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3/25/2023 c26 jeindall777
why the hell do I envision Padfoot as the dog from Despicable Me
3/23/2023 c1 Reaper1990
Good story but seriously needs editing.
3/23/2023 c49 Tagrin
Chapter 49 omake 4 is the best in the whole story
3/17/2023 c78 56EdTheBeast
OK. I liked it. I stopped reading it twice, as It felt slow. Not going to lie, it was funny in places and stuck to 'Stans' timeline. It was intriguing in the different combinations of MU and HP. The rush at the end was cute. A good read, it was all the notes that so of threw me off the story. The Omakes were cute, funny, stupid, good, do I need to keep going?

So a good read that I liked that was a bit slow in that all the notes detracted from the story, while the many Omakes was more fun.
3/8/2023 c77 Shiaira73
I'm just going to sit here and cross my fingers and hope that Maybe someday you will come back and fix this ending. Honestly, the story deserves it. It was such a great story and then the last 2 or 3 chapters happened. I'm just going to go away in disappointment now. Congratulations on getting married.
2/27/2023 c2 Drag7
So no lemons. Harry himself is antisocial as heck. He has no goals at all and seems to be going crazy with voices in his head. All he’s done so far is wonder around aimlessly moaning and groaning.

The writing isn’t bad, the premise is fairly popular and has potential, but I literally can’t see a single reason to keep reading.
2/24/2023 c38 drg0n-dud3
i fuckin cant with the omakes of this chapter! XD XD XD
2/24/2023 c37 drg0n-dud3
"Is there a word for when you're frightened and horny at the same time?" Natasha wondered.

masochistic, hun, that's the closest I've got
2/22/2023 c8 realfan16
huh goin for the fuc boy route i see
2/22/2023 c2 realfan16
gosh! let the story pan out will you. had to stop myself from reading the AN. just spoiling some parts is really annoying for certain ppl.
2/22/2023 c6 realfan16
Now that's the hate i wanted see. No bowing just straight up power flex
2/21/2023 c78 FriendlyFire59
This was an enjoyable story and thanks for giving it closure when you hit burn out.

Thanks for having posted.
2/11/2023 c78 Guest
Been absolutely loving this delightful tale. Will simply say a few quick things ,one what kind of bread does your job make ? ,two sorry to hear about your covid sucks doesn't it and last congratulations on your read all your other stories and just wanted to say Thank you and more please
2/12/2023 c65 page1997
Oh hell man that omakes is great he said he's wearing a wire
2/12/2023 c78 1SixStringBass
I know it wasn't truly him (obviously), but thinking about and remembering everything that is Stan Lee made me tear up. I'm so proud to see other authors (I'll be getting into it again once I get my own computer) make lives outside of ff. I hope to be married soon too. Good news is: she'll let me write and might even join me and we co-author stories.
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