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1/29/2023 c39 26ReaperOfBalance
For some reason, on that last Omake all I could picture was Bee Movie and the window scene
1/29/2023 c38 ReaperOfBalance
It was in that moment that Pepper became Tea from Yugioh and would constantly mutter needing more female friends
1/28/2023 c37 ReaperOfBalance
In all fairness to Kurse tanking the AK, dragon and basilisk scales deflect most spells. Usually you have to shoot the spell into their mouths, eyes, or nostrils to really effect it.
1/28/2023 c36 ReaperOfBalance
Hopefully Harry can have more discussions with Frig
1/28/2023 c35 ReaperOfBalance
Ah Morgan, the safest child in the world because one hair damaged and the world will be fucked
1/28/2023 c34 ReaperOfBalance
The one thing that would make Odin back off
1/28/2023 c33 ReaperOfBalance
The simplest method would be comprise a list of all true shield agents and order execution of all hydra agents in the vicinity when Harry and the others move to strike
1/28/2023 c32 ReaperOfBalance
Dragon shield, and Harry doesn’t bother to hypothesize that his armor could be made of dragon skin?
1/28/2023 c31 ReaperOfBalance
I’m sure that was one of his tamer memories
1/28/2023 c30 ReaperOfBalance
Rhodey is like the Hermione of the group: completely trust in authority and thinks they can’t do wrong
1/28/2023 c29 ReaperOfBalance
Wonder if Harry will upgrade them a bit
1/28/2023 c28 ReaperOfBalance
Wonder how long before Harry beats the council up, or some idiot tries to make him do the blood magic again
1/28/2023 c27 ReaperOfBalance
Not bad, was expecting army killer Harry to be even better though
1/28/2023 c26 ReaperOfBalance
Onake 2 was good
1/28/2023 c25 ReaperOfBalance
You’d think getting hit three times with the mind stone would have Harry adapt/grow a bit from Greg invasion of magic
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