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for Closing Walls And Ticking Clocks

5/4 c1 Silverfox72
I like this
4/16 c3 Sierra903
With this story just basically rehashing another story with minor differences I just can't continue to read this.
4/16 c2 Sierra903
This one is still using Whiskey Time Travel with almost the same scenes, their position and the dialogue with a few things changed.
4/16 c1 Sierra903
This scene at the end is basically just the opening of Whiskey Time Travel, only changed a bit to have Harry use Guardian things.
4/8 c3 Dauntes
Damn, I hope you get more inspiration and come back to this one. So good. Thank you again for the story.
3/10 c14 Lawbringer
I find myself thoroughly enjoying this story and I hope to see more!
2/19 c14 5VA23
A very enjoyable story so far. I do hope you continue one day.
2/8 c14 Sunbreaker101
Really enjoying this story so far! Im excited for future developments!
12/30/2020 c14 wstiglet
Definitely can't wait for more. I hope you can flesh out some of the background a little more than you have been but it's not needed to understand. just for better story telling
12/30/2020 c14 RuralJuror
Don't review often, but I've really been enjoying the story and hope it is continued!
12/30/2020 c14 The Shadows Mistress
enjoying the story hope to see more thanks
12/30/2020 c4 The Shadows Mistress
good tale curious when it spins off from wind shear, although greybacks death was amusing ;)
12/30/2020 c1 The Shadows Mistress
although its a popular way to start back in time HP still quite fun look forward to more
12/25/2020 c14 Rebmul
this is interesting
11/20/2020 c4 sandmanwake
A magical shield that could block the Unforgivables should have gotten at least a raised eyebrow from Dumbledore and Moody.
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