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1/31/2023 c68 26ReaperOfBalance
You always need some overdoing on the home
1/30/2023 c67 ReaperOfBalance
Time to meet Hela and the great grape
1/30/2023 c66 ReaperOfBalance
I’m surprised she wouldn’t ask him to watch Mordo should he stray
1/30/2023 c65 ReaperOfBalance
Amazing how finding out the skeletons makes a person a lot less worth obeying
1/30/2023 c64 ReaperOfBalance
Ross will be having quite a few headaches now
1/30/2023 c63 ReaperOfBalance
The burglar one would have been better if it was Morgan and not Rose
1/30/2023 c62 ReaperOfBalance
Something that’s never brought up: how do we know that the accords he gave them to read were the real accords? I mean it wouldn’t be the first time someone drew up a contract or treaty to be read, and then gave an altered one to be signed
1/30/2023 c61 ReaperOfBalance
I hate how no one mentions that the fact that the secretary of defense was a Hydra member to Rhodey
1/30/2023 c60 ReaperOfBalance
Hopefully Harry and Hulk can have their fun with Ross soon
1/30/2023 c59 ReaperOfBalance
So will the goblin make an appearance?
1/30/2023 c58 ReaperOfBalance
Surprised Bucky wasn’t helping at all or Sam
1/30/2023 c57 ReaperOfBalance
Natasha would have fit in well with the Marauders
1/30/2023 c56 ReaperOfBalance
Wonder if stark will want to study the potion to see if he can recreate it normally
1/30/2023 c55 ReaperOfBalance
Heh, I can kind of picture Tonks pouting at not being able to see that with them
1/29/2023 c54 ReaperOfBalance
Harry should try playing bait, annoy the fuck out of Ultron so he goes for Harry first
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