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8/10 c6 Guest
Nice! What a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.
8/3 c6 Pink lady
Fantastic and I’m hooked. Looking forward to your next update
7/30 c6 Riviera
I love all your stories of course but you give more fuel to their relationship in this story and it deserves it. I’ m very thankful to you.
7/22 c6 Cherry pie
I enjoy all your stories and am excited to read this one. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.
7/21 c6 Guest
Good lord woman. Update this fun journey! :)
7/17 c6 Monica
Absolutely beautiful! So very well written. I am no doubt favoriting this!
7/15 c6 HBO 123
Excellent story! I enjoy reading it since the very beginning. You created a very nice storyline , thank you for your efforts. And your inspiration :-)
7/14 c6 IsaBabisa
Very good! This is a great little story, really enjoying it. Can't wait for more...always. THanks!
7/13 c6 Guest
7/13 c6 Tingtorn78
That’s awful that no one went to see Maura. I don’t like the Emilia and Jane thing. Looking forward to the next update
7/13 c6 Scoundrel73
Well, Emilia...who are you to Jane...humm. Maura needs some love...with those warm hands of Jane's, things about to heat up!
7/13 c6 burglover421
Thank you for the update. I wish I could say more than great chapter but They recovered Naya Rivera's body today,
7/13 c6 20MarCor3
Question :
What do you guys think about this Jane/Emilia thing?

Answer :
I'm thinking that they are 'friends with benefits' type of relationship. No extreme romance between them but with Maura (on the other hand), Jane is feeling some kind of strong senses from her...

Sad that Maura does not have any visitor since (3 days ago) she had arrived at the hospital. I'm sure Jane will be finding out that from her soon, amongst other interesting information of Maura. I'm guessing that Maura perhaps never called her family or friends in the first place...

Thanks Uni, Noice treat this is!
7/13 c6 Kik4464
Of course I don’t like Jane’s interest in Emilia. But, a story needs some conflict and drama!
7/13 c6 sweetkid45
I think jane is starting to like maura and she doesn't know why and maura has no family.I don't if maura is a m.e in this one or a dr at a hospital that is what we have to fine out when this story go's was an awesome chapter
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