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1/15 c78 pix25
A very anti-climactic ending but amazing story. Had me hooked the entire time
1/13 c78 AmWRAZ
Ngl this is how I see on about how Harry finish off Thanos. No stupid drama just dead.
1/5 c69 Trainion
Magic number
1/5 c53 Trainion
Poop jokes
Gotta love em
1/5 c35 Trainion
Morgan Stark Roundhouse kicking her bully
1/5 c13 Trainion
12/12/2023 c63 Guest
Lily Evans is supposed to the brightest witch of her generation.

She doesn't act it.

A huge problem is no one can write a character smarter than they are.

Rowling may be incredibly imaginative but is not that smart.

She admits she is "bad at maths". That also means bad at logical thought.

Imagination and Intelligence are two different things, it is why there are two different words.

Someone should write a story where Lily outsmarts both Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort.

A fic where Lily not only saves Harry but all her family.

You can even make it a twist on the Reaper challenge where Lily is sent back.
12/12/2023 c60 AliceTobor
Someone should write a story where all the heroes leave the planet.

Let the villains run rampant then when Thanos shows up.

Does Not find the Infinity Stones he has a temper tantrum.

And kills 99.9 percent of everything.

Most of the 'ordinary' people in Marvel are too stupid to live.
12/8/2023 c78 6Mando-Vet
Lol, awesome story!
12/5/2023 c21 xaster99
so Harry slaughters humans but as soon as someone with some power shows up his magic is kinda impotent and just begin punching?
12/2/2023 c9 ShadowbaneXX
I may have been a little tough on a few parts of Raven and I should probably do another review there. Raven was clever and while not perfect it showed something. You have grown in your writing from Raven to Reborn and that alone should be something worthy of celebration.
11/30/2023 c11 acowles02
Harry needs to go learn some more transfiguration goddamn.
11/25/2023 c26 Guest
I'm gonna change all my contacts to Motherfucker, followed by random numbers now.
11/25/2023 c24 Guest
That's crazy. I can only imagine how far someone's obsession over another person can go. But I don't think I have ever thought of someone looking to get knocked up for the sole purpose of being classified as a Milf. I'm sure someone has done it.
11/25/2023 c18 Guest
Where's my goddamn omakes?
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