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1/28/2023 c13 26ReaperOfBalance
Heh, nice Incredibles reference in the omakes
1/28/2023 c12 ReaperOfBalance
Taking a man’s life is nothing, but take his heart? He’ll never be a man again. However, the danger is that once his heart is taken, he truly has nothing left to lose and is never more dangerous
1/28/2023 c11 ReaperOfBalance
Tony will be a kid in a candy store when he finds out what Harry’s runes could do
1/28/2023 c10 ReaperOfBalance
Shouldn’t be long before Phil needs help with Obadiah
1/28/2023 c9 ReaperOfBalance
Heh, even Hill has needs, at least Harry isn’t intimidated, isn’t going to go bragging, isn’t going to try and get her permanently, and won’t blackmail her
1/28/2023 c8 ReaperOfBalance
Heh, Hill says one night, but will it really stay at one night?
1/28/2023 c7 ReaperOfBalance
Heh, Hill hasn’t gotten much attention I’m sure, should be interesting for her
1/28/2023 c6 ReaperOfBalance
Both fury and Harry can understand the horrors of war and having to wipeout them enemy rather than taking them prisoner
1/28/2023 c5 ReaperOfBalance
Well, no attention until drawn until inventory is done and they find 3 guns missing. Anyone else wouldn’t care, but Fury and Hill are strict
1/28/2023 c4 ReaperOfBalance
Does this Harry only have magic or has he learned other forms of combat as well?
1/28/2023 c3 ReaperOfBalance
Fury isn’t going to be happy
1/28/2023 c2 ReaperOfBalance
So Harry takes some pleasure in life, but tries to not make real connections, makes sense for a war torn man
1/27/2023 c1 ReaperOfBalance
Slow but interesting start
1/25/2023 c63 Ardyn Noctis Caelum
Bro, I don't really do Patreon, but if you've got any polls up for the HP/God of War idea still add my vote to it.
1/19/2023 c21 Dalriaden
Is Harry supposed to be strong or not? Because he always plays with his food in fights that matter and just does his job in fights that don't, which is pretty annoying.
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