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5/7 c78 43miguel.puentedejesus
Un Hermoso Final Para Una Maravillosa Historia!
Simplemente Perfecto
5/6 c25 miguel.puentedejesus
Fue Fantástico
5/6 c11 miguel.puentedejesus
De Verdad Perfecto
5/6 c5 miguel.puentedejesus
4/28 c33 Llewey
Momo is best character followed by toph
4/28 c22 VamPyr00
You're freaking joking, right? ONE Cruciatus Curse puts Loki on his ass screaming, yet he didn't do it during their fight because...plot? Blaming it on the Rage Mode is just ridiculous, since he could have done it BEFORE he entered Rage Mode and still didn't.

Honestly, if Rage Mode makes him retarded, I would just stop wearing the freaking armor — considering it can apparently activate without his consent. He doesn't even NEED it, considering his healing factor. The armor didn't even help him block the mind control from the Sceptor!

I guess there is a reason I stopped reading this and your 'Raven' story to begin with. The fights are repetitive and illogical, the MC's background doesn't match his personality or actions, and you don't actually CHANGE anything that happens in the MCU movies.

'Reborn' and 'Raven' are some of the BEST backgrounds I've seen for MCU / Harry Potter crossover stories. Unfortunately, your own fear of changing the original plot and making your MC too powerful really hampers the story quality. If you ever rewrite these in the future, don't be afraid to change the MCU plotline or make your MC a bit more capable. There are ways to win fights while not being 'Overpowered', after all.
4/28 c20 VamPyr00
ADD-ON TO REVIEW FROM CHAPTER 21 (accidentally posted it without being finished)

Did Harry completely forget that he is a WIZARD after his Rage Mode activated? Why would he physically brawl with Loki when he could have just fired spells at him? Just a single Killing Curse (or any number of other dark curses) would have completely ended that fight...forever.

The fact that he ran out of 'energy' before even finishing the fight is also extremely pathetic. You basically only did that so that Tony Stark could step in — just like in the movie.

It's extremely disappointing that you're just throwing Harry into every major scene from the MCU but not actually CHANGING anything. The fact that he didn't kill Loki is proof of that. A 120 year old, enraged war veteran with very few morals would have just hit him with a Killing Curse (or any other dark curses) and called it a day.
4/28 c21 VamPyr00
Once again, this was a terrible fight scene.

The fact that he got manhandled by Loki like that is just pathetic. I can't IMAGINE how pathetic he will look fighting Ultron or Thanos. It's like your MC is nerfed (power and intelligence) SPECIFICALLY for the fight scenes. How can he FORGET about Transfiguration and TELEPORTATION?! He is a 120 year old War Veteran and master of magic, stop nerfing him.

Not to mention the asinine way his 'Rage Mode' was activated. Seriously? Waking up and suddenly 'bellowing' to the sky in rage? That is extremely cringe.

The fact that you've nerfed the shit out of your MC, then gave him this 'Rage Mode' for Plot Armor is just ridiculous and unnecessary. If you want him to be weak, change his backstory. If you want him to be OP, stop nerfing him.

I'm disappointed that ALL the fights seem to be turning out the EXACT same way. The rest of the story is very good, but your fight scenes are repetitive and lack any sort of logic. Hopefully it will improve...
4/28 c18 VamPyr00
Ugh, the exposition on his entire life story was just unnecessary. Half of that shit didn't matter at all OR pertain to the original question AT ALL. He was basically just ranting.

The fact that he is over 121 years old, Master of Death, AND inherited knowledge from the Elder Wand makes it absolutely RIDICULOUS that he's NOT OP. You seriously need to either change his backstory or stop nerfing him. With THAT kind of background, you nerfing him is the ONLY explanation for why he has struggled with ANYTHING (aside from maybe PTSD).

Also, I sincerely hope you aren't going to just follow the MCU movies EXACTLY — like you've been doing so far. It would make NO SENSE for everything to work out the exact same way with an OP Veteran Wizard on the Avengers team.
4/28 c17 VamPyr00
Meh, once again the fight scene was disappointing.

Fiendfyre would have easily taken care of the Destroyer without all this unnecessary drama. You've already said that he CAN control it, so it is just dumb to let things devolve to that level.

He could have ALSO tried Shrinking charms, Tripping jinxes, Feather-Light and Levitation combos, Slowing charms, Softening charms, NUMEROUS Transfigurations (restraints, golems, etc.) and many options that were simply ignored. His lackluster magical abilities and creativity are really disappointing.

The MC was basically a bug in front of the Destroyer, which does NOT bode well for the rest of the story. At this point, he is basically just a slightly more versatile version of Hawkeye. Against the REAL enemies, he will be almost useless if you keep trying to limit him like this.

I understand your argument for 'balance' between over and under powered but THIS Harry Potter SHOULD be OP. If you DON'T want him to be OP, then you should just change his backstory.

If this was CANON Harry — that just graduated not long ago, was still hampered by morals, and didn't recieve knowledge from the ELDER WAND — then I would understand. Unfortunately, this is NOT Canon Harry — or anywhere NEAR it. The fact that he has all the magical knowledge and power from the ELDER WAND and is still struggling against scrubs like Obidiah Stane is just pathetic and entirely lacks logic.
4/27 c11 VamPyr00
Meh, the fight with Stane was kind of bad. You do know that the 'Match to Needle' Transfiguration spell is taught in First Year, right?

In other words, FIRST YEARS are taught how to transform WOOD into METAL. You're telling me that War Veteran/Master of Death Harry Potter doesn't know how to do the METAL to WOOD Transfiguration (the opposite of a FIRST YEAR spell)? Seems like you either just completely overlooked these or you were trying to make the fights harder for no real reason.

Even IF he can't use such a simple material Transfiguration — for some unknown reason — there are still LOADS of ways he could have dealt with Stane. A Gouging curse (on weak spots), Vanishing spell, Shrinking charm, Slowing charm, Softening charm, or Reductor curse would have also made pretty quick work of his armor. He ALSO could have simply Teleported away rather than trying to shield those bullets wandlessly.

Overall, the fight scene was disappointing. The fact that the MC got hit AT ALL is pretty pathetic (he can TELEPORT). It seems like you are just trying to make the fights more challenging so that the MC doesn't seem 'too OP' or something. I hope the trend doesn't continue throughout the story but...I won't hold my breath.
4/17 c1 Feebling
There is a guy on webnovel who stole your story and asks for money on patreon.
Account name: Lotus_Loves
Stolen fake name: Harry Potter: The Wizarding Avenger
4/5 c78 MooseGoblin
You can pretty much read to the end of the Ragnarok Arc and be okay. Last couple of chapters don't alter much of the story and they are pretty much the literary equivalent of someone wiping their hands on a towel.

If you like Godlike-Harry Stories you will like this.
4/2 c1 Guest
Oh wow, a cringe pathetic HP that we are supposed to believe is a baddass how completely original and not at all completely retarded
3/31 c14 Stranger
Omake comment...

Boooo. :)
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