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1/30/2023 c57 26ReaperOfBalance
Natasha would have fit in well with the Marauders
1/30/2023 c56 ReaperOfBalance
Wonder if stark will want to study the potion to see if he can recreate it normally
1/30/2023 c55 ReaperOfBalance
Heh, I can kind of picture Tonks pouting at not being able to see that with them
1/29/2023 c54 ReaperOfBalance
Harry should try playing bait, annoy the fuck out of Ultron so he goes for Harry first
1/29/2023 c2 MartinDeShade
Why did the bartender want to have sex with Harry? You portray him as completely apathetic to her. I don't care how 'good looking' he might be, attitude and personality make up the majority of how attractive a guy is. Plus you didn't even mention that he seems particularly pretty, so that isn't even a good excuse.
1/29/2023 c53 ReaperOfBalance
Time to unleash Harry
1/29/2023 c52 ReaperOfBalance
Time to be an army killer again
1/29/2023 c51 ReaperOfBalance
You’d think knowing thor is an alien would let them guess that maybe Harry wasn’t from earth
1/29/2023 c50 ReaperOfBalance
Harry should really consider using the stone more, if nothing else to have therapy with the people he knows won’t judge him
1/29/2023 c49 ReaperOfBalance
So Harry’s PTSS is triggering the stone?
1/29/2023 c48 ReaperOfBalance
The first time he only had a few negative memories, this time he had the full brunt of it and all the emotions that go with them
1/29/2023 c47 ReaperOfBalance
And now Wanda just took the safety off the fucking gun
1/29/2023 c46 ReaperOfBalance
Hmm, Harry is drawn to the hammer yet refuses to go to it
1/29/2023 c45 ReaperOfBalance
Wonder if Harry will know Wanda again or not
1/29/2023 c44 ReaperOfBalance
Harry should be careful, lord knows what would happen if word got out that an Asgardian warrior was impregnated by the immortal master of death
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