out and causes people headaches. He doesn't believe that anyone could know better than he will, so he's made a lot of enemies but his parents protect him from retaliation. However, they can't protect him from THG.

Luena: I think that Luena actually wanted to be voted in. She believes that she is the best and that this is her year to win, regardless of the quell. The Academy that she belongs to campaigns for people to choose her, because she is the best chance that they have at another Victor. Girl wants them votes because it will prove that her district backs her.

Alpheus: I think that similarly to Luena, the Academy is behind him being voted in. However, even though people agree that he will be a good tribute they actually do also want to get rid of him. I think that he developed a bad reputation in the Academy because despite his talents with knives, he is not the easiest person to get along with. People don't completely trust him. However, he doesn't know this and believes that he is being voted in because he is the best for the job.

Pagan: While the Academy campaigned for Luena and Alpheus, I think Pagan campaigned for themself. They believe that they will win and that nothing is going to stop them, obsessing over the victory like it's already in their grasp. They are willing to dive deep into the dark world, but they don't know how big of a mistake this will be. People feel their intensity and they believe that if he is so adament about being chosen, it means that they are the best for the job. Pagan is voted in by his own doing.

Campbell: I believe that Campbell was voted in because people do not trust her after some bad press that has thrust her into the spotlight. Campbell is rumoured to have vandalized the district square, or something similar, and this act has caused the district a lot of anger. She has always been a bit of an outsider to them, not the most social person and often coming across as untrusting. However, she didn't do what they believe and she prefers to just let them think she did so they'll steer clear of her. She couldn't have known that this would result in her being voted into THG later, but there was nothing more she could do. D12 isn't going to stand for rebellion and they believe getting rid of her in THG is just punishment.

Ilias: What's something that D12 won't be able to stand? A disgraced trainee that had all the makings of a Victor but whom refused to use their talent with weaponry to honour them. Ilias trained for a long time, but it became apparent that he was too kind to kill. He couldn't end the life of a fly let alone another human, so he left the academy less than a year ago after pressure began to build for him to volunteer. The Academy was furious, but when the quell came it seemed like the obvious decision to vote him in. He would have no choice but to use his talent.

Greta: She has been a vocal opposition to the Capitol, along with her parents, but has always kept just enough in line not to be tried for treason. She hates THG and the Academy for what they make kids go through and believes that Panem could be a better place if only people stood up for what is right. D12 resists everything she says due to their close ties to the Capitol and they see her as a hooligan and a nuisance, a stain on their shining reputation. It's a win-win situation, either they get rid of her forever or she becomes the very being she has opposed for so long.

I took way too long on this review but I had so much fun. I hope no one is offended by the blatant assumptions I'm making, but I thought it would be fun given the quell twist. Don't take me too seriously but like let me know if I guessed right. I fully expect everyone to think I'm insane but at least I had fun. I'm excited to see what you do with these tributes, there are a lot of strong personalities here as well as some decent history trekking to do. Thanks again for accepting my baby, hope you have fun with him! Update soon!
7/2/2020 c2 recklessinparadise

This second prologue reminded me why I love your writing so much; this chapter had such a clear and distinct narrative that I adored. It’s such an interesting concept that the Mentors, whose one job is to try and bring a tribute home alive, don’t want to try and achieve their goal because the tributes are people they don’t want to come back to their district at all. It seems if Carrigan and Brielle are struggling with this idea, all the mentors will which adds even more drama into this already beautifully written story; in conclusion, I’m EXCITED!

I’ll try to do a full blog review, which usually never happens, but we’ll see how this goes:

Marcie: Her name is lovely and it really suits the fc, if that makes sense. Her mix of traits and her reputation as the Godfather makes me think that every other tribute is going to have to keep out of Marcie’s way, because she seems like someone who’ll do anything to get what she wants and won’t care about hurting anyone who stands in her way. Hopeful about her!

Castellan: His name seemed way too complicated at first glance but I actually don’t mind the first name when it’s paired with the surname, it’s very unique obviously. All of his s/w make him out to be someone who will easily manipulate all of those around him and he’s got such potential to be one of the main antagonists in this story so I’m excited to see more from him.

Heidi: First of all, her name and fc are STUNNING. Like, STUNNING. Her s/w don’t strike me as ones that would be paired with the reputation of ‘The Sheep’, so I’m interested to see what her backstory is and if it connects everything; she’s a very intriguing character, that’s for sure. I also like that Heidi is the ‘Sheep’ and she’s got Marcie and Castellan as district partners, considering they’re both so different from her in terms of their reputations.

Nahla: The fc and the name are quite nice, I don’t actually mind the surname surprisingly. She’s another mystery to me in terms of her district reputation, but I have a feeling she’ll be connected to someone in Three who has power. In terms of her personality, I can’t really get a clear picture of who she is but the mix of traits she has gives her the potential to become a really interesting tribute that I’ll grow to love. Nahla’s definitely a question mark for me right now, I think.

Silas: His name and fc are honestly stunning, and that’s a fact. I just know that I am going to absolutely hate him, but I will love to hate him. I might not actually like Silas for who he is, but he’s going to add so much to this story so I am excited to see him in action. Honestly, he’s one of my favourites out of all the tributes, which I didn’t expect but am not mad at!

Venec Alquist: I don’t mind this fc and I really do want to like the name, but man it just gets me. However, even if his name isn’t doing it for me, everything else about him does! Venec is so different from every other tribute here but he’s an actual nice person who doesn’t seem manipulative or mean, which is rarity in this story it seems. I can’t wait to see the reason Three decided he should go into the Games, considering nothing about him screams villain or evil.

Estrella Villon: Estrella has a great fc, it is simply STUNNING, but her name is not my cup of tea, like, at all. I do really like her character though, she seems like a really well-layered girl who’s full of contradiction; I mean, I would have never put tranquil and sincere together with someone being known as a Primadonna, so I guess I don’t really have a clear picture of her yet but I’m really excited to read more about her and have the chance to figure out who she really is. I think my mind has grouped Venec, Ilias and her together, considering they seem to be the nicest tributes we have in this story.

Felix Agrippa: I like his first name and the fc but the surname is not my favourite. I don’t necessarily have much to say about Felix other than that I really do think he has such potential to be a great plot pusher in this story and I feel like he could easily become a compelling antagonist during the Games. Like he definitely might be irritating and slightly grating, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Vanilan Surana: I LOVE this fc and I actually quite like the name. Vanilan seems like he was created for the sole person of being someone we are all going to absolutely hate, so his reputation of ‘the Despicable’ makes complete sense. His s/w lead me to believe he has no redeeming qualities to his character which makes me slightly worried that he’s going to end up being sort of a one-note character but I guess I’ll have to wait until I read more about him to make my final judgement.

Madoc Sonders: His name and his fc are alright, I guess. I think Madoc was one of the tributes that I struggled the most with because I just have no idea how all of his s/w add up to make a clear character; like, he’s got good traits in that he’s steadfast and fearsome but he’s also impressionable, which don’t really gel well together. Yeah, he’s another big question mark for me I think.

Kadrium Hawtrey: His fc is lovely and I do like Kadrium and Hawtrey on their own, but together it’s a bit too much of a mouthful. I am really intrigued by Kadrium because his s/w are such a mix of conflicting traits but somehow, they make sense together; also, anyone who has graceful as a strength is someone I automatically like. I get the feeling that Kadrium might have a really compelling and interesting backstory, which makes me hopeful about him in general.

Luena Glacelle: Yeah, her name paired with that fc really does it for me, honestly. She’s got such a different set of traits compared to most of the others and Luena seems like she’s going to make BIG moves considering she’s a visionary who is both influential and rowdy. I just feel like I won’t ever be able to predict what Luena is going to do next, which classifies her as a standout tribute in my books. Yeah, I’m really excited to see more from her!

Alpheus Baker: The name isn’t my favourite at all but I do like the fc. Alpheus’ reputation as a mixed bag is so true considering I literally have no idea who he is; like, great tributes are always made up of conflicting traits but Alpheus’s traits are so different that it seems like too much, ya know? I do really feel that Luena and Alpheus are going to have such an interesting dynamic because their characters are sort of suited to one another but other than that, Alpheus is a bit too much of a contradiction for me.

Pagan Corneal: Pagan as a name is stunning and sort of genius, is it not? No but seriously, I really enjoy his name and his fc, they’re both lovely. He excites me because he’s got a mix of traits that give him the potential to become a really enigmatic tribute that I’ll always want to read more about; however, on the other hand, he’s also got the potential to be such a complex that he’ll be a bit too much for me to like him. Creative, intoxicating and iron-willed are such interesting traits though like whoever made Pagan, kudos to them for including such great traits! Excited to read more about Pagan!

Campbell Seavey: Her name isn’t my favourite but I do like her fc. Campbell being known as the hostile fits with the theme of the Quell and all in all, she seems like your typical lone wolf tribute who has no time for allies or any personal connections, ya feel? I can definitely appreciate the archetype she portrays because it’s inevitable she’ll bring drama to the story so I’m looking forward to seeing how her story will play out.

Ilias Laghari: His name and his fc are GLORIOUS and honestly, Ilias is a favourite of mine, if not my favourite. I love the fact he’s known as the Weak and his traits are so beautifully different from most of the others that it literally makes me so happy I CAN’T deal. I do wonder why he’s been voted in considering he seems like a nice, endearing boy but I can’t wait to find out! I love, love, LOVE Ilias and he really is the standout of the blog for me.

Greta Malvey: I really enjoy the fact that we have people called Venec, Vanilan and Ilias in this story but we also have names like Greta; I, for one, appreciate the simplicity of the name. Her FC is beautiful and I can appreciate the fact she’s known as the Yob; like, honestly, that’s ICONIC. Greta seems to me to be a character who people are either going to love or they’re going to hate and she’s one hundred percent going to cause drama and probably conflict, but I like that for her. Looking forward to seeing more from her.

Tribute Chart:
Mine: Ruhi.
Love: Castellan, Silas, Luena, Pagan, Ilias.
Like: Marcie, Heidi, Venec, Felix, Kadrium, Greta.
Neutral: Nahla, Estrella, Vanilan, Campbell.
Conflicted: Madoc, Alpheus.

Can’t believe I actually did a full blog review like Soph, miracles really do happen sometimes! Can’t wait for the next update my dude!
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