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1/19/2023 c11 Dalriaden
Dunno why he had to be dumbed down and nerfed for the Obadiah fight.
1/9/2023 c78 Pleasereadme
The reason why the demon souls relm the video game is the way it is it's because reality was broken by an old one and the shards are reality is holding that old one down like glass shards from a window but bigger when you are child you are heavily impressionable you are like clay your molded by everything around you and everything done to you Harry Potter is broken his state of being is broken his soul is a collection of shards with Warnout edges like cauterizing a wound to prevent it from healing or bleeding out or reattaching the arm or leg Harry's soul has also experienced this that which dead may never die but it may never live and heal either The only thing Harry Potter has that is alive is his body everything else is dead you cannot fix a broken sword you can only reincarnate it by reforging it and you have to wipe its memory utterly clean and give it a completely new body you cannot just put the shards back together and expect it to fix itself magically you have to put it into the fire melt it down turn it back into a wire and then hammer that wire together the former stock then heat that stock been hammer again into its flat and then sharpen it on the sharpened wheel until it's nice and sharp refit a new handle on it not the old one cuz it probably won't fit AKA oil girl even if it's a boy or girl it's a new type of boy or girl or a different family a different bloodline etc etc etc etc a child without innocence can never grow up The innocence has to fade away over time if it's taken away they become something else do not they don't grow they rot at which point they either go insane, evil, or supper similar things to war vets but more extreme in some cases and a bunch of mental illnesses Guess which one Harry Potter is a last one and guess what a child that can never trust that can never truly be happy that is always suspicious and paranoid and always always feel a black monster inside themselves I either wish partially to embrace but desperately want to suppress or get rid of and they hate them so damn much you cannot fix that which is broken The world cannot be mended it can be reincarnated though press the reset button please this time avoid all the things that would have broke him please it's the point of the reset button reset everyone except for those who know why the things occurred so they can prevent the things that turn the person sour in the first place Harry Potter should have only experienced those things when he became an adult That's why wizarding world should have had high school so at least Harry Potter would have been a teenager and or grand sorcerer before he had to commit himself to war. And or plenty of life experiences and or had parents that would have taught him all he needed know and or grandparents that would have took him out hunting and told him how to bench rooms and also to other things both magic and non magic this is called preparing your chosen hero for the life they would lead giving them knowledge and skills and training time they were toddler off the pit into the golf with a parachute and expect it to lift the boulder take a train soldier with super soldier serum and artificial muscles cyborg to lift the boulder after parachuting into the pit and the soldier would do it in the toddler would probably die of starvation You're doing the same thing in the Harry Potter series You're throwing a child at an expecting and it get fixed Of course the symptoms may be fixed because of the heavy handed way Dumbledore don't with the situation but that's just it The symptoms it's going to keep on popping up over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over stop kicking the baby and start fixing the world.
1/8/2023 c50 Guest
The edge lord routine with the ptsd is outplayed, each time you write Harry saying “you don’t know what I’ve been through!” Ya ya woe is me cry for me. You’d think like after supposedly living til he was 120 and lived another 20 years he would grow a pair. And man up.
1/8/2023 c44 Guest
I get the whole you wanting your Mc to have as many women as possible. But I’ve always dislike when writers tend to have the females wanting to share the one male and also fucking each other. Like c’om if you were a straight male in a relationship with another male and female. You wouldn’t want to get fucked by the dude. The ones that dude are the bi ones or the gay ones.
1/8/2023 c27 Guest
Why didn’t Tony or grim get lokis weapon and stop the portal? They had him right there
1/4/2023 c78 Xemenon
Thank you for finishing it and congratulations on your marriage. Best of luck mate.
1/4/2023 c49 Isharioth666
Gotta be honest. Was pretty good so far but the mindless ragemode play and the edgelord dramaqueen behavior with repeating a lot of things while going "woe me i had the wirst life, I got to sometimes behav e like a di. ck and you have to understand/accept it" kind of drops. the quality for story development and character design pretty hard. at least for me. especially since its a big. change in the genre too
1/2/2023 c55 Enjoyer
I know you probably won't see this but dude the omakes with tony being okay with harry fucking pepper and getting her pregnant Is just not funny
1/4/2023 c21 Isharioth666
Gotta admit personally I feel the timing for the rage mode is worse than the destroyer.

Additionaly i am not really impressed with the rage mode.
Think Harry lost a lot of potential and power especially considering it was implied he used rituals to strengthen himself. Would put that at least around caps level if done right gor physical power up. especially if he had to use multiple rituals for different aspects like stamina, strength etc.
1/4/2023 c11 Isharioth666
Dont really complain about the fighting scene since you try to nerf his powers a bit for a longer fight.

Bit still kinda questioning some things... Armor should be normal metal without a resistance so a simple transfiguration should solve the armor or him both. even if he would just transsfigure the caples of the power source or the power source itself and the whole armor is kinda useless and he is trapped in a metal hull
1/4/2023 c6 Isharioth666
You sure Padfoot is a dog? not a cat who turned into a dog?
behaves pretty princesslike
1/2/2023 c14 40Concolor44
I do believe that omake contains the worst pun I've heard since the start of the pandemic. Shame, shame, shame!
12/29/2022 c4 Serafina Fairway
I got to the second half of this chapter and read "chip shop" and my heathen American soul screamed in horror. We don't have "chip shops," we have "burger joints," which typically serve "fries" as a side. "Chips," to an American, are "crisps" to the cultured English. I'm sure there are shops out there that cater to those specific foods as specialty stores with above average varieties, but either way, "chip shop" is not a common phrase in America, to my knowledge.
12/28/2022 c46 Igniferroque
On Ao3, there’s a story about a 25 year-old Morgan Stark who travels back in time to 2010 to help her mom and dad save the planet. It is a WIP titled “Iron MaidenDays of Future Past” and written by Methos (Methos2523). I mention this because you often include Morgan in the omakes.
12/13/2022 c53 marcusvalor1701
Hey, as for your money thing, I could be a bit late on this, but if you use patreon, you could have people pay to read your chapters a couple weeks earlier than everyone else. The fics would still be free, they’d just be paying to read them earlier.
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