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for What If They Had Help?

12/6/2020 c9 42DarthFlores
I just love Young Link and Urbosa’s interactions. She takes on a motherly figure he never really had. I hope the next chapter has more interactions between the two.
12/5/2020 c9 5Nighthawk6595
And so the long-awaited meeting between the Links from throughout the timeline has happened. Introductions, history and the separated timeline due to the events after Hero of Time Link defeated Ganondorf.

But after the introductions, Woods slapped the Zora Mask onto Link so he could see through a Zora's perspective. Which Mipha was going to guide Zora Link through his new form while Zelda watched and was getting...jealous of Mipha because she was after Link's heart, just like the Princess herself.

Definitely going to be a competition...but in the meantime, Zelda and her father had rekindled their relationship because Rhoam admitted that he was wrong to put very high expectations for her. He pushed her to try and unlock her powers when in reality, he should've listened more.
11/4/2020 c7 5Hidari
I think I prefer not to call the other Zeldas by another name. Zelda, Zel, Zellie, Zelly. It's kinda fun even if it's confusing.
11/3/2020 c2 Hidari
I am seriously enjoying this!
11/1/2020 c7 James Birdsong
Good six chapters
10/3/2020 c7 1hello-world8467
I love Linked Universe xD
10/2/2020 c7 5Nighthawk6595
Like with Link, the Champions and King Rhoam receiving help from the previous Links across multiple timelines, Zelda received help with her sealing power from the many Zeldas that existed throughout the timelines.

It's at this moment that Zelda realized what she intends to use her powers for. Her power is not just for sealing the Calamity away, she's going to use it to protect her friends and family!

The final confrontation with Ganon begins...
10/2/2020 c7 Harrison
Ocarina of Time Zelda telling Breath of the Wild Zelda her story is simply the best moment in this fic to this point.

Breath of the Wild Zelda wasn't the first one to truly fail at the task before her, and meeting Zelda/Sheik kind of drives that home.
9/5/2020 c2 Calamity-Writer
Mipha, don't you dare fancy another link and fight against Midna. It won't end well for all three of you. Oh, and once you abandon the present link, he would go out with ZELDA. Do you want that?

P.S. pls don't write about a zelink here
9/3/2020 c6 Harrison
Love this second usage of the Hero of Time. His appearance in Twilight Princess truly was heartbreaking, and I'm sure he sees he a chance to right some of his own wrongs.

Of course, dealing with the Hero's Shade has it's own problems...and it looks like you just killed off Zelda. Oh, dear.
8/21/2020 c5 2Keyblade Writer of the Dawn
Interesting so I guessing that this story timeline take place in the downfall timeline? Nether way this is good and I hadn't thought about the king until now so that a nice surprise.

It cool seeing the downfall timeline Link handle being in his own future. reading everything of what the king is going through during and after that battle is quite good, and it interesting to know that he interacting not only a past hero, but a future king as well.

It making me wonder what Link that will meet Zelda/Link and what will happen when all the Links will meet

Thanks for another good chapter of this story, stay safe you two and have a good day, or night.
8/21/2020 c5 16TheMiraiHikari
That was an interesting update I never expected the Hero of Hyrule to show up. So far we have the Hero of the Sky, Hero of Twilight, Hero of the Winds and the Hero of Time. With the appearance of the Hero of Hyrule, it makes me wonder if we’ll see the other 2D game heroes like the Hero of the Minish, Hero of the Four Sword, Hero of Legend, New Hero of Hyrule, Hero of Light and the Hero of Spirits.
8/14/2020 c4 Harrison
Using the Hero of Time now?

You know what, I dare you to use the Hero of Time again (from Ocarina of Time, with Navi at his side) to rescue LinkZelda.
8/13/2020 c4 2Keyblade Writer of the Dawn
This a cool story so far and it's interesting to see each other era showing up to help the champions.

Both the champions, and all the different Links are written very well both as their general characteristics works very well along with their interactions with each other are great to read.

I wonders which Link where shows up next to meet/help Botw Link and zelda.

So thanks for making a great story, stay safe, and have a good day, or night.
8/12/2020 c4 MasterKogha
Please make a full fic! This is going good!
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