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for Coming To Terms

12/24/2020 c19 3imatwilightfan
Sad that Naruto was quite selfish and not in control of his emotions in the first few chapters. I get that life has not dealt him a good hand from the start and when he thought he finally has what he wanted aka Sakura but find out it's a ruse probably was the final straw which is why he has become a shell of his former self. I think him finally seeing Hinata as the one to revere and love him honestly as he is since he was a kid was a good place to start, just that he went about it the wrong way. I truly hope he redeems himself to Hinata. They are both walking on eggshells around each other, with Hinata trying to be defensive but obviously still have lingering feelings but denying them, thinking she has moved on and him truly wanting to be with her but at the same time thinking he doesn't deserve to anymore since he forced himself on her. They are both confused kids at the moment. I could only hope Hanabi's retrieval would help bring them closer.
12/13/2020 c19 1RenegadeSon
well, stakes have definitely risen. I didn't see this coming and I like it. Hmm, so many new details that we get to explore. I was wondering if Toneri would play an antagonist role. Is he just a problematic human or an alien? Nice hook here. looking forward to what's next. gotta know what happened to Hanabi
12/10/2020 c19 Uzumaki spiral
Yeeet! Thank you for another update!
12/10/2020 c19 Generico
Oh my god what a chapter, how i wish that toneri beat naruto to the death whith the eres of hanabi
11/27/2020 c18 AvatarUzumaki
that are both torturing themselves, they seriously need to talk. great chapter though so I look forward to the next update
11/22/2020 c18 RenegadeSon
Such a good chapter. I feel all of the emotions here. I'm able to put myself in the position of the characters. The conflict and turmoil Hinata is feeling can be seen clear here and I think presents the opportunity for Naruto to fully see the impact of what he did to her, ultimately leading to a fitting apology and restitution. I'm really interested to see what you do (when the time comes of course...I dont want to see it rushed) with how Naruto will make things right with Hinata in addition to the needed apology. I think we are seeing more clearly for the first time, the guilt that Naruto has in his heart for his actions. Kurama's softer words here also match the situation well. Great ending to the chapter.
11/22/2020 c18 Uzumaki spiral
As always has me kicked in the gut from frustration.
Thanks for the great chapters and time dedicated to releases.
11/16/2020 c17 RenegadeSon
Good chapter. I like that this was a slowed down update on their time in Suna. The way you use flashbacks is commendable. They always provide helpful information and progress the story. Gaara being romantic is something I enjoy lol. It creates for quite an interesting dynamic. Im looking forward to the next chapter. .
11/14/2020 c17 Guest
Omg! Cliffhanger!
11/14/2020 c17 Uzumaki spiral
Thanks for another great chapter!
11/14/2020 c17 naruhina2020
11/13/2020 c17 16starfiction123
Awww way to amp the suspense
11/13/2020 c17 Generico
Oh my god what a tense situation we have here the boy who had to fight for his position vs the boy who never had to get hurt
10/31/2020 c16 Hina-hyu94
Oh my I'm so excited for this, Gaara being intrested in Hinata is gonna unleash something in Naruto! In all honesty I'd love to see Hinata responding to some of Gaara's advances just to see Naruto ove rthe edge! Please update soon
11/1/2020 c16 1RenegadeSon
The detail you added to Kankuro's character gives him more depth. The reasoning for why he cares for his brother's safety is believable and gives us a reason to invest in him. I wouldn't have expected him to be so affectionate though lol. Good stuff overall though. You're really good at writing the tension between these characters. As I wrote in a previous review, I'm sure these interactions in Suna are going to be comedic, uncomfortable, and angsty. Im looking forward to it.
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