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for Mass Effect: Galaxy at war

7/8 c28 enji-benjy
Was there a problem with the upload? This seams to end half way through a sentence.
7/6 c28 Blaze1992
. . . Oh f**k that went dark quick.
7/6 c28 Chronus1326
Great chapter, thank you!
7/6 c28 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
Okay that last bit was interesting. Rebo’s being indoctrinated. Also I liked the interaction between John and Hannah, makes them more human
7/5 c28 1yiggdrasill
Wow didn't see that last part coming. It explains a great many things given the asari representative is basically the go between for the republics to my understanding. Question is, when did it happen?
7/5 c28 Scarease
Well Shit that not Good .
7/5 c28 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
7/5 c28 Cerberusx
I forget. But, Blue Team's personal base/ship is a copy of the Mantle's Approach, correct? If so isn't that thing manned by thousands or millions of Prometheans and sentinels?
7/5 c28 ADeter
well fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck
7/5 c28 4Major Simi
Uh oh this doesn't sound good. Anyway great chapter
7/5 c28 4Monster King
Good job
6/20 c27 1yiggdrasill
You make very good points that the Asari are an amazing peacetime force, and should they survive the reaper war would only go to greater heights as diplomats and strike forces. Coupled with their long lives letting them see how minor decisions play out they have lead the galaxy to peace and prosperity for thousands of years which is no small thing...but they lack the culture and mentality for true full scale war. Even in the most democratic of human nations we keep a central command structure for the military. I do hope you can do something great with them before the story ends. Most swing either hard "for" or "against" them where you have struck a bit more of a middle ground (though told mostly from a human perspective so it comes across as negative given current relations, but hey human-covanent war) where, when you look at it from the outside, humanity really is a bit of a scary thing that is unpredictable and has a powerful military they just might use and it is the citadels duty to protect their signatories. The asari aren't in on the forewarning and they legitimately see a threat to the galaxy. They also don't respond quickly to situations, so while they typically get it right when they make a call, they can take too long to make that call for full effect. Still got a few years till the reapers hit in force (assuming Shepard pulls off preventing the citadel link up) so this is where the politics gets REALLY touchy. Cure the krogan too early and the Turin population will have a fit but they need those heavy infantry. Push the Turin fleet build-up too far and it may cause a civil war in citadel space by being viewed as breaking the treaty of firaxin. Push the "humanity first" government into too much power and they may just use it wrongly. And all through this sovereign, his new babarian hegemony and the collectors are causing trouble. I'm wondering how javik will affect it all with his simple existence as a prothean and his testimony of what's coming.
5/28 c27 Dova lord
I have read up to the last chapter
So far I’m really enjoying your story I hope you keep it up
5/23 c26 Mumbo
So you say halo takes place in the Orion arm. But the different halos is not in the Orion arm but spread out throughout the galaxy. And ain’t the Ark outside of the galaxy.
5/24 c27 shadowstorm17
Okay, I've had enough. I was fine with it so long as it didn't lead into anything major, but now this fic taking every chance it can get to make Shepard's mother look like a bitch. I cannot read this piece of shit anymore.
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