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7/1/2020 c2 1Acereader55
First of all Sophia your music choice is superb as per usual, we love a bit of Lana around here. Second off, your writing is just exquisite. It really is the perfect mix of detail, dialogue, and personality that makes it so enjoyable to read. It adds such another layer to the mix that the mentors knew who was being voted in before the Reaping occurs. I like that added wrinkle and I wonder if the tributes will ever find out? On top of that, I wonder what the connection is between the 3 reaped from One here? It seems that the mentors know about them and don't seem to like the 3 of them for their apparent connection to their rich father(s), so I'm very interested to see the dynamic between the mentors from One and their tributes moving forward, and with all the tributes and mentors honestly because it's got to be hard to determine if you want to help someone that was voted in from your own district or not. Great prologue!
As for the blog.. again these are just quick snap judgments based off of so little and it's fun to be judgy for a hot minute and have your opinions all change around once you meet them.

Marcie: The name is simple but rather elegant sounding so I like it, and the last name is good as well and flows nicely. The FC is nice though the over the shoulder look is a bit weird to me. The Godfather combined with those strengths really highlight her as someone with their shit together and meaning business. Guarded adds a nice layer there. Haughty as a weakness fits well with the other 3 strengths, as does malicious and callous. Knife as WOC on a blog? Check. She screams old generation Teddy D1F and I'm very excited.
Castellan: I like the first name, the last name looks and sounds weird to me though. FC is great! I like underhanded as a strength, that's a new one and it fits well with his silver tongued and ambitious strengths. Pampered weakness, typical for Boob. I loveee needy and spiteful as weaknesses and can for sure see that clashing with Marcie. He reads as more of a manipulator and business like person but has some emotional issues which can be fun to play around with.
Heidi: Like Marcie it's a bit simple but elegant sounding, and the last name is nice as well. FC is good but she looks a tad younger than the age given. So she's the more upbeat, personable, and charming one of the group from One which makes sense given the other two seem a bit more business and mission focused. Her weaknesess add to her being the emotional one of the group, seemingly one that enjoys sex and having a good time and seems to feel guilt for doing the things that she does. Certainly a layered character that I'm interested in hearing from.
Marcie feels like Regina George, Castellan feels like Gretchen, and Heidi feels like Karen from Mean Girls. I'm very intrigued by their dynamic and I really want to see why they were voted in. My gut says they asked for it/campaigned for it but we'll see!

Nahla: I like the first name but not with this last name, and I think the last name is a bit too short and abrupt for the first name. The FC is great though. Wonder why she's titled The Daughter? My guess is she's the daughter of a high profile person in her district and that's why she's voted in. Her strengths show her as someone that knows herself and believes in herself but that rubs people the wrong way, which can go either way for me as a character. Parochial is an interesting one, I wonder what she believes in that makes it a weakness or if it just means she's narrow minded? Irrational makes me think belief system. Haughty fits with the rest of her character. I'm torn on her for now because she can go either way for me.
Silas: The first name is a tad overdone but the last name, while a mouthful, is nice! FC is great though. Another silver-tongued, shrewd person, he'd fit right in with the One crowd like that. Social and poised make me think he's super rich and probably hated for it by his district. Proud and cowardly as weaknesses is interesting, I feel like they're a tad contradictory but he could also just be very layered. I like jealous and moody as weaknesses, that can be fun. A little bit conflicted on him but I'm excited to see him in action!
Venec: Really like the first name, last name sounds a bit odd to me saying it out loud though. FC is really good. Ditz is an interesting title for him, but I can see it given the genial trait as well as charming one. What does humbling mean in this context? Scatterbrained and flighty makes total sense with the ditz tag as well as nervous, and masked adds a layer of intrigue and mystery there which I'm excited to uncover. Really curious why he was voted in as well cause he seems pleasant and a bit dumb honestly, but excited to learn more from him!

Estrella: The first name is alright but I really love the last name, not shocked though since it has a double L in it. FC is good too and she looks her age which is a nice touch. I'm a tad confused how altruistic is a strength in the Games and how she's selfless if she's a primadonna, and then I'm also confused on how the Primadonna tag fits in with tranquil and sincere? It seems very contradictory to me. Outspoken seems to clash as well with the strengths, but I do really love decadent as a weakness that's a new one and really cool! Spacey and naive work well together, but I'm getting a lot of contradictions here so it's hard to really grasp onto her character or theorize why she was voted in.
Felix: Name is too plain for me, and the last name is eh. The FC is good but the angle at which the pic is taken is a bit weird and creeping me out for some reason idk. Honest doesn't serve as a strength in the Games, but unabashed is a fun trait that I don't really see often. Humorous and witty work well together. Irresponsible fits well with the delinquent tag as does crude and stubborn. i wonder if he's like the juvenile that gets in trouble with people and the law and the district just wanted to get rid of him. A bit of a typical reason to vote someone in but it could work!
Vanilan: I don't like the name, it's basically vanilla. Last name is alright, but the fc is good! Despicable fits in right well with almost every single one of his traits. Vitriolic is a fun word I haven't really seen before but everything points to a very one note person that is truly just not a good person and enjoys being a bad person to people which isn't someone that I'm going to want to root for. perhaps he'll become someone I love to hate but right now I'm not feeling him. I'm sure he was voted in for just being a bad person and many people disliking him and wanting to see him die.

Ruhi: I like the name, and the last name is alright but I don't like the double n in the middle it looks weird to me. The FC is alright, I don't like the pic personally for some reason. Replacement is such an interesting tagline for her, I wonder what that even means for her? Pragmatic and stalwart are good traits, and I wonder what's made her so hardened. Standoffish fits well with the strengths, and I think bitter works well with hardened and I'm curious what has made her that way. She's a tad bit more plain and normal than the others in terms of her blog post, but her background leaves me curious and I have zero clue why she was voted in, maybe something to do with why she's now so hardened and standoffish?
Madoc: I like the sound of the name but the way it looks is weird to me, but the last name is nice. I like the fc but not the pic itself, too up close I think. Another pragmatic D7! I like fearsome a lot, like he doesn't seem that scary to me so I'm interested why he's fearsome and also how is that a strength? I like impassive especially if he's fearsome he's probably so desensitized to emotion. Downcast makes sense with fearsome, as does tense and standoffish because he prob thinks anyone that interacts with him is either scared of him or hates him. Impressionable is good to because if someone is nice to him and treats him right he's prob more willing to do whatever they want. I think he was voted in because of something scary he did in his backstory or maybe some physical thing we don't know about yet, but very interested in him!
Kadrium: I LOVE this first name, and the last name is nice too. FC is great! Rich kid is a bit vague and I hope that doesn't define him cause I feel like he'll get lost in the mix otherwise. Graceful is a fun one and mixes well with someone who is rich but it clashes with bossy, and I like impervious thrown in there. Vague about what? I'm curious as to how that falls into play, and the rest of the weaknesses kind of paint a typical rich kid boy with some issues thinking he runs the world and everyone should love him for his wealth. Hoping there's some more depth there cause right now I just get spoiled rich kid which is probably what got him voted in because people hate how the rich kid acted.

Luena: Thanks for accepting her Sophia! Very interested to see what you do with her.
Alpheus: I don't like the first name and the way it looks is weird, and the last name is a tad too plain for me, but I love the fc! So he's a very charming and suave character, easily gets along with other people and seems to have a good time while doing it. I think he'll get along with Luena rather easily and they'll prob work together. His weaknesses fit in well with Luena's as well, and I think it'll be interesting to see how the two of them either work well together or clash. I like faithless as a weakness too, wonder what he's faithless in? himself, others, the Games? And I struggle to see why he'd be voted in unless he asked for it, but either way he's piqued my interest.
Pagan: I don't like the name, all I see is pagan witches. last name is eh too, I just see Cornell. The pic gives me weird vibes as well, that turtleneck gives off such creepy vibes. His height and weight is SO off... he is literally emaciated to be 6'4 and only 140 lbs holy shit. I wonder why he's hyperaware? Piercing is an interesting strength that I haven't seen before, but he's a bit plain like creative and determined doesn't tell me much. Intoxicating in what way? Obsessive and overindulgent kind of reads the same to me and I feel like that clashes a bit with iron-willed but eh. I'm getting someone who can't help doing selfish things which rubs some the wrong way. Interested to see if he asked to be voted in or was voted in because people dislike him, I'd guess the latter.

Campbell: I don't like the first name especially for a girl, but I do like the last name a lot. The pic is eh, she looks uncomfortable hunched over like that. Stoic doesn't read as much as a strength, and gritty and self reliant sort of ring the same bell to me as someone that can take care of themselves and doesn't give up easy. Wary is a good strength too. Her tagline works super well with the weaknesses provided, resentful and standoffish work well. I wonder why she's resentful though, something must have happened there. Lots of cynical people this story, interesting to see how that works. I have a feeling she was voted in because people don't like her.
Ilias: I don't like the name sorry, and the last name looks like linguini to me. His tagline makes me think he was voted in because the district doesn't respect those that are weak and don't support the Games so I have a feeling because he's not the strongest he was sent in as punishment. I love that his weaknesses are typically what some people put for in strengths, someone gets it that these are weaknesses like loyal and altruistic. he seems like an overall good person and I think I hit the nail on the head with why he was voted in which makes me sad for him, but I want to see more from him cause just being the nice guy in a sea of vicious people can be a bit.. bland.
Greta: I don't like the first name, it sounds like something a 1920s lady would've been named. Last name is alright, and I do like the fc! So her title basically means a loud rowdy person. Dauntless and drive fits well with that, but I'm not sure how I feel about honest being a strength? Her weaknesses paint her as a little bit of a less intense version of Tamira but still intense so I don't know, I guess I'll wait and see her in action to see how she's different from Tamira.

Like: Marcie, Castellan, Venec, Madoc, Alpheus
Neutral: Heidi, Nahla, Silas, Felix, Ruhi, Kadrium, Campbell, Ilias
Dislike: Estrella, Vanilan, Pagan, Greta
7/1/2020 c2 4bobothebear
i'll also have YOU know that my penname is the name of my childhood teddy bear that i threw away ages ago... anyway.

jays im not in a good way my final is in like fifteen hours and i'm so tired of studying ugh if i do poorly i will literally cry my eyes out and then get myself together to take the next class for another MONTH anyway! blog.

general comment - that age diversity she GONE we 16 ladies. not a dig i'm literally THE problem here. no complaints tehe! ok anyway here we go.

marcie: luv marcie, astrup kinda weird but kinda fun! strong fc. oBviOusLy i'm biased towards d1 but she seems so fun! like she has a clear persona that we're getting here - she will mess u up and she'll have no reservations about it. im most interested by guarded - what is she guarding xx? a secwet? uwu i wanna know...

heidi: ugh this fc SERVES. name is fine to me i think of heidi klum but idek who that is! like i cannot picture a face... i luv being an intellectual. licentuous LMFAO. STILETTO! ugh pad went off. so excited to see what u do w this blonde bombshell trio hehehe! heidi has an interesting position being the "sheep" yk like there's a really interesting potential plotline where she gets separated from castellan/marcie and/or they die and she's like O_O wut now.

nahla: interested in "daughter" im curious. name is fine to me, i like the fc. hypnotic is fun! hypnotist? O_O omg girl join the mafia. irrational makes sense considering her woc is a crossbow! anyway. i don't have a clear picture of who she's going to be yet or what role she has to fill but i'd say she has a lot of interesting traits that could make a really compelling story-teller!

silas: distasteful makes me think of that one show where they get like the worst cooks in america and make them compete... ugh iconic. luv the name silas! GARAMOND is my font. i use that shit all the time. eb garamond my queen. fc WAS in my reserves... not mad or anything. two of my favorite traits are silver-tongued and social like i have a type and silas is it! excited to see him in action

venec: luv the first name, fc is nice. i TRULY wanna know what he did to get voted in! provided a clever and logical reason i think he could very easily be one of the standouts of the story solely on the fact that he's so naturally different from the others bc he's nice and everyone else is... not yk. just the nature of the quell! excited to see him contrast w the others!

estrella: name is a little on the nose (star villain ok queeen) for me but fc EASILY wins the blog. verrrry intrigued/confused about altruistic being listed as a strength here like i've always thought of that word as unselfish/serving others so im curious to see how that plays out in her favor yk! she and venec should be friends LOL they have similar energies of being like a lil ditzy but generally nice people. interested!

felix: felix fine, i like agrippa! nice fc. he gives me like redeemable anithero energy which walks a thin line of being trite or really really interesting. i think he'll fit ur writing style so well tho so im eXCITED to see him. he doesn't strike me as deep run like i see him as middling tribute he gives me like a similar aura to arden if that makes sense like essentially a supporting character for *his* aston.

vanilan: honestly luv this name LOL it's so fun and sounds nice and quirky but also adn trashy are so HONEST LOL they're just like yeah that's how it is. fc is nice! he reminds me of marcie trait-wise so im curious to see how closely their stories/reasons for being voted in line up. i have my eye on this one!

ruhi: name SLAPS fc SLAPS the whole thing... yuhhhh. hopeful is a fun trait and i like its portrayal as a strength. her title makes me think of like? ok this is an overassumption but i'm picturing like she was used by some organization/something to do some illegal tingz and they caught her but she wouldn't rat them out! bitter is fun too - i'm really keen on this one O_O

madoc: OTHER is a word. i like maddoc but it almost feels incomplete to me (maddox?). fc is alright. fearsome is a fun word but in this batch it almost feels less relevant - they're all feared/hated yk? i feel like he'll end up as a loner/pair at most kind of dude so i wonder what his purpose in the overall plot is w that smaller role. intrigued but hesitant

kadrium: hello shoal. fc hawt i wonder if he'll go by a nickname or smth bc kadrium is pleasant but a mouthful/eyeful. hawtrey kinda odd but it's okay! apellidos... less relevant u feel me? i really like measured, vague and closed-minded i'm interested to see (vague i really just wanna understand LOL). curious lookin dude

luena: deadass fc is an extra from midsommer TELL ME im wrong. i like luena, glacille makes me think of a pokemon. glaceon seel glacille. i LIKE the idea of this like visionary/influential/rowdy... she can start a MOVEMENT. i hope she starts a riot in the training center/chariot rides... we live for the drama. she seems so fun im excited for glaceon

alpheus: name/fc aren't my speed and mixed bag is fair - i'm a little lost on his core idea yk! obviously everyone is more than just one thing but he almost feels all over the place. i like some of his traits - vivacious/urbane/facetious - but some kinda rub me the wrong way like gaudy? faithless (limos?)? not too sure about this one

pagan: this one STRONG fc is powerful and name honestly slaps pagan is fun. omg the traits are so fun too i love piercing and iron-willed and intoxicating... excited to see them shine pagan i see u. i am ready for u.

campbell: ugh i lost my 5th grade treasurer race to this prick named campbell,,, but alas. i'll just make myself think of... andy warhol instead. fc is nice. she gives me lone wolf vibes like it's a clear picture to me that she is NOT a people person and is NOT in the mood for allies. at least not for long. interested to see how that story line serves her!

ilias: LOVE this name. probably my favorite name of the blog. fc is also hot so that helps! no qualms about it! ok yeah altruistic weakness here and i'm seeing this one more. he seems like a nice dude i wonder why they voted him in! careers in general are interesting w this twist so i'm really excited to see what his vote-in was all about!

greta: i also really like this name! fc is great too! self-serving i'd definitely classify as a strength, honest as a weakness. she has p generic traits so in spite of the louder traits i feel like she'll fade to the more dynamic characters (pagan/luena/venecestrella come to mind).


faves: ruhi, luena, pagan
like: silas, venec, estrella, vanilan, ilias
neutral: nahla, felix, madoc, kadrium, campbell, greta
dislike: alpheus

EXCITED! update soon x
7/1/2020 c2 2kremit1000
I had no idea people did reviews of the blog so i'mma do one for that, might as well!

Marcie- she seems cool I guess! I think she's gonna suprise the other tributes maybe? Volatile, violent and closed off... She sounds pleasant. She gives me vibes like she may play off as sweet until the games with her shyness? Hmmm...Not sure.

Castellan- He's gonna be a trouble maker, I'm calling it. Intelligent, silvertongued, pamper and needy? In sure he'll throw a tantrum at some point or another. I wonder how many tributes are gonna be the spoiler rotten type.

Heidi-I already like this one. She actually seems really cool! Vibrant and zealousshe seems like she'll maybe pair differenttly with all the crappie people inevitably being voted inthough it could be because she's a liar and deceitful? Also I had to look up the stilleto sword, such a cool looking sword. Though I will admit I thought it was the type of heel for
A second...

NahloI think she's definitely gonna be a threat. She seemsmysterious at best and I can't quite tell what her vibe is. Hypnotic and assertive, she's definitely gonna be playing the game when she gets to the Capital. I'm excited to see what she does. ALSO A CROSSBOW. SO SICK.

Silas- He reminds me of Castellan. Maybe they'll end up as enemies? Two silvertongued social guys who will try maybe control others and the group. I can't see that going wellat all.

Venec- Aw he seems cool! Charming, independent and genial! Sounds like a really nice guy-the masked, flighty and nervous part kinda of has my sympathy. Most of these tributes seem very uppity, spoiled and rich. Maybe he's sweet? It's hard to tell honestly. Eveyone was voted in for a reason right? Why was he?

Estrella- An altruistic, sincere and tranquil? Oh she HAS to have a secret. Why would she have been voted in? Is it a lie? Did she make some enemy somewhere? She seems to good to be true- I'll be keeping my eye on her.

Felix- I STAND BY MY NAME AND MY FACECLAIM LOL. I know it's a basic name but I like it and there has to be Felix's in Panem lol. I love him and I'm super excited to see how you write him!

Vanilan- Oh he's scary, I can tell. Deatched, merciless and opurtunistic... He's definitely gonna kill someone and like it. And that has me deeply worried. The title makes me think this even more, The Despicable. Oof...

Ruhi- I can tell how I feel about her. She seems interesting, stonehearted and pragmatic. A survivor perhaps? I get the idea that she will be resourceful. Also I don't usually make comment on the names cause it's not that important IMO but I love Ruhi as a name.

Madoc- He kinda reminds me of my own charcaters personality! The other, downcast, downtrodden. He seems like he's like an actual outcastunlike alor of these tributes who seem popular, but perhaps a little too popular for their own good. I'll look out for him.

Kadrium- ANOTHER RICHIE. the rich kids should have seen it coming. I wonder if they'll do well because of extra resources, or poorly because of how they've been protected and spoiled their whole life...

Luena- OOO... A charming jovial character? Love. I know I've expressed a disinterest in rich tributes but she definitely stands out to me. Most of the manipulative and socializing charcaters so far seem to be males. She's absolutely beautiful too. I love that she uses throwing knives.

Alpheus- Another guileful and fake character... Oh man. They're all gonna be deceiving eachother! They're all gonna think their tricking eachother and then they'll find out they're not at all lol. Sounds like a recipe for disaster...

Pagan- OH. I. Love. Him. The flame. Lowkey badass name... I have a feeling he's going to do very well. Creative, hyperaware and piercing. Either he's gonna be the real puppeteer or the only one not falling for another tributes lies. I woudkbt be suprised if he ends up being the "smart" or underdog tribute. The part about him being overly indulgent though is interesting, sounds like Felix lol.

Campbell- She seems cool! Nothing too stand out to me. She'll probably be a lone wolf or really bad at working in a group. Just came to me how probably none of these tributes will get along. They're all hated in their districts, why would they love eachother?

Illias- AW. I like him! He seems very sweet and nice. I already feel bad for him. I wonder why he is seen as weak in his district and still voted in... Hmm. I'm interested to see his backstory!

Greta- The yob? Hmm. I honestly don't know what that means but she seems cool! Self serving? Probably another lone wolf. They're probably gonna be alot of those.

Love: Felix (Mine), Heidi, and Luena
Like: Nahlo, Venec, Estrella, Luenna, Ilias
Nuetral: Marcie, Castellan, Silias, Ruhi, Kadrium, Greta, Madoc Campbell, Alpheus
Dislike: Vanilan.
7/1/2020 c2 dyloccupy
lovely prologue!

this is probably the most visually stunning cast of tributes i’ve ever seen,,,SHOOK! truly feel like i’ve made it to flavortown!

the blog is beautiful,,, .periodt.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYONE’s REPUTATION (eat your heart out t-swizzle), it gives a sneak peek into each character - so i love that! i honestly can’t wait to see how everyone interacts, like they’re all probably manipulative, egotistical, and crazy, but that’s what makes it fun!

anyways! i haven’t done a full-on blog review in a while, but this is a special occasion luv!

marcie - ooo we got a boss bitch! the name is nice (very district one) and i love the fc! she’ll definitely be driving the plot, probably making enemies along the way,,,i’m excited!

castellan - well we both know that i really like that first name LMAO (i’m not bitter). i like the fc too! definitely enjoy an insecure manipulative tribute, so he should be fun! it’ll be interesting to see how he deals with the other big personalities!

heidi - america, it’s time to stop hiding in the closet! oooo the sheep is super interesting! she seems like a ball of energy that draws people in,,,,a femme fatale character perhaps? idk but i think heidi will be a ton of fun!

nahla - nice name, cute fc! the daughter is giving me “my dad is a lawyer” vibes,,,i’ll keep an eye out but imma need to see what she’s all about.

silas - another decent name, i actually really like the surname?! fc is nice enough,,,we got another silver-tongued asshole so that should be entertaining lol. him and castellan are not gonna get along and i can’t wait!

venec - not a fan of the name or fc, but i like the S/W’s! he’s just a nice ditzy kid that probs is gonna be super overwhelmed (same tho). definitely interested to see why he was voted in,,,maybe he caused an accident or something?

estrella - omg the primadonna,,,eat your heart out marina! decent name but a lovely fc! absolutely love her S/W’s like YES MA’AM! she’s serving your honor! i just know she’s gonna give us drama and iconic quotes, so i’m super excited to see her in action!

felix - the name is,,,not my fave BUT the fc makes up for it! witty, humorous, pessimistic,,,yeah he’s probably gonna become one of my faves. idkk i just love that kind of tribute! he’ll probably rub people the wrong way but i like him!

vanilan - i actually like the name? it’s weird but i vibe with it. the fc is gorgeous tho! however, mr vanilan is gonna be a handful,,,probs gonna be one of the main antagonists. i usually like villains so i’m definitely intrigued! as long as he’s not completely one-note or absolutely evil, i should like him.

ruhi - i like the first name, not so much the last name. love the fc tho! sounds like she has her walls up, ready to throw hands at a moments notice lol. the replacement peeks my interest! she seems well-crafted and properly layered, so i’m curious to see what happens.

madoc - decent first name, last name is okay. fc is nice. fearsome yet impressionable is interesting! the other makes me curious, like the other what? i want to know! intrigued but definitely need to see what he’s all about.

kadrium - love the name! fc is great too! UGH graceful makes me happy, like okay poised king! his S/W’s paint an interesting picture, giving bossy group leader vibes. again, another kiddo that’ll rub people the wrong way. super interested nonetheless!

luena - i actually like the name! fc is nice too! we love a rich bitch that knows how to win people over. she seems like a fun character that’ll take up a leader role,,,maybe?! idk but i like her!

alpheus - cool name! last name is simple but it balances the first name nicely! fc is really nice too. oooo the mixed bag,,,fun! egocentric throws me off, but i’m curious to see what kind of person he is,,,i want to know more!

pagan - super fun first name! corneal isn’t my fave, but i think it works. i like the fc tho! the S/W’s are super interesting,,,like strong-willed, creative, and intoxicating?! fun! idk i’m excited to learn more about “the flame” lol.

campbell - the name flows nicely! but, i can’t help but think of campbell’s soup LMAO. pretty fc and the S/W’s give me tough bitch vibes,,,you don’t want to cross her! i think she has potential to grow so that’s exciting!

ilias - destroy him.

greta - i really love this name. periodt. the fc is GORGEOUS! ugh another serve! the yob is hilarious. she’s layered and is giving amazing vibes! we gonna get some drama and i’m here for it! definitely one of my faves rn.

i’m...tiredt. but! that was fun!

mine: ilias
love: estrella, kadrium, greta
like: marcie, castellan, silas, venec, felix, vanilan, ruhi, luena, pagan
neutral: heidi, nahla, madoc, alpheus, campbell

lit rally can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!
7/1/2020 c1 17JabberjayHeart
Quick review since I wanted to do the blog first.

I love the set-up. I love the creativity in the world. I love the switch-up in districts.

Custer and Cornelia have the weirdest 'relationship' going and it's so dark and twisted. The atmosphere and the wording is just super malevolent. I'm getting really gothic vibes of incest and Addams Family homes and just a lot of weirdness, and I dig it.

Can't wait to see what comes next!
7/1/2020 c2 JabberjayHeart
Sophia! Kelly!

First time being in one of your stories, so I’m pumped to see how you interpret and write Greta. I’ll go back and comment on your prologue after this, but I wanted to get the blog done since I love a blog review!

Marcie — Interesting name choice. I kinda like it. It suits her photo which is pretty. I’m super into D1 villains currently. I love to hate them and I get that vibe from Marcie. Ruthless, tenacious, volatile, malicious, callous. She sounds like a real bitch and I can’t wait to see you write her all bitch-esque.
Castellan — I looooove the first name. I’m okay about the last name, but I love Castellan. Photo is also lovely. Underhanded is really nice, as is silver-tongued. Pampered, needy, insecure and spiteful. He gives me a sad rich boy who gets ignored vibes. He’s probably also a dick (I’m imagining a lot of these tributes are dicks since, you know, vote-in) but I can’t wait to see why.

Heidi — Name is cuuuute. The photo is okay, I like the simplicity of it. Sheep is a fun word! She’s just gonna be a tag-alonger. Vibrant is a nice strength and balances out overzealous well, too. Improvisational sounds like she’ll be good at blending and adapting to whomever she follows.

Nahla — A fun name! I like it a lot. I also like the photo too, yesss. Hypnotic is such a fun strength. Assertive and haughty and irrational sounds like she likes to be in control and hates to not feel like it.

Silas – I have always liked the name Silas. I also like Garamond, too. Photo is fun but the shadows kinda bother me. Social, poised and shrewd are a fun combo. Getting rich boy vibes here too, or at least elitist. Moody, yesss. He sounds like he’ll be dramatic and bitchy too. This is gonna be a total highschool AU and I’m here for it.

Venec — What a fun name! What a picture! I like him a lot. Scatterbrained is such a fun weakness, but I feel like it’s gonna be super detrimental. Humbling, genial and charming doesn’t sound like a guy who is about to get voted in to die. Flighty is cool.

Estrella — Not a huge fan of either of these names. The double l names, particularly elle is a little tiring now. I feel like I see one everywhere. The picture also isn’t my favourite but I love the hair. Sincere, tranquil and altruistic play off of each other nice and seem cohesive, but tomahawk is such a weird weapon for someone so… nice? I want to know more.

Felix — I like the name a lot actually. It took a while to warm up to it but I’m digging it. The photo is also good! Cowboy vibes. Witty, honest and unabashed. Somebody speaks their mind! Crude and irresponsible is fun and definitely adds to the delinquent vibe. Scythe! Weapons are varied, aite.

Vanilan — I really like the name. It’s so out there but works well. I’m also in love with the photo for his hair. It’s amazing. Catty, trashy and malicious! Reality show vibes. Opportunistic too. He sounds like a lot of drama and attitude and that’s gonna be fun to read or hate.

Ruhi — Cute first name, simple last name, blends pretty well. The picture is also super nice. A lot of these pictures are nice, damn. Hopeful but hardened. Insecure and bitter. Standoffish. She sounds very guarded and hurt and there’s definitely a huge backstory here.

Madoc — Not a fan of either names, though the more I see Madoc, the more I'm okay with it. The picture is nice though. Fearsome is such a strength, dude. He sounds like a dangerous guy. The Other. Downcast. Tense. He is giving me major antagonist vibes, or at least selfish. Machete… yeah, I’m getting scream queen horror villain vibes now. I'm intrigued to see more.

Kadrium — Not a fan of Kadrium, but Hawtrey is really nice. His photo is also, like, one of the best on this blog and I will fight everyone about it. I want that jumper. Cynical, close-minded and bossy means he’s gonna be a lot to take in, so either gonna love it or hate it. Graceful is a nice balance to it.

Luena — Nice first name, but that last name… oof. I really don’t like Glacelle all that much. The elle names just aren’t cutting it for me any more, they're becoming sore to look at. The photo is nice but weird too. It feels retro and the colouring is weird and where is she looking? Influential makes for a pack leader. Visionary and jovial means she’ll win people around. Rowdy is fun, flippant is fun, but I don’t know… something is just not hitting for me.

Alpheus — I’m not a fan of either names. The picture is okay but like Luena, I don’t know, it’s just not hitting for me. It feels off. Urbane is a cool weakness, I love seeing it. Egocentric, oof. That’ll be interesting to see.

Pagan — I really like Pagan? And Corneal? And the photo? I’m bothered that him and Luena are white in Eleven but we’re all about diversity. Iron-Willed is a fun strength! I’ve never seen that before. Intoxicating as a weakness? These are wild, I love it. Hyperaware. Overwhelmed. Oof. He sounds like a lot of fun!

Campbell — I like both names. The picture is also pretty damn good. Gritty is a great strength, and I love stoic and wary with it. Callous, resentful and cynical also sets her up as a good antagonist that I might love to hate or just hate in general. But she brings depth and variety.

Ilias — What a cool name. I love it. So out there but works well. The picture is also one of the best and I’ll fight anyone on it again. I loooove his combination of S/Ws! Humble, charismatic, sensitive, loyal, altruistic. Why was he voted in? He doesn’t fit the mold of a character hated by his district so I’m interested to see the story behind it.

Greta — I’m dying at the Yob. Oof.

Chart time!
Love: Nahla, Felix, Pagan, Ilias
Like: Castellan, Silas, Venec, Vanilan, Ruhi, Campbell
Neutral: Marcie, Heidi, Madoc, Kadrium
Meh: Estrella, Luena, Alpheus
7/1/2020 c2 5Axe Smelling God
Well this was a way to see who Carrigan hated and I can see it as an advantage to see who you have to mentor so you’re not surprised when they are called. Also I can see that a lot of people wouldn’t think of this vote properly and vote for those they hate the most as a way of punishment.

Blog time!

District One- Marcie looks so innocent but then I see trust she’s titled The Godfather and I can see why. Her strengths and weaknesses speak to kind of idea. Castellan Seems like he will definitely be sneaky and conniving and a dangerous combo if he put up with Marcie. Heidi seems like the quieter personality among these three and I see her trying to follow them so she can have some protection of her own.

District Three- Nahla hello queen. Silas seems like he will be a handful and the title suits him well being tasteful. Venec is a nice name and I love his weaknesses seeing scatterbrained and flighty is interesting.

District Six- Estrella to be labeled the primadonna and then we see she has a tomahawk makes me intrigued, a secret badass we stan. Felix the witty tributes are always the best unless they become annoying. Vanilan we love a catty tribute especially a guy I’m invested.

District Seven- Ruhi I cant wait to see more form her because the replacement reeks of backstory and I’m ready. Madoc I see that two of these tributes are standoffish it seems like d7 might not have allies. Kadrium is bossy... well we will see how that goes for him.

District Eleven- Luena is an okay name, I see that she’s a socialite I hope that she can make far, most socialites don’t. Alpheus is interesting with being titled mixed bag and I want to know more. Pagan and seeing that hyper aware is a strength is something I haven’t seen before and I’m excited.

District Twelve- Campbell a lot of standoffish tributes this go around. She does seem like she will definitely be a loner. Ilias is interesting with being sensitive. Greta seems like she’s strong and I’m excited to see more from her and what she brings to the table.
7/1/2020 c2 12jakey121
Ugh I’m so excited for this Quell and this prologue just made me even more excited. The fact that these mentors don’t even wanna mentor these kids because of their reputations means that D1, and most likely every other District is going to be fuuuuun. And you’re so good at bringing out their personalities in realistic and humorous ways that ik this story is going to be fantastic.

Time for another round of shallow af opinions that mean nothing!

Marcie – fantastic name, they sound so nice together. And a great pic! her traits all spell out exactly why she’s labelled as the godfather like there’s such a gangsta, no fucks vibe she gives off and I can tell she’ll be a threat because she just won’t care about anyone else. Will I like her? probably not. Will she be fun? no.
Jk yeah I’m excited!

Castellan – the name is a mouthful but a good mouthful if yk what I mean. Ok so I trust Kev here because he makes greaaat tributes and I know he wouldn’t just rehash another one but he literally smells like Reyan. Everything about him does. Like this story is going to be so antagonistic and then you’ve got someone like my trib Venny boi and he’s going to… literally die 24th in an 18 tribute games. That’s not even possible. But with people like Castellan around… yeah I’m so excited. He’s gonna be such like a whiny, insecure manipulator but I love it.

Heidi – pad is this because of Heidi n closet? Cute name and pic. I haaaate having to google words but ill do it for you Heidi. Ok so I like that she seems quite jovial and bubbly and a bit enticing as well. But she then commits a bit too much to something and regrets it? Like that’s all good. I do NOT like licentious as a weakness… soz. I’m on the fence. But she’s someone I see great potential with so we shall see!

Nahla – that’s a cuteee first name. last name is ok as is the fc. The daughter is a bit of a naff word tbh it doesn’t tell me anything like the others have so far. why use parochial? Why not use narrow-minded. UGH. Im not vibing here and idk why.

Silas – greaaat name and good fc! Katie who r u? I am gonnnnaaaa hate him I can just tell but also he’s gonna be fun too and I think clash with D1 but tbh… everyone here is gonna clash with everyone. Moody is definitely me. like his povs are gonna be so irritatingly whiny. I don’t quite like him AS much as Castellan at this moment and idk why but he has potential to be the tribute that I clearly have very strong opinions about :)

Venec – I have no idea how he’s going to manage anything in this story lmao rip

Estrella – ok this blog post is it. IT. That name. that pic. the fact she’s a primadonnaaaaa. There are so many good words here as well I’ve said it before if the vocab used in a blog post are phrased in a certain way I have this weird liking for certain words and SHE HAS SO MANY. Tranquil….spacey… like decadent is FUN too. Im actually entranced by her best tribute on this blog by a mile.

Felix – not feeling this name or pic sorry. Pessimistic is fun because it adds another layer to all his other traits which work well together to give the impression of this hella annoying, loudmouth sorta guy. And then he’s negative? I think I like it as long as it fits well with the rest of his character. Maybe the rest of his bravado is a coping mechanism for something. I actually like him better than I thought I would as I started typing this 3 seconds ago.

Vanilan – nooooot a fan of this name. the despicable… well it fits the Quell twist so! Another character to love to hate? Or just hate? I’m not sure yet. I’m finding it hard to dislike tributes here because these tributes are meant to be disliked. They were literally voted in by everyone. So that’s the entire intention of this story. BUT. I think he’s going to take it to that next level of antagonism where I just can’t see anything redeeming about him. Sooo. Not for me vanilla

Ruhi – I actually like this first name a loooot. Not so keen on the second or FC if I’m honest. The replacement? Like did she step in for someone that was voted? Orrrr what?! Im intrigued. Hopeful is such an interesting trait when you see everything else like hardened and standoffish. And then there’s insecure which I am seeing SO much recently but I also think adds necessary vulnerability to a character that I am gonna like her a lot I think! I only want one favourite on this blog and that goes to Estrella but Ruhi is a close second so far.

Madoc – I don’t mind the first name but I think I’d rather Saunders instead of Sonders? Impressionable is interesting because he’s steadfast, fearsome… like he gives off this really macho don’t fuck with me vibe but he’s impressionable so maybe it’s just the way he is around certain people? Hmmm. Not sure yet.

Kadrium – good name. good fc. good stuff. I loveee graceful as a strength. Makes me think he’s gonna pirouette or something idk. I feel like his outer façade doesn’t match with his inner feelings judging by the strengths and weaknesses and that seems like it could be fun to play with. I like him!

Luena – I like the first name but that last name. no sir. Not a fan of the fc either. I do like the louder personality here because we’ve got a lot of either downbeat negative people or silver-tongued sorta deceptive folks. Or just plain bad. So she adds a nice layer to this blog. Curious why she was voted in but I’m gonna feel that way about most.

Alpheus – no on the name. meh fc. the mixed bag lmao. Now I don’t mind his strengths at all they remind me a bit of Luena and I like that differentiation from a lot of the other characters. But his strengths plummet my opinion because egocentric no sir and faithless and… I’m not feeling him. Not quite a dislike but not quite a like either.

Pagan – why do I strangely like the name Pagan… idk. No on the last name tho. his fc makes me uncomf. He’s got creative in there which to me is usually a YESSSS but I’m so confused because the rest of his traits completely make creative feel a bit throwaway. I feel like he’s going to be one of those characters that are SO MUCh that they become a bit too caricature-y and I don’t really enjoy that.

Campbell – now I love the way you say the first name, but I’ve never liked the way it looks. Seavey aint for me either. Looove the pic tho and hostile yeah makes sense for the twist. I get like the love child of Scout and Tamira from her. moreso Scout tbh. I feel like she’s going to be a contender for the sake of drama BUT those traits… not one thing is redeemable like at all. but that’s not to say she’s badly made at all… I sense complexity and I like THAT. not just her.

Ilias – meh name idk I’m meh and then I’m like do I like it? Ok fc. THE WEAK. I like it. Very different. YASSS I like his traits SO much only because he is literally a breath of fresh air compared to literally everyone. Just a nice person? Which begs the question why he was chosen but we shall see. He’s such a standout with traits that on a normal blog would be like… ok he’s nice next. Like him a lot!

Greta – some of the names on this blog are so extra and then you have Greta lmao. It’s nice and normal. THE YOB. COREY NO. THE YOB LMAOOOO.
I like self-critical for what it adds to the rest of her character. She’s going to be a driving force in these Games I think for the conflict she might bring out of other people without maybe meaning to? It’s just her drive and bluntness I think. I like her as well!


Favourite: Estrella
Like: Marcie, Castellan, Felix, Ruhi, Kadrium, Luena, Ilias, Greta
Neutral: Heidi, Nahla, Silas, Madoc, Alpheus
Dislike: Vanilan, Pagan, Campbell
6/30/2020 c2 DA Member Hogwarts 2.0
OHH. I LOVE WHEN I READ SOMETHING AND IT MAKES ME FEEL SORT OF SICK/NUMB and that's how I felt when I realised that the mentors know who the voted in tributes are before they do... it's the kind of darkly sad/sick thing that gets me.
This chapter flowed so well and you get the personalities and the atomosphere across soooo well and you write really lovely, very concise and not rambly and you use words that I loveee like parchment instead of paper haha which sounds so simple and stupid but certain descriptions can make a difference to me and paint the picture clearer. I'M EXCITED TO MEET THE TRIBUTES and you've really amped up the excitement for these Games and what these tributes are in for so yay.


D1: Marcie- Marcie is a simpler name than usual for D1 but it’s pretty and sounds and looks elegant so I approve, the second name looks kind of odd but overall the name sounds nice and flowy together when said aloud. Her picture is age appropriate and pretty and suits her vibes.
Castellan- First name is cool to me it’s kind of a mouthful but regardless is very D1 without being obvious. I love his overall profile of S/W he will be fun if maybe a bit typical. Good pic.
Heidi- I don’t mind Heidi, like Marcie it’s simple and plain but names that end in the i, ie or y sound are feminine and usually pretty. I dislike Adelard it’s just clunky. Her picture is so cute and she looks dreamy improvisational and contrite have captured my attention and I’m excited to see more. The sheep tells me that she is probably a bully or mean person but the type who is a bystander or does what she does to fit in which is still despicable but will open up an interesting POV.

D3: Nahla- Nahla Ono is not my favourite name I don’t like very short surnames most of the time and it’s just not a name that looks or reads that pleasant. Her picture is great though and I wonder what the significance of her ‘the daughter’ title will be.
Silas- Silas Garamond is the best name for me so far it reads so well and the name Silas just fits this type of tribute and his fc which is hot. I love that he’s distasteful that’ll be fun to read.
Venec- Kinda dislike the way the name looks but kinda love how it sounds and its original without being a nightmare to read or sound out. I love flighty as a weakness and he’s one I can’t really capture a reason for why he may have been voted in yet so I’m intrigued.
D6: Estrella- Picture is bomb and Estrella suits the pic and primadonna vibes but don’t care for Villon. Her s/w are so good they complement each other and paint a pretty original character type who I think I’ll enjoy.
Felix- It’s a plain first name, Felix is but it’s okay. I hate the name Agrippa with a passion it just sounds so niggly and it triggers me for some reason, plus it’s overused. I like pessimistic characters a lot even if the negative and funny tribute is overplayed it can still land well as each author has different takes on it. I like the fc he looks the right age and fits well with the character type I’m reading but the pic itself is eh- why you contorted boi?
Vanilan- I don’t hate Vanilan... it works like as names that most of us use are a bit different or like unique but it just reminds me too much of Vanilla. Last name sounds cool. I love his picture except for the outline traced on the wall but oh well. TRASHYYYYY. Fave weakness so far he sounds like he’s gonna have high energy in his povs and be really fun to read.
D7: Ruhi Brennan sounds so lovely in my head it sounds so complete and flows great but Ruhi to read looks a bit messy and confusing but oh well. Like with Felix I love the look of the FC just not the particular picture as the pose and expression makes me think of a relaxed and dreamy person but Ruhi doesn’t sound like she will be that way.
Madoc- His names are both solid and work amazingly together and this is one of my favourite fcs so far he just looks the right age, like someone you could imagine in the HG world and matches ell with his s/w. THE OTHER... OHHHH WHY WHAT? Is he supposed to just be so unremarkable? I doubt it

D11: Luena- she has a really varied list of s/w but they all work together and paint a different vibe than many of the tributes here. She seems very D1 vibes but that works of course as 11 is much richer and considered the career district in your story. I don’t care for the pic the lighting is eh and her pose is annoying haha. She seems ok.
Alpheus- The name is cool but the second name is boring like but it sounds good with Alpehus. He looks really cute and smiley and an appropriate pic for the H/W and his age. I like it.
I think he’s going to be cool to follow- especially with being gaudy.
Pagan- Hate the first name but rate the surname and it sort of saves it. Amazing fc. I RELATE TO THIS TRIBUTE SO MUCH WITH HYPERAWARE UGH IT’S A TORTUROUS WAY TO BE. HAHA I look forward to reading their thoughts. The flame...ohh that intrigues me.
D12: Campbell- Do not like Campbell at all as a first name and Seavey sounds cool but just looks a bit off and sounds a bit incomplete too idk. I’m not vibing at all with her name her pic or her s/w she seems very like typical tough outer district vibes like similar to Katniss.
Illias- I loveeee the name but I prefer it like Elias as it sounds very similar but just is easier to read...names that start with IL confuse me aha that’s my own fault tho. I love charismatic people who are also loyal and decent not like charming to be fake or manipulative.
Greta- First name is okay just not a name I particularly like but the surname makes up for it and I love her picture sm. WTF I’M SCREAMING AT THE YOB if it’s meant the same way it is in British slang. She seems fierce and cool and interesting because she’s self serving but also self critical? Not a combo u see often.

Love: Castellan, Heidi, Silas, Estrella, Madoc
Like: Marcie, Venec, Felix, Pagan, Alpheus, Greta, Ilyias
Neutral: Nahla, Vanilan, Ruhi, Luena
Dislike: Campbell
6/30/2020 c2 2kremit1000
Oh God... Here we begin! I'm so excited to get this started, you're writing style is gonna make these games so cool, I can already tell!
I'm worried that Carrigan won't be an amazing mentor... He seems very emotional? I wouldn't be suprised if his personal vendettas and opinions end up playing too big of a role on how he mentors. We'll see I suppose.

Also I love the blog! Not enough authors do that, it makes it really fun and gives references to information I might otherwise forget. Left some comments for you thereGo Felix!
6/23/2020 c1 DA Member Hogwarts 2.0
This is a very creative alternate version of the Games and of Panem's history!
You have created something very unique yet it is simple enough and everything is laid out and explained well!

It is so odd to read of a victor from 12 with such a different than the norm attitude to the Games.

I enjoy your writing style a lot it seems very personal and inviting and I was drawn in easily!
I p*ssed myself at 'family or fucking' LOL such a blase statement for such a disgusting statement of petty gossip! Very Capitol appropriate I could see them acting like that- reminds me of the trashy media and tabloids of today even but just going that little bit further!

Excited to meet the tribs!
6/20/2020 c1 4Littletimmy223
Loved the atmosphere of this already. I'm new to your stories, but I'm digging this universe and the choices you've made regarding it. It's unique in a way that I feel doesn't detract or bog down the reader with countless unnecessary questions. And also, without any foreknowledge, I feel like I know Cornelia pretty well based on this introduction. Your previous Sixverse chapter mentions she killed eight tributes in her Games. Eight. Would not mess with her.

I can also only wonder what type of relationship she shares with Custer. Is it sexual or simply sensual without physical intimacy? They are intimate, and there's some comfort between them found there, but I wonder what else that relationship is packing. And what's the deal with her and Roman? Why does she find him annoying so? I wonder more.

Anyway, great build-up established here. I'm looking forward to diving back into an SYOT and the community that comes along with them. It's been a while for me since I've done so. Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter, I'll definitely be reading along.
6/19/2020 c1 2kremit1000
I also must say wow... Cornelia ans Custer are quite brutal, and scary. It's almost unsettling seeing this attitude come from district 12. I just read all about your world building ans wow! What a unique world. I love when SYOT writers go on the alternative universe direction and just make Panem something interesting. It's strange reading all about a virus raveged panem during our current times
6/19/2020 c1 kremit1000
Oh my! I must admit I was confused about this alternative universe you have here but it's honestly exciting and I'll definitely check out your world building! I'm definitely gonna submitthis looks like it's gonna be awesome
6/19/2020 c1 recklessinparadise

This whole prologue slaps, honestly! I want to hear more from Custer and Cornelia, I thoroughly enjoyed their dynamic and I love that this is a Quell Games, I've always been a fan of these SYOTS. No but seriously, I cannot wait to see how this plays out and I love that it's happening in your Sixverse, what a CHOICEEEEE!
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