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11/6/2021 c4 Golbuk
Mam nadzieję że kiedyś do tego wrócisz
3/10/2021 c15 Guest
cielos conflictivos ee
12/30/2020 c15 Dhcktnekac
Just stumbled across this masterpiece and I successfully binged everything so far. Can’t wait for more keep up the good work and of course “Glory to the God-Emperor!”
12/7/2020 c15 Vince Fangway
When the lives of billions depend on your decisions and actions, there's no time nor room for BS. Yes, Nick can be an a** at times but he understands what's at stake better than anyone. Even then, it looks like he still has internal conflicts when doing his job.

I'm surprised non of them have suggested the possibility of Eophis leaving the city, especially the Lord Inquisitor. If Nick dismissed said possibility or hasn't considered it yet, then it would be appropriate to know why (perhaps I might have forgotten something important?).
All in all, it was a really tense chapter with a lot of conflict rising between the "good guys" that kept me unblinking for a good portion of it. Really nice!

Coming next: *Eophis shows up with his new pawns*
Judy: omg, that's horrible!
Nick: ... I'm definitely gonna need two bolters for this heresy.
11/23/2020 c14 Vince Fangway
We are almost halfway through the story already?! But the story only has... huh, 86K words... I didn't realize how long this has been going, guess that's what happens when you are having a good time reading a story.

My guess is that Nick realized that Judy is capable of holding her ground in the front lines and that she can be quite helpful when dealing with the heresy from the Warp. That, and also he might have noticed the fact that Eophis is targeting her specifically, so he wants to be able to stand alongside the bunny when the time comes.
I don't mind the current build-up of the story. It makes it even better once we reach the point where everything goes to oblivion. There's a few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing too serious. All in all, it was a nice chapter. Keep it up!
11/22/2020 c13 Shonix13
Can't wait to see what you write next
11/10/2020 c13 Vince Fangway
Exercise your faith in the comments, brothers!

It was expected that at the individual level, no one was okay with the imposing authority of the Inquisition from the start. Perhaps they will come around once they start working with them, we will see.

[reading the last part of the chapter]
Oh no.
[remembers the population-count of the sign]
By The Emperor NOOOOO!
10/25/2020 c12 Vince Fangway
You are a man of your word, and what an excellent chapter you have provided! It progressed smoothly, even with the change of POVs, the flow of the narrative never stopped and so I was driven to read every single word of it.

Again, we see Judy overcoming a great challenge by performing tremendous acts of determination and skill, but not without taking a physical and mental toll by the end of it. She's come a long way now and we also see how much she has grown. In any case, you know what they say: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I was taken back when Liz took out the reptile with such precision and efficiency, but it makes more sense for back-up to assist Judy than to leave her fighting with the snake alone. I truly believed that it was the end of Eophis at one point.
I liked the intro of the other two ZPD's chiefs and how you handled their background; not too much info, but just enough for us to know who they are and what to expect from them.
The meeting was nothing like I would've expected. It turned out so much better in the end. I did find it odd for the Mayor and members of the City Council to be left aside. Perhaps Nick doesn't want to waste any time with an incompetent bureaucracy and focusing on the military aspects of the matter; Bogo will have to explain that one to his superiors, poor guy.
The ZPD might want to bring the big guns next time... If they have such a thing at all. It would be difficult for the Inquisition to arm the entire police force...Or perhaps it won't.

Do I know what you are talking about? I do, or perhaps I don't. Memory is such a fickle thing ;D
9/29/2020 c10 Vince Fangway
"Time to die, heretic!" By The Emperor, I love these simple yet powerful lines.
Whatever lies within Bushwill's basement is screaming heresy, and he has been fueling all this time. He's 100% tainted by chaos.
The hunting was really fun and exciting to read; I didn't even know that psykers could use their powers that way. Both parties are struggling to come on top, yet victory seems to be out of reach for both of them. You don't shy away from death or grotesque events, and that's how the 40k-verse is. No one is safe: press F for officer Francine.

Regarding the next chapter... no idea. At this point, anything could happen. I'm prepared for the entire city to be decimated at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised nor disappointed; that's just how things work in 40k. In any case, whatever it is, it's gonna be bad. I'm thinking about some lines like:
"The slaves of chaos seak death. DELIVER IT!" [I know it's cheap, sue me XD]
9/15/2020 c9 Vince Fangway
They are not holding back with Judy, as one would expect from an Inquisitor.
I found it quite odd for an oath this important to be performed in such a trivial way; should've known better. Leave Liz to turn a pledge to The Emperor into a joke to mess with the bunny. Judy was so into it that I laughed a little, but she answered with conviction. I'm proud of her.
If she truly wishes to serve The Emperor's will, then she has to learn more about his glory instead of jumping blindly into his worship. You must have an unbreakable faith by your own conviction. Then again, she is driven to serve and protect the citizen of Zoot; if that means to serve The Imperium, then so be it.
Time to smoke the snake out of his den. Bogo's not gonna like this. Not one bit.
9/7/2020 c8 2Victor John Foxfire
...That Weirdo was a Disciple of the Indecisive Mollusk? Huh. No wonder he's such a whinebag.

It's interesting to see how Judy's disappearence seems to bring out both the best and worse in the cast, some being a case of 'Missing them when gone', but the rest was more like deep guilt at blaming her for things she was not guilty for.

Chief Bushwill feels like he may accidentally attract Khorne with his attitude. Wrath being his only tool? Very Khorne-like if he goes too far.

Of course, if he manages to Command His anger properly, rather than Succumb to Chaos' lure, he'll likely be Blood Angel Material... Especially with the Mention of "Thirst For Blood".

Chief Bogo's is a stark contrast. Feels like a Space Marine's Rousing speech... Of Either Ultramarine, or Grey Knights. It makes me want to draw a Chainsword and declare my allegance to the Emperor.

And yeah, people can be weak, even when they have power. Nick's effectively Vulnerable to the Void, While Judy is effectively a nullifier for it.
9/4/2020 c8 Vince Fangway
Oh Judy, you sweet little child. If only you knew what a regular psyker has to deal with. They either have to face manipulation of the twisted creatures that inhabit the Immaterium and suffer from their indescribable depravity; being chased purged in holy fire by some of the chapters of the Adeptus Astartes that consider psykers to much of a risk to let them live; or simply becoming one of the thousands of people that are daily sacrificed to keep The Emperor alive.
But she's sore, tired, angry, and frustrated. Of curse she is not thinking about how bad it is to assume and prejudge someone you don't know that much. She's gonna realize that at some point.

I wonder if Nick is going to come clean with the authorities of Zoot. Different Inquisitors have their own way of dealing with heresy; some prefer to remain hidden, while some others decide to work alongside the local administration of a colony. In any case, it has its pros and cons but that's for the Inquisitor to evaluate and decide.

I have no idea what kind of ritual that snake was performing. Yet another research of the 40k lore that I must do, yes yes. I only have a vague understanding of Chaos and the creatures that can be found within the Warp. Only the basic elements like it's origin, it's relation with the pykers and some of the Chaos Gods than can be found there. Other details are foregin to me; "The great Scheme", however, is something that I've heard at least once. I'll make sure to look for that.
Anyway, great work. Keep it up!
8/18/2020 c7 dragonslayer85
Im a huge fan of Both 40k and Zootopia. brilliant start so far and im enjoying this. Looking forward to more
8/2/2020 c6 Vince Fangway
Victor, you absolute mad lad, you nailed it on the type of psyker that Judy was from the very beginning. My respects * hat tip *
So Nick has a vendetta against this daemon, eh? Wonder what's the story behind it. Hasn't he requested assistance from the Grey Knights? Figuring that this is their specialty.
I love the idea of how you decided to address The Emperor's species by the way. I tried to think of an animal that was beast suited to represent him but it always came out as underwhelming in the end. That's why I agree with you, he's THE Emperor, nothing else's matters. In the A/N you point out the Inquisition doesn't know about The Emperor's condition; It was my understanding that the Inquisition, an organization with an unyielding devotion to The Emperor and specialized on intel gathering, is aware of his state and that's why they also seak for means to bring him back. Then again, this could be true to certain factions of the Inquisition, as nothing is simple in the forty-first millennium.

So now Judy we will see Judy work alongside the agents of the Inquisition. They better give her better equipment, psychic powers are not the only threat out there. Why is neither Liz nor Wolfard visually affected by Judy's presence?
Anyhow, I love it! Keep it up, brötha.
7/20/2020 c1 Vince Fangway
I'm really confused right now, brother. Are we supposed to consider this fic heresy?
Meh! I don't care. R!

I was wondering if someone would ever have the actual b ll$ to write a crossover of Zootopia and Warhammer. The amount of lore that the 40K universe has is just ridiculous and you have to know your way around in order to write a fic about it. I'm deaply impressed good sir.
I couldn't hold the laugh when reading the first chapter. Of curse you left out a lot of details but I knew what you were talking about and could figure things out by myself. I'm surprised you didn't mention such a noticeable thingst such as The Horus Heresy or the space marines. But again, you couldn't possibly cover 10% of the lore even with a bloody movie, haha.
I don't consider myself a 40k fan (don't know the standarts for that); and I'm far for being illustrated on the matter, but do I enjoy the lore and even watch som videos of it just top learn more. So yeah, I can appreciate this fic so...keep it up!
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