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11/2 c7 stanley.teriaca.7
There are a few nitpicks with the story.

Basically, someone probably told you this before, but Japan has a six day school week. This, if the Sailor Senshi left Friday night, they would be missing one day of school (Saturday, since Japan has a Monday to Saturday school week). It can be ignored for Fruikan High School (because Principal Kuno is such a wack job for anything Hawaiian and Hawaii has the English School Week of Monday to Friday).

I'm sure someone at Juban High School would mention that seven students decided to play hooky on Saturday.

Beyond that and "Negaverse", which is more of an overlook able pet peeve, it is going swimmingly.

I'm looking forward to seeing this story complete.
9/24 c7 Armiture
If the psychologist doesn't know about Ranma's curse, then the results produced will be inaccurate. You can't get good results from bad data.

What's going on with Tofu Ono is disturbing to say the least.

Nice to see some life return to Soun.

I hope chapter 8 is around the corner, this is interesting.
9/24 c6 Armiture
I wonder if Genma is trying to get back custody of Ranma.

Also, I think Ranma jinked himself in the last line.
9/24 c5 Armiture
Well, that last bit was certainly ominous.

You did good in this chapter, though there is no apparent link between Borealis and the events that took place in this chapter.
9/24 c4 Armiture
Wow, that was a surprise revelation at the end. I enjoyed the chapter and the end made her unease clear.

Also, in Amy's last line of dialog, the question mark and ellipsis need to be swapped to indicate a prompting question.

And you put quotes around the narration of Ranma tugging on her skirt.
7/28 c7 unknown
I just discovered that the sailor ranko comic is still being made. Just have to go to
2/10 c7 Lukkai
Tofu? Very ominous.
12/19/2021 c7 Greyfox2
Lovely to see the Sailor Sun saga continued, you are doing a fantastic job writing this. It is actually quite riveting to read the ongoing mental pressures of Ranma's...quadruple (?) life has on this psyche, let alone recent events bearing burden. Poor Tofu got possessed though;that's not good! Here's to happily anticipation for the next chapter and a happy holiday to you.
12/18/2021 c7 silverhawk88
Sweet! So there is a chance Ranma is going to meet his grandparent! Also I am glad Soun is going to have the chance to teach again and so Tofu is possessed…crap, it looks like whatever is there may be looking for Ranma or Sun. Dangers lurking.

Great chapter as always!
10/7/2021 c3 silverhawk88
It was nice to see Nodoka connect with Akane. Great development. That doll must have been Ranma’s at one point is my guess. Also I can see that there could be something starting with Soun and Tomoko. This chapter seemed to have a bunch of plot points that are going to come into play later on in the story. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen!
9/26/2021 c6 Lukkai
Thanks for the info about the webcomic. I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

But yeah... Ranma definitely has some identity issues to work out.
9/26/2021 c6 silverhawk88
Hm, looks like they managed to stabilize the station and Ranma got a new form out of it as well. I also loved your inclusion of who Metalia used to be. That was an cool twist. Too bad Metalia got power hungry and use her strength for good.

Huh I am guessing Ranma couldn’t have become Sun till metalia was defeated because of Metalia being bound to Guardian Sun. It is an interesting theory anyway.

Great chapter as usual!
4/26/2021 c5 Lukkai
Nothing much to say on this one except for encouraging you to go on. I do want to see where you are going with things.
4/17/2021 c5 7Bigou
Thanks for the new chapter. It's a good one, must have been hard to make.

And good luck for the next one!
4/11/2021 c2 silverhawk88
Ranma had a lot to work on this chapter. I like the introduction of Nodoka’s sister and family. I usually don’t notice grammar errors, I tend to focus on the story and it how good it is and not the grammar. This is a great story you have.
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