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6/18/2020 c1 4bobothebear
ok FIRST i love that the quells are now every six years that's hot. like that just makes sense yk? also why nOT spice up the games more often.. ugh living for this universe it makes so much more sense. suzanne? take notes. what was the twist for the 6th games? i want more. i'm so hungry. sophia feed the peasants! i'm the peasants

im excited for this. im submitting. bye
6/18/2020 c1 23District11-Olive
I'm so excited for this twist, it's one from canon that I've always wanted to read done and I think you'll do it very well. Also I guess I can comment now on this VERSE like it's such a good idea, you really made Panem your bitch and crafted it into exactly what you wanted. I love the three tributes per district, it gives more chance for interesting interactions. I love it all and I'm hype to (hopefully) not miss this story.

This was a great prologue and also love how D12 was turned on its head and made into an even more intense Career district. Your imagination, unmatched truly. These characters were creepy and had just enough touches of brokenness that I would expect from a career Victor. I agree that Cornelia would probably feel closer to Custer just because they've both been through one hell of a game. Victor bond are always interesting to read, like siblings but better.

Good luck finishing up online classes! I'll send in my tribute as soon as I have a motivation burst ya know?
6/18/2020 c1 12jakey121
Ooooo I think it's literally been years since I saw anyone tackle the first Quell's twist, and with this having the added drama of what your verse brings and the District relationships and differences from canon, this is going to be fun!

Great to see these Victors in their element and their mindsets which are so different from typical Twelve. It's why I love this verse so much, it subverts expectation. Expect a submission soon!
6/18/2020 c1 7Cashmere67
cornelia screams FAKE NEWS
she's a fun character to read and i like that you expanded on the ~ new careers ~ here. district twelve sucks but you make it more bearable. i'm SUPER EXCITED To see all of the reasons people who were voted into the games. and i loveeeed reading your profile. i love world building and district politics and just general descriptions of the districts. this story makes me love district one even more... the fallen career district, so much to prove ... i was meant to be born in district one. yes this is fake but . in another life.

you love district six.. like get over it.. weirdo

ok submit to u soon 3 bye baby
6/18/2020 c1 5Axe Smelling God
This was great for world building and I loved seeing that this is a quell, like a 360 on panem then and the new panem which is still upholding these traditions and I loved seeing it and I can’t wait to dive deeper into this world.
6/17/2020 c1 1Acereader55
UGH I am so excited Sophia you have no idea. I was so excited when you said that this was the Quell twist that you had landed on because there's just so much people can do with characters. I already have my character in my mind and I can't wait to submit, although I am sad that this is possibly your last story cause your writing is just so good as is the construction of this Verse.

This prologue was so well written and so fascinating honestly. This was such a good opportunity to show case your Verse and the world that you've created, and I love that you have it that every Six year they have a Quell to honor the Six remaining districts. That makes it easy for you (if you were to continue) to do more Quells and have less time pass and also sets your Verse in an even more unique position. Cornelia and Custer are fascinating to me, they're certainly more than friends but lovers? I'm not quite sure. And it was great getting to hear about their families and how they've abandoned all but Cornelia's brother, and I think that's brought them closer together too. I love hearing from your mentors and about your world cause it's all so fascinating and so well constructed and conveyed.

Great prologue and I can't wait to submit and for this story to get going! Expect a character from me soon!
6/17/2020 c1 14Chaos In Her Wake
Oh. I. Am. Ready. Submission incoming.

FUN Quell. FUN concept. Perfect for this AU world that you've got up and running so efficiently and curiously! You'll be looking at such an interesting cast of characters. I saw this and knew right away the vibe I was going for with my tribute hehehe.

And it's fantastic to finally meet Cornelia and Custer, the enigmatic creepy figures of District Twelve. They're truly horrid, especially Custer. Cornelia doesn't seem to acknowledge the depth of it but... yikes. It sounds like he groomed her in their mentor-mentee relationship to whatever fuckery they've got going on currently. District Twelve is on some shit in this universe, wow. WOW. Out of all the places in Panem I wouldn't want to live, this D12 certainly tops the list.

ily. i'll lend you my remaining brain cells for your classes. Happy writing!
6/17/2020 c1 dyloccupy
she’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment! now come on now!

super excited that you’re continuing with this verse! love the quell idea, especially with one popping up every six years,,,can you say legendary?

really enjoyed hearing from our local psychopaths! they’re fun and have some great banter even tho their morals are *slightly* skewed. you can tell that they have such a deep and complex bond, it’s great!

i know you’ll absolutely obliterate this last week of classes! can’t wait to start this new journey!
6/17/2020 c1 21symphorophilia
hello hello!

so you already know my opinion on the quell idea and the entire basis for this fic pretty much :') a fucking vibeeeee like this is so exciting vote-in fics are simply! something else my dude. gonna be fun seeing your take on this, and how it pans out with the three-tribute district groupings.

custer and cornelia are a such fun pair. enjoyed getting an inside look at this deeply complex mentor relationship, how it's been so significant and tbh necessary for cornelia since winning her games, the way it's moulded how they both are as people now. two fascinating characters with a truly intimate connection... indeed, are they family or fucking? panem really wants to hear what the tea is with these bitches huh! too bad they'll be left forever guessing. quells every six year lmfao well it bangs as entertainment value goes, cant fault the capitol.

good luck with classes and everything else going on in your life. hope you're well!
6/17/2020 c1 2sock-feet-and-stirring-sand
you posted YES
look i’m such a slut for questionable d12 hoes and custer/cornelia are just SO fun. nice to see them in person because the references in tss without really seeing them was such a tease. I love the parallels between the capitol people giving their commentary during the reapings in tss to the headlines now. AND I love cornelia’s views on custer giving her new life. i’m so intrigued by their history, how they both became victors, so I loved seeing this bit for an intro! hopefully we get more :):)
nice short intro. tbh i’m really nervous to submit because i don’t have a good idea yet even though I should have had something by now lbr but i’ll figure something out! you know how I love your fics so it kind of goes without saying but I love how intimate and detailed your writing is and I think this scene really sets the tone for the rest of the fic!
see you sometime with a submission or like 100 questions about who I should submit. u know me.
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