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6/29 c1 Mana's Cinder
Gross. Found the furry.
6/21 c1 Grounded Forever
I hade no idea what was going on in this
6/21 c1 NicoleBearThomas
what a good start poor death show fate who is the boss . thank you for sharing
6/20 c1 25917brat
I wonder how death feels about the fact that fate feels she is more powerful then him. Is it true? Or is death going to show her that death comes to everyone eventual some sooner then others especially if you tick of Death?
6/20 c1 Guest
Doesn't make any sense so far.
6/19 c1 SkylerHollow
Seems interesting so far. Curious on how you plan on introducing Harry to the Shinobi World. Also wondering if there will be any interaction between Harry and the Shinigami.

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