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10/25 c11 Phoenix22283
I have loved reading all of your amazing stories about Carmen.
When I saw that you had written this new chapter in Carmen’s story I eagerly awaited every status update that came through my mailbox.

Please continue on with Carmen’s amazing story.
Now that she and Allan are headed to Betazed maybe a story about the dominion takeover of the planet and how they have to use their prior training to help them get through.
10/19 c11 Bonnie

That Carmen would return to the USS Enterprise or to the USS Titan as an officer when Riker became Captain of either ship.

I also was hoping that you would write a fanfiction story when child soldiers who are now adults, come through the wormhole trying to manipulate & evil actions to get Carmen to return with.

The soldiers would impact on Captain Riker's ship, the Riker family & on Carmen's husband, Alan Sheppard. Even Lwaxana becomes involved.

Then the Riker Family does their best to keep Carmen with their family unit.
10/19 c11 Bonnie
Just wanted to let you know how eager I have been to read each and instalment of all your fanfiction stories.

I know that you are taking a hiatus from writing, but I do hope that you will write a future fanfiction story where Carmen returns to the Enterprise or joins her parents and siblings when Riker, Troi and her siblings when Riker becomes Csp
10/11 c11 Zara08
Awwww a soppy ending. I wonder if will riker and Thomas recognise the ring? Welcome back, you e been missed
10/11 c11 56JWood201

SPOILERS KIDS (don't read the reviews before the chapter, come on)

And not just because it's the most Fabulous and Entertaining option. It makes so much sense for her, but ALSO is a surprise. Let me try to explain with my early morning cat-brain. We expect her to either take the job or stay on the Enterprise b/c she seems to very much value her career and being useful and helping others AND because she loves her "found" family so much. BUT throughout your series we also see her (though more subtly) trying to figure out Who She Is, which includes heritage and culture. It's easy to be human (well. when they're still the majority it's easIER), but to be Betazoid is a whole other bag. There's more nuance and etiquette and foreign concepts.

I'm OBSESSED with the fact that Carmen and Alan are going to be within eavesdropping distance of Her Royal Highness Queen Lwaxana. She's going to be so happy to have them both on-planet with her. I'M so happy she gets to have some family around her every day.

Thomas meeting Ella was precious. The holodeck nonsense, as always, vivid and hilarious. But mostly I had thoughts about the decision, which was actually perfect, at least to my brain. IT'S THE END OF AN ERA, MAN.
10/2 c10 Bonnie
Can't wait for Chapter 11
9/18 c10 Bonnie
Please feel free to utilise my idea, I cannot write beautif
9/14 c10 Anon
I miss Lwaxana
9/13 c10 JWood201
Heeeeeyyyy. This is lovely. Thomas and Will have settled their differences well. Is it Will's sense of duty willing out? Or the fact that Thomas doesn't really pose a threat here b/c they're already married? I don't know, but it was an interesting change from the episode to see them not so harshly at odds. It would've been very easy for Will to listen to Thomas and save himself, but that's not his training and it's not his heart, even though now he has to continue to handle having a double. Glad Thomas was able to find himself a sense of his own identity fairly early in this process.

The sickbay scene! I love Billy bursting in and jumping on the bed in his boots, haha. Kids are the best, man. They accept everyone and make them part of the family. Having Thomas be the one to help Carmen make up her mind was nice too. He has no horse in this race, he's not at all biased about her choice, so it was nice to see from that POV, but also because it again draws him closer into the family.

WHY DO I SHIP BEVERLY AND THOMAS NOW? Look what you've done. I will never let you live this down and will request Bev/Thomas fic FOREVER. The convo between the guys about her was brilliant. Get it, Bev.
9/12 c10 Zara08
Oh I loved this chapter! Riker chaos, imminent death, realisation from Will about Thomas, and some great humour you just can’t finish with one more chapter, we need more. I’m addicted to Thomas and this chapter in my morning mailbox just made my Sunday
9/9 c1 Bonnie
I'm eager to find out the outcome of Carmen's decision whether to leave on the Victory. I have read ALL of your other Carmen fanfiction and I love it. I continue to read your fanfiction almost every day.

I was thinking of s story development if some of Carmen's friends (other grown soldiers who come through the wormhole looking for Carmen and wishing to take their home, back through the wormhole. What would Riker and Troi do to stop their daughter from leaving their family on the Enterprise, and to return through the wormhole with the other grown soldiers?
9/2 c9 Bonnie
Can't wait for Chapter 10
8/30 c9 JWood201
Ooh, a cliffhanger!

I'm sure they'll be ok. But really I just need this to end up with Thomas in sickbay. YOU KNOW.

I really liked the breakfast scene. It's a lovely family moment that really showcases Carmen and her parents. I wish she had pressed him about the Potemkin more, haha, but we got to see her relationship with both of them bloom for a moment here. I like how you have us ignorant of what Troi tells her, so we're in the same boat as Riker, but I also don't like it, haha. But it's a good writing tactic to not tell us everything. She always knows all the things anyway...

I feel like I have zero brain cells, so I'll keep it short and say hurry up with the next one. You've got me weirdly into Thomas/Bev, so let's go, poison the man and send him back to sickbay, haha.
8/29 c9 Zara08
Ooooo two sickee will rikers...how will Beverly cope with that lol! Loved this chapter and how how there are actually working together now. I feel Thomas feels more will riker now That he’s leading the mission. Will however is just puffing his chest out like he’s back in the school yard...does Thomas remind him of his insecure self back then? Is will viewing Thomas with his fathers eye? Unaware he’s performing a Kyle check on himself who ‘failed’ to return those years ago like a loser. Someone who didn’t win the poker round everything time like Will did when he took a chance? Damn sure Thomas would laugh at Will if he’d know Will was so driven to allow a slug to be inserted into him lol!
8/20 c8 Bonnie
Loved Chapter 8. I'm happy that Riker & Carmen have reunited. I would love it if Carmen sits down with Riker and Troi to debate the pro's & con's of leaving the Enterprise for the Victory.
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