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for Alone

6/22 c1 2ManwithaPlan113
It was such an edgy, pointless, and utterly depressing ending. The entire premise of their "master piece" is that revenge is bad, but the one that fulfilled her revenge fantasy got to actually go through it, fullfil it, and escapes with her life whilst only missing her gains and a few of her stoogies.

Meanwhile Ellie finally let's revenge go...and she's got nothing. She's left all alone. Her "wife and kid" left her, Tommy left her, fucking Joel died, and she's even lost the ability to play the goddamned guitar!
6/22 c1 Guest
i wish this game was just a fanfic that some fucknut made in his basement but no, it's a reality

we waited seven years for this bullshit
6/22 c1 Guest
Ellie didn't have revenge, Abby did and things worked out fine for her.
If anything it says that forgiving people makes you weak, on top of whatever Abby would do to her in the future.
She didn't care that Joel helped her so she might even kill Ellie for humiliating her/etc instead of leaving her alone, she seems that sick.

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