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1/28/2023 c28 26ReaperOfBalance
Wonder how long before Harry beats the council up, or some idiot tries to make him do the blood magic again
1/28/2023 c27 ReaperOfBalance
Not bad, was expecting army killer Harry to be even better though
1/28/2023 c26 ReaperOfBalance
Onake 2 was good
1/28/2023 c25 ReaperOfBalance
You’d think getting hit three times with the mind stone would have Harry adapt/grow a bit from Greg invasion of magic
1/28/2023 c24 ReaperOfBalance
Now Harry is going to be VERY annoyed
1/28/2023 c23 ReaperOfBalance
Poor hill needs to learn that rules and regulations are only good if they are the best course of action
1/28/2023 c22 ReaperOfBalance
Surprised you don’t have a scene where part of Harry is hoping for the army to come so he can cut loose and just lose himself to battle for a short time
1/28/2023 c21 ReaperOfBalance
Hopefully like Kratos, Harry will be able to go longer and be more in control as time goes
1/28/2023 c20 ReaperOfBalance
Well, Harry will feel his most comfortable during New York
1/28/2023 c19 ReaperOfBalance
Harry has met his match in stubbornness
1/28/2023 c18 ReaperOfBalance
Nat now has to decide if she’ll be 100% honest with him and try to mend things or not
1/28/2023 c17 ReaperOfBalance
Hmm, I have line that would have gone great for the Lucy-Harry talk
1/28/2023 c16 ReaperOfBalance
No shortage of people that voice could have belonged to
1/28/2023 c15 ReaperOfBalance
Boo on Omake 2
1/28/2023 c14 ReaperOfBalance
Mordo is gonna do something stupid, just a matter of when
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