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for What If They Had Help?

8/12/2020 c3 MasterKogha
Let's just drop the big one now on Hyrule Castle and end it all! watch?vEqBrw3rQvKo (Randy Newman)
8/12/2020 c2 MasterKogha
It's too bad the village idiot kid who can't say Mipha correctly doesn't know her mom isn't coming back.
8/12/2020 c1 MasterKogha
So THIS is why his wings are injured when he fixes your bow up in the village and makes YOU go get the Swallow Bow,Diamond and five cords of wood! (One cord is enough to fill a mid sized pickup truck!) What does he need a diamond for anyways?
8/8/2020 c4 DerangedDemigod
Since Link and Zelda are up next, just to make things all the more confusing, how about they get help from OoT Link and Sheik at the ice cave? This is fun! Now I'm imagining the headaches that shall occur whe BotW Link meets all the rest. Don't you think the other Links will fanboy all over SS Link for forging the Master Sword?
7/30/2020 c3 16TheMiraiHikari
This was a fun read I like the idea of the champion’s being aided by the heroes we got the hero of the sky for Revali, the Hero of Twilight for Mipha and now the Hero of Wind for Daruk next will probably be the Hero of Time for Urbosa, unless we actually get someone from the downfall timeline instead. I was honestly expecting Wind to be the one who met Urbosa it would of been a bit symbolic for the link who was born on the high seas to meet the champion of the desert, plus theres also the speech Gannondorf makes about the wind in the desert bringing death.
7/26/2020 c3 Thanatos 2018
Only two champions left and a princess as a possible bonus. I wonder whose next.
7/8/2020 c2 Harrison
Just because you didn't use the Hero of Time here...doesn't mean you didn't show off just how different Mipha and Ruto really are.

Also, nice touch with Fi and Midna to this point.

If the Hero of Time does appear, I imagine you'd use Navi, as she's the more iconic of his two fairy companions...
7/8/2020 c2 Thanatos 2018
Only 3 more links to go. May I suggest majora's mask for link himself?
7/5/2020 c1 Hashirama 1710
this should be interesting
6/22/2020 c1 1Duke Serkol
Nice! I had a similar idea at one point, it's awesome to see someone make it happen in fanfiction form!

I like the direct and to the point approach you're using here, jumping straight into the meat of it, but I hope this won't stop you from elaborating on the outcome of this massive change in the story after the four blights are defeated.
I look forward to finding out what'll happen with Link and Zelda. Maybe it'll be no different, they did not have to deal with the Divine Beasts, just the guardians. But then, who knows, perhaps knowing that the Champions are still in the game will change their plans (like say, lying low and waiting to see how things develop rather than run into Blatchery Field). Or maybe another Link will show up to help them? But then if Link isn't mortally wounded, Zelda's powers would not awaken.
Very intriguing!

Back to the chapter, you did an excellent job with the fight, you know how to write a good action scene and that's no small feat in the realm of fanfiction.
I always had trouble imagining how Revali could have lost against WindBlight, the easiest of the bunch, especially after seeing what he was capable of in his DLC flashback, however you definitely sold me on it.

I also like that you gave the Link of Skyward Sword some snark (give him more, please!) he's the only one that, in-canon, had comebacks like "Nice hair" and "Am I late now?". He's perfect to deal with Revali's ego.

Bit of a missed opportunity with Link mistaking Revali for a specific loftwing: he's a dead ringer for that of Groose, much more so than Zelda's.

Now then, the after-fight... I didn't enjoy that as much. It's not that it isn't well written, the quality does not drop, it's just I'm a stickler for canon accuracy and, oh boy.
It really isn't a big deal, and if you don't care then by all means feel free to ignore me, but in case you do want the story to not conflict with canon, I'll go ahead and point out where I saw problems in that regard.

First off, the matter of mixtures not working on non-humans isn't something introduced by BotW, if we look at the text dump for Majora's Mask:
"Ah…hmm…Now that’s a problem… See, we sell potions to humans only. I don’t think they’ll work on anything but humans…Sorry, but you’ll have to leave."
It would have been better for Link to have a few bottled fairies on him. Those don't discriminate, haha.

Now for Revali knowing about loftwings, I get it that you're going with the theory that they are the Rito's ancestors, but even assuming the memory of loftwing existing endured not for "many canturies" but rather tens of millennias (the entire Zelda series happens before the backstory of BotW that occurred 10000 years before the game, and we don't even know how much time passes between Skyward Sword and Minish Cap. If we are to judge by the ruins in TP, long enough that a Roman-like culture could rise and decline into a medieval one), if they are in fact remembered, then why would Skyloft (the place in which Loftwings and beings that could record their existence, humans, lived) not be also? Revali shouldn't be puzzled by Link's confusion.
Though in all honesty, I think Revali not knowing about anything from the time of Skyward Sword would make more sense in canon. It'd be like expecting a man from medieval times to know about australopithecus afarensis.

This all brings me to the next issue: Link should not identify as a Hylian. In Skyward Sword the term is only used for his shield (as derivative of the Goddess), not as the name of a people. All inhabitants of Skyloft are identified simply as humans.

This is not a canon issue but... how did Revali not see the Master Sword strapped on his back?
Similarly, Link's reaction to Revali namedropping Princess Zelda was a bit odd. Why would he go "Zelda is a princess?" rather than a "A princess named Zelda?" assuming, naturally, that it's another person with the same name? (Then he could try and picture the Zelda he's familiar with as a princess, for funsies)

Back to canon stuff... I don't know why so many people are confused on this matter, I've lost count of how often I've read this statement in fanfiction but being able to use the Triforce has absolutely -nothing- to do with purity of heart.
You (as many others) are probably thinking of how the Sacred Realm acts like a mirror of the heart ("The resting place of the sacred triangle, the Sacred Realm, is a mirror that reflects what is in the heart...the heart of one who enters it... If an evil heart, the Realm will become full of evil; if pure, the Realm will become a paradise.")
What your heart -has- to be in order to claim the Triforce is balanced:
"If the heart of the one who holds the sacred triangle has all three forces in balance, that one will gain the True Force to govern all. But, if that one's heart is not in balance, the Triforce will separate into three parts: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Only one part will remain for the one who touched the Triforce...the part representing the force that one most believes in."

That's all for matters of canon.
I can't wait to see which Link will assist each champion. Mipha, for exaple, will you assign to her the Link of OoT, due to his connection with Ruto (and Zora mask? Assuming he would be form after MM? If not, guess he'd have to make do with his gold Zora scale and tunic)? Or will it be TP Link with his Zora armor (we know how important one such item is to Mipha's story)? Or maybe it will be NES Link, initially assuming Mipha to be another monster due to his entirely negative past experiences with Zoras, which he's slain tens if not hundreds of ("savage River Zoras" as they may be, he's never met a "noble Sea Zora"), haha! The possibilities!
6/21/2020 c1 James Birdsong
Great story
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