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8/6 c3 13enticement
Ooooh this is very promising, I’m interested to see where it goes next. Keep up the good work!
6/30 c2 1Worker72
Why do I get the feeling SAPPER CO is messing with the clock speed and not telling anyone? I seem to recall in Accel World you could live a year in game and only age a day in the real world. That would be a good way of accelerating the learning curve. Even in the latest version of SAO clock speed of a world can be controlled. Three hours to our heroes is only a few minutes in the real world. In Ten days they could live multiple lifetimes and not be the same people when they returned from VR. That man who killed himself is probably waking up in the real world right now.
6/23 c1 Worker72
So where is Leafa in this story?

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