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7h c44 14Elsbeth Ravensblood
Just as a little favor, could you put the Omake's first and then the story? It would make things go faster. Thanks! TA! ER
5/15 c32 Murakum0
nice, top 10 in my fanfiction ranking
5/14 c38 11RedKnight21
Do an omake of Harry singing Rick Ashley to distract everyone in Asgard.
5/14 c23 RedKnight21
That dog reference was from a show I saw once, but I forget the name.
5/13 c20 JManM
That last omake was perfect.
5/12 c67 morde24
really enjoying the story so far, can't wait to read more.

Omake idea:

Rose teaching her younger brother the art of seduction as she learned from natasha
5/12 c35 morde24
already very much enjoying this fic. but your use of my favorite word Indubitably took it over the line
5/12 c67 raysterek92
Ooh an idea for an omake, Thor decides to announce his heir and brings out the coat hook from London that was able to hold the hammer?
5/11 c4 RyTheGuy
The story is interesting, but it reads like a wiki article, extremely bland and overt about everything
5/9 c6 jj
I wish I could see the comments on this.
5/10 c67 1RenaTamer
An Avengers rewrite from, General Meeting by Red Witch

"All right Gentle men... and ladies, Listen up!" Steve called out as he scanned the meeting hall of the Avenger Complex. Currently it was filled to capacity with the entire crew. "It’s time for our monthly meeting! First up, a word about today's target practice. It's been canceled until further notice due to a shortage of targets."


"Thanks a lot Barton," Gwin shouted.

"Y'know you guys aren't the only ones who like to blow shit up!" Rhodey added. "Leave some for the rest of us huh?"

"Ookay… Moving on," Steve pressed on.

"Uh I'll handle this one Cap," Fury stood and stepped forward. "All right you motherfuckers! Listen up! Last night someone broke into my motherfucking quarters stole something of personal value. Now I will give the motherfucker who did it 24 hours to return it before I take matters into my own hands. If the item is returned before then, fine... no repercussions. That is all."

"Yes so whoever took Fury's teddy bear, please return it." Hill announced.

Nick spun on Hill and glared at her as laughter fill the room. "The identity of said object was top-secret," he snarled. "You promised you wouldn't tell!"

"I lied."

"Awww! Does poor little Fury miss his Teddy Weddy?" Tony guffawed.

"Shut up! All right! Which one of you motherfuckers did it? Who took him? Was it you Stark? Barns? Potter? Who? Who was it? Where is he? What did you motherfucking cunts do with Mace Windu? Answer me!" In a moment of hysteria, Nick grabbed Tony's shirt and started to shake him violently. It took everyone several minis to pull them apart.

"Knock it off Nick!" Agent Hill snapped.

"Take it easy!" Cap placed a hand on Fury's shoulder, mostly to keep him in one place.

"WHERE IS MACE WINDU?!" The spy roared.

"Nick! Back off!" Steve commanded.


"Are you talking about this?" Pepper held up a plush black bear wearing brown robes and holding a felt purple light-saber.

"You took my bear?!" Fury shouted as he stormed over.

"No I found him in the Laundry Room sitting in the dryer!" Pepper said matter of factly.

Nick sheepishly took the bear back. "Oh yeah right. Sorry," he apologized. Then he whispered to the bear, "Don't worry Windu! I'll never ever leave you behind again!"

"Okay," Steve rolled his eyes. "Now that that's over with! I'm turning the floor over to Tony, who has some announcements to make of own own. Tony?"

"Thanks Cap! Okay here are the results for this week's betting pools. In the pool for how many people get sick after Spidy's attempt at cooking this week, the number was a mere 8. Groot came the closest with 6. He wins the grand prize, a Pikachu plushy and a jar of antacids."

"I am Groot!” the tree teen smiled happily.

"In the video game division, the prize goes to Romanova for the second time in a row for shooting down the most bad-guys in an RvB Halo match. This week's prize: a copy of the movie Lord of the Rings. And in the Target Practice contest, Barton gets 200 bucks for a perfect score."

"Hey! I thought it was a 1000!" Hawkeye protested.

"It was but I had to deduct 800 to pay for that tire on the Quin-Jet you punctured yesterday during training!"

"Oops. Sorry. Got carried away there."

"Finally the poker tournament will be postponed until further notice! This is due to last Wednesday's incident!"

Everyone slowly turned their eyes toward Thor, Loki, Quill and Rocket. "What?" The blond asgardian demanded.

"Not my fault that Thor took it literally when I told him to cut the deck!" the space raccoon defended.

"Yes, Nice going lunkhead," Loki hissed at his brother.

"Me? You're the one who started it!"

"Did not."

"Did too!"

"Did Not!"

"Do I have to separate you two?" Hela snarled from behind the brothers.

"no..." both replied meekly.

"Alright..." Steve had to take a deep breath as he stepped back up. "Last item of importance is extremely… important. I can't emphasize this enough! I have heard too many complaints about sexual harassment!"

"It wasn't me I swear!" Pietro yelped from the back. "Whatever it was I didn't do it!"

"Not you Quicksilver!" Cap groaned. "For once at least. I am referring to last night's incident! I cannot believe what I saw! The pawing! The grabbing of…well…the unwanted advances! The jokes were bad enough, but the underwear incident was the most appalling display of vulgarity I ever saw! Not only are all the guilty parties going on report, you are all required to take a sensitivity class!"

Steve frowned at the groans coming from nearly every female in the group. "Now I want the guilty parties to apologize and return the stolen underwear! Now!"

"Oh all right," Hill sighed, pulling forth a pair of boxers from a pocket and held them out to Harry. "Sorry…"

"Yeah sorry," Sif held out a pair as well.

"Didn't mean anything by it," Pepper apologized.

“Wait, What!?” Tony blinked in surprise.

"We were just having some fun." Wanda blushed as she and most of the female avengers held out many of Harry’s missing underpants, a chorus of acknowledgment ringing out.

“Umm… can I keep these, please.” Gwin whispered, turning bright red as she held a pair aloft. “They've kinda become a goodluck charm...”

“It's ok lady's,” Harry said with a sly smile. “You can all keep them, not like I can't magic up more when I run out.”

“Harry, that's not the point...” Steve's right hand found his face with a loud slap as all the women in the room cheered.

"Hay! How come nobody stole my underwear!" Drax demanded.

"You don’t wear any!" Nebula shot back while spinning a pair of Union Jack printed boxers on one finger.

“Oh god… That concludes this meeting," Steve huffed, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.
5/10 c67 kenbre
I have really enjoyed this fanfic very well written thank you for all the hard work
5/9 c67 levi.hall.9279
Love the touchy feeling moment and got a laugh at how the rest of the team were basically scared for Harry if something were to go wrong; I am eager to see what you have planned next
5/9 c67 8FirstSilverKing
Can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work
5/8 c67 2 Up
Awww No omakes?
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