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6/20 c6 Guest
6/15 c60 3WhiteElfElder
They should have had Friday play footage of the after-effects of Ross' hunts for Hulk.
6/4 c23 Guest
You complain about a short page but you waste space with these MORONIC omakes!
6/3 c4 Guest
Grim is a very fitting name for him
6/2 c78 ak
bonne fic!
une fin un peu expéditive; mais je préfère ça plutôt que ça rest inachevée. :)
5/30 c66 NightHowler0
Mate, your description of Widow’s Vengeance in this A/N boggles my mind
5/29 c16 mehul.sharma2411
the last line got me bro!
5/27 c58 Thorgrim Forgiaferro
Nice cameo, RIP Stan!
5/25 c27 Badgirl Niggi
lol omake 5 tis but a scratch
5/25 c21 bobel1990
what what a Shit that all the Spells and his Enhanced Power does Jack shit against Loki ...
Loki is useless weak besides his Magic ...
Was realy hopeing for better after i picked the Story back up again ... what a waste
5/23 c32 UnknownReader2001
Imagine the Ancient One using a phone
5/17 c78 TBearTech
Loved the Omakes,
Thanks for finishing up the story. Yes the last few chapters were not up to your normal standards. BUT you finished it. Much better than leaving all us readers hanging.
5/11 c11 Tortilla
Nobody Owens from The Graveyard Book?
5/12 c78 kristinamanga
elle est complètement dingue cette histoire... X)
5/7 c9 SpiderzCD
Omake1: Well after that first time, Hill did think "In for a penny, in for a pounding"...

Just come across this fic, from Omake 1 and ym love of HP and Marvel i think i'm gonna like it here
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