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for Red Merc of the Age of Wonderbeasts

2/21/2021 c2 9The saiyan boy
Love this story please update
1/23/2021 c2 Fan
When will you update?
1/23/2021 c1 Fan
You need to work on grammar. No offence.
8/4/2020 c2 Guest
Why tonfas if he's supposed to be deadpool then he should use swords
7/2/2020 c2 23Chance Green G King
Surprised no one else hasn’t taken notice, either way keep up the good work, and if your interested I put up a new chapter myself just the other day.
6/18/2020 c1 Chance Green G King
Not to bad of an idea you got going here, but in he future work a little bit more on the spacing that way everything isn’t all mushed up together.

Also what do the tigers call themselves? Because I feel flattered in some odd way,

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