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10/2/2023 c78 Cryptastic
Yeah this was a rushed chapter - but at least your story has an ending.

Thanks for sharing :)
9/20/2023 c49 hanna
And dropped. Whiny bitch emo harry is so over used, and even if I was coming across it the first time, it's still shit. No-one likes to read about some pathetic power fantasy where the only weakness for the mc is their own past
9/20/2023 c48 ytrf
Yeah, I'm with the previous comment. This lameness is the cause for me dropping this. Everytime someone tries to controll harry's mind they fail, but harry still ends up losing his mind and turning into an animal
9/20/2023 c48 hanna
So rage mode equals animal? He loses all sense of self and starts roaring and hitting. Lame
9/20/2023 c43 asd
That line "the fuck" Is becomming quite the cringe. It was a bit funny at the start, as it is a thing I use myself when situation is approriate but you overuse it
9/19/2023 c16 abuduu
Very scientific... He didn't even try to lift it, he just started to try and break it
9/19/2023 c4 asd
I reeeally want to know what second-hand bike costs few hundred. either dollars or euros. A few thousand and you are like to buy a bike that isn't shit. seven thousand and you'll have a great second-hand bike if you weren't cheated
9/7/2023 c55 Fredward1
“Accio ultron bot” would be really damn useful
9/7/2023 c49 Fredward1
Omg this midlife crisis thing and the rage moment are super edgy and annoying. I swear if nothing changes with his outlook and personality after this, itll just be pointless nonsense. If he goes back to being abrasive to everyone, you wrote dogshit. And i have a feeling that he’ll be back to his abrasive personality and dull outlook in 10 chapters
9/7/2023 c41 Fredward1
Want to take out an army quickly? Fiendfyre. Idk why you dont use it more often when he “can control it”
9/7/2023 c28 Fredward1
Oh wow the nonmagical armor is too thick? Why dont you just make it disappear? For fucks sake man
9/7/2023 c27 Fredward1
You know what wouldve stopped this? Fiendfyre. He couldve just unleashed it at the portal and it would consume all who came through it
9/7/2023 c22 Fredward1
You said earlier that he’d be perfectly fine after a few minutes of rest. Now after a few minutes of rest he “would probably last a few minutes if he started fighting again”. Inconsistencies
9/7/2023 c12 Fredward1
Long overdrawn fights have to be so annoying when it can be solved with a snap of his fingers. I get you wanted to expose more of his abilities and have him interact with tony, but it felt forced. It didnt feel natural when all the reader can think is that the fight shouldve been over before all that happened. Instead you made him crack jokes and get shot up. It was pointless
9/7/2023 c11 Fredward1
Also harry talks way too much for someone who “doesnt like talking to people”
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