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for A Place to Call Home

6/29/2020 c7 anarion87
nice chapter
6/29/2020 c7 MrKristoffer1994
Looks like Daphne and Tracey are both about to become a very important part of Harry’s life :3
6/29/2020 c7 bdwilliams3
Great chapter!
6/29/2020 c7 wolf970
Okay I like how u are setting this up. Keep up the good work can’t wait fir your next chapter.
6/29/2020 c7 7Freudentraene
I was right in my assumption about the letter and the offer. Usually, I don't have such a good success rate xD

I really liked this chapter! In my opinion, you got the reactions to the interview very well. Ron's reaction wasn't unreasonable, although I find it unlikely that he would still be so jealous in the book canon. However, it can be different in this story. I definitely don't think it's bashing.

I expected the scene with Ginny, but of course it's still sad. But that's life, you don't necessarily spend your whole life with the person you were dating when you were 16 or 17 years old. I also always had the feeling that Ginny didn't fall in love with the real Harry, but rather with her idea of him. It also fits that she spoke again of the Chamber of Secrets...

Even if I'm not the biggest fan of all the house and lordship business in fanfiction, I'm still curious to see what Harry will achieve in the Wizengamot and how Daphne can help him. If Harry makes Daphne a member of House Potter-Black, will that make Daphne a kind of sister, or does that mean something different?

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next chapter!
6/29/2020 c7 welcome007
Omg. Author great story.
The MC is great.
The story is awesome.
The chapters are great.
And the update rate is consistent.
Cant wait to read more.
6/28/2020 c6 Raymondjay41
So far a good story, honestly looking forward to more chapters
6/28/2020 c6 14thunderofdeath97
there were seven horcruxes, also 15 000 galleons seems pretty small and low imo
6/28/2020 c3 thunderofdeath97
he wouldn't inherit much
6/28/2020 c2 thunderofdeath97
technically speaking the goblet of fire would have emancipated him, and then he would have been emancipated again by the ministry when he was fully tried as an adult in the courtroom, before fifth year, after umbridge set the dementors on him
6/28/2020 c1 thunderofdeath97
wow thats poor as fuck, i actually expected him to have more
6/27/2020 c6 Anon
Good stuff, keep it up!
6/28/2020 c6 APfire17
Even made a typo myself. LOL. *Marvolo
6/28/2020 c6 APfire17
Great story so far! Hope to see some new chapters soon. I don't want to come over as a critic but Voldermort's real name is Tom Marvalo Riddle, not Morvolo. Hence, the anagram I AM Lord Voldemort. Maybe you want to look for a beta reader? That is enough for me on critics. Overall, a great story. Thank you for writing. Best wishes, AP.
6/28/2020 c6 The Edible Scump
Nice chapter. Looking forward to more
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