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3/7 c4 4Nighthawk6595
Urbosa always has a motherly charm when it came to Princess Zelda due to her friendship with her late mother. Young Link was a bit distraught realizing that despite everything he did to stop Ganondorf, he's still around as Calamity Ganon, but Urbosa comforted the little fairy boy as he opened up to her with the stories of his adventures.

Urbosa managed to keep Young Link from becoming a disheartened soul as her little bird almost did.
3/6 c3 Nighthawk6595
This was an interesting chapter, but for some reason when the King of Red Lions spoke, I also had an image of Gary Oldman being the voice.
2/21 c11 Vexyuki
I’m really late to reading this but this is beautiful and definitely worth the wait!

I really hope all the relationships between the heroes and champions, Urbos and Wood is my favourite by far.

I have no idea who proxi is but I have a feeling it’s hurdle warriors the first one for some reason.

Can’t wait for the sequel I don’t mind waiting for a wonderful piece.
2/15 c11 3zeldawolffang
Great story!
2/15 c11 Strawberry r Kitty
AWWWWWWWWW MM LINK GETTING A MOTHER FIGURE IS SMTH I DID NOT KNOW I NEEDED?! anodndkdndjdkds these heroes have to deal with so much all on their own THEY DESERVE COMPANIONS! and oooooh i like the idea of a potential sequel! Hestu is quite a good vague character to use as a plot device huh?
2/15 c11 4Nighthawk6595
Well, that wraps up this story...from what I can tell, Wanderer seems to want Link and Zelda to hook up with the Princess discovering her feelings towards the Champion. At least Daruk set his fear of dogs aside to save one and discovered some good rocks for a Rock Roast. Link and Loft competing to see who was the best fighter with Link emerging as the victor in the duel. Woods had Link borrow one of his masks and pulled a prank across Gerudo Town, mostly due to how Gerudo girls coo over the Hero of Time.

Link also used the Zora Mask to disguise himself as a Zora and compete in a swimming race and a duel with Seggin until he revealed his identity. Wolf and Midna intended to have Mipha confess her feelings for Link albeit ending in failure.

The interaction between the Links were funny and considering that they have to go home soon, it was practically the only chance they had to say their goodbyes.

But now we have a cliffhanger...
2/14 c11 21DarthFlores
I seen when young Link was telling Urbosa how much he was going to miss got me choked up a bit. I won’t lie. Hope that sequel works out. Because I would love to see the other Links go back home to finish their quests.
2/13 c10 Strawberry r Kitty
urbosa's prankster personality is smth i love that has come form the fandom; it makes me laugh every time i see it
2/13 c9 Strawberry r Kitty
i love just seeing shenanigans of ppl who deserved better :')
2/13 c8 Strawberry r Kitty
YOOOOO UR SO GOOD AT WRITING COMBAT SCENES OMG?! like dude it was so easy to follow the scene like WOW! i love fhis
2/13 c7 Strawberry r Kitty
honestly all of the zeldas throughout the ages would be able to give such good advice; and for botw zelda? i'm sure TP zelda can relate intensely well
2/13 c6 Strawberry r Kitty
ooooh i like the idea that link struggles to restrain himself with the fierce deity's power. i am curious if there is an explanation why the link's sent back, tho i don't mind either way!
2/13 c5 Strawberry r Kitty
i never even considered Rhoam being saved! i like that the Link who became a king saved him, and the inclusion of magic helped him stand out! ofc link would want advice from rhoam but link pls, don't listen to him
2/13 c4 Strawberry r Kitty
at first i thought adult OoT link would be sent to urbosa, but first of all that wouldn't be possible, and sexond MM link is wayyyy better! basically it's OoT adult link, but as a child, with extra tools at his disposal! snd i find it funny urbosa's ego is being put in check, tho she is not aware that he is likely a more seasoned warrior than she
2/13 c3 Strawberry r Kitty
at first i was like "oh OoT link will go to the gorons," but then thinking about it i was like nahhh child link is better! his child-like inquisitive approach will go well with daruk's pure charge! i love your portrayal of toon link as a very take-what-comes kinda guy, who is a better warrior than he seems!
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