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9/7/2023 c11 Fredward1
Transfiguration wouldve been the smart thing to do from the get go. Just turn the metal in the armor into styrofoam
9/4/2023 c15 ItzJoe
i like the suit ideas, however i think it would be better if enhanced strength and speed didnt come from the armor at all, but rather from his magic or even the hallows changing his bone density and musculature etc putting him at say black panther or spidey level strength speed reflexes etc, rage mode would be better as a trump card, amping harry up to say thor or thanos level strength, that way he's not overpowered but at the same time able to keep up with the others
9/2/2023 c1 ItzJoe
man survives trolls, a basilisk, dragons, acromantula etc and yet its bellatrix laugh that keeps him awake? really?
9/2/2023 c21 DiveLord
If Tony’s arc reactor stopped the spear, why didn’t Harry’s super armor?
8/26/2023 c9 1Godspeed2000
Bulma: Where’s your Condom?
Vegeta: What the f*ck's a Condom!
Bulma: You said you were wearing protection!
Vegeta: I was wearing my armor!
8/16/2023 c78 Guest
good story
8/14/2023 c11 acowles02
Youd think hed just transfigure the armor and not blasting hex his way through everytbing. There are so many more ways to deal with this situation
8/14/2023 c8 acowles02
I noticed this in other works of yours i read, but you have a tendency to repeat specific things like shield way lore than nessesary.
8/13/2023 c6 acowles02
Why do you not write the fun parts. I would have really liked to read that conversation
7/30/2023 c49 Hark. L
Whoa...Just Whoa. I am just experiencing this story and it's amazing as all heavens!
7/19/2023 c78 Guest
Worst fucking ending ever, this chapter was retarded nonsense trash from start to finish. If you didn't want to end it properly you should have just stopped, not forced this rushed steaming pile of manure on us.
7/19/2023 c76 Guest
Fucking retarded trash, what the fuck is the point or use of Hela with no powers its retarded plot BS
7/19/2023 c74 Guest
Fucking retarded trash
7/19/2023 c52 Guest
Retarded trash, refuses to trust his team mates but immediately trust Wanda, yeah, no... idiotic nonsense
7/19/2023 c50 Guest
Another trash chapter
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