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2/13/2021 c5 Strawberry r Kitty
i never even considered Rhoam being saved! i like that the Link who became a king saved him, and the inclusion of magic helped him stand out! ofc link would want advice from rhoam but link pls, don't listen to him
2/13/2021 c4 Strawberry r Kitty
at first i thought adult OoT link would be sent to urbosa, but first of all that wouldn't be possible, and sexond MM link is wayyyy better! basically it's OoT adult link, but as a child, with extra tools at his disposal! snd i find it funny urbosa's ego is being put in check, tho she is not aware that he is likely a more seasoned warrior than she
2/13/2021 c3 Strawberry r Kitty
at first i was like "oh OoT link will go to the gorons," but then thinking about it i was like nahhh child link is better! his child-like inquisitive approach will go well with daruk's pure charge! i love your portrayal of toon link as a very take-what-comes kinda guy, who is a better warrior than he seems!
2/13/2021 c2 Strawberry r Kitty
honestly when trying to predict which link would go to mipha, my mind immediately went to TP. not only does he have a connection to the zora, his own armor, but his temperament would be perfect to work with mipha! and i think after this fight midna is like "i have known mipha for 20 minutes but if anything happened to her i would kill everyone and myself"
2/13/2021 c1 Strawberry r Kitty
Honestly if i was revali i too would be a little miffed at the idea of hylians using your ancestors as mounts! i love this idea-link's helping each other out fanficfion are my guilty pleasure-and SS link would be perfect to help revali! also his easy going personality would mesh well :)
2/3/2021 c10 Miphlover
I just found this story and I love it! I’m not usually a Linked universe but this is one of the best Linked universes I have read, since it doesn’t start off with all the Links knowing each other and are in the middle of their own journey absolute best!

The champions interacting with the link that saved them is hilarious especially Urbosa and Wood.
Can’t wait for the next chapter

Miphlink, best girl needs some love.
1/12/2021 c10 Harrison
Baby Sidon is, as always, cute.

Also, how Urbosa treated the Hero of Time is horribly unethical (I wonder what say...Nabooro would have to say about it).
1/7/2021 c10 Miphalover
Yes! You are extending the chapters, this is such a beautiful read and the chapters after the calamity battle is so funny from Sea and his dog ‘attack’ and Shrub being a gerudo male pass the amount of research required to make a chapter and the details in it is incredible I hope you are extending this story for a long worthwhile read!

I love all the Link’s personalities in this, this is what I would of thought they all sound like in the games.

Still rooting for Mipha in this, She’s going to be out cold with the amount of stress she is building up from other people, cough Urbosa, shrub cough
Really hope Champion link will come around to this, Mipha needs some loving too.
12/29/2020 c10 5Nighthawk6595
The excursions of the Links with Champion Link stopping Master Kohga with Zelda, Impa, Purah and Robbie, Wanderer giving his opinion on what to do for Hyrule with King Rhoam, Sea learning of Daruk's greatest fear - Dogs and Loft and Revali competing to determine who was the best at archery only to save an injured rito.

As for the other two, they're proven to be my favorites because of how humorous they were. Wolf arriving at Zora's Domain with Mipha to while wearing his Zora Armor which had some awkward moments when Seggin confronted the Hero of Twilight, Sidon believing that the hylian accepted the armor and Muzu fainting after seeing Wolf in the armor. Mipha did tell Dorephan that Wolf was Link from the Era of Twilight and Midna did make her presence known. Wolf needed the Zora King's advice, so he could teach the young Prince Ralis how to rule when he returns to his era.

As for Young Link, he's heading to Gerudo Town with Urbosa and he's told that he can't be allowed in since he's a boy. But when he told the Gerudo Chief that he was made an honorary Gerudo, Urbosa was really anxious about it since she didn't really like that law. Although Young Link was reluctant with her plan, his membership did get him in and we were left with a cliffhanger at the plaza.
12/25/2020 c10 Zelmaster
I can’t believe you are extending the chapters this makes me really happy for this is a fantastic read. Since Calamity is dealt with the confusion of the link’s happen haha. Muzu fainting, Urbosa being absolutely like Urbosa herself and Sea Finding a dog a enemy and scaring Darak are so good.

I hope this be extended to fully explore all the characters and their relationship talking about their backstory and their adventure.

Makes me wonder if Champion link should be transformed into a zora right in front of the zora domain because of Wood being a cheeky man.
12/24/2020 c10 Vexyuki
This is so good haha the confusion on all the link’s faces. I’m really happy this story is going for more chapters this is one of the best stories I have read.

It would be great to have like chapters of their ‘misdeeds’ after the calamity. Cough Zora Champion Link cough. Young link with his physics destroying gear. I’m holding out for one of these chapters is Champion link at zora domain. This story can go crazy now with Link’s shenanigans.
12/13/2020 c9 Zelmaster
Awww this is so cute seeing Mipha so flustered like this and Young link being a cheeky kid starting a anxiety and panic attack on poor Mipha, this is greatly hilarious I can’t wait for the next chapter. I have been an Zelink since twilight princess but botw is the only game that i give this to Miphlink.
12/6/2020 c9 Eliphas-Chaos
I liked all the Links meeting, Woods is my favourite and I really like his interaction with Urbosa as well as making Link see things through a Zora's perspective, which I think Mipha was very pleased with but Zelda wasn't, (I do prefer Miphlink to Zelink), I would like Woods and Sea to go to The Korok Forest, more so Woods because it is his home.
12/6/2020 c9 Miphalover
Team Mipha all the way in my opinion there is already lots of Zelda ones

In my head just realised that that Wood can also join zora link and mipha in zora domain and introduction himself with the other links to the Dorephan and eating in a royal feast a random topic about something makes Wood just exclaims that he was engaged with princess Ruto causing everyone to look at him.

Muzu gets over his shock, King Dorephan bursting out in laughter in thought of another link having a zora princess after them while Mipha gets even more red face and shocked that Wood is engaged with the same princess that she has taken inspiration from to see through her love for Link and etc for the other named zoras reaction to Wood. Oh and Link himself eating himself for the glutton to spit out his food in shock and blush.

This is my head canon of what happens when the group moves to zora domain sadly only one chapter left in this story. Would make for a great chapter to end off with a laugh to this amazing story
12/6/2020 c9 Vexyuki
Haha this is the best chapter so far and I loved the other ones, Wood being an absolute lad is the best same with the other links! Can’t wait for the next chapter I be rooting for Mipha!

Hope the zora link is extended to the next chapter and the reaction of zora domain would be hilarious from the big bad bazz brigade, Kodah, King Dorephan and Sidon etc muzu, seggin i hope this gets incorporated in someway!
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