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7/6/2023 c12 Spartanhybrid1.5
Man Deadpool is gonna be so pissed cause harry is the master of death…and death is a vary….vary…..( In some depictions of her being incredibly beautiful like the Mexican day of the dead skulls) beautiful female character in the marvel universe
6/25/2023 c68 Alice Scarlett Knabel
this has been bugging me what about hermione
6/25/2023 c64 Alice Scarlett Knabel
dr. banner
6/25/2023 c58 Alice Scarlett Knabel
stan will live forever in fanfiction
6/25/2023 c45 Alice Scarlett Knabel
I though she was spider gwen
6/21/2023 c78 Dreamer of Worlds and Stories
Thanks for sharing and finishing your story. It was an enjoyable read though it felt rushed in some aspects like the relationships and some arcs.
6/10/2023 c55 4StrengthAndHonour
I never expected to cry when reading this fic, but damn did you make the space scene special. Bravo
6/9/2023 c78 SonsofChar
Sir, if you think that you should have no guilt about this chapter/cutoff of this story because your irl DUTIES and your now far more important wife then I congratulate you on your future. Thank you for the story(before this chapter) and also not leaving it on a cliffhanger. It may die here but that so much better then limbo! I enjoyed the journey and I hope your children bring you all the delicious pain you did to these avengers mwahahaha. In all seriousness happy marriage and thank you!
5/31/2023 c17 Guest
I'm sorry but he just seems to weak
5/29/2023 c78 burnnotice
I'm surprised Wanda and Gwen weren't included.
5/29/2023 c9 s.roest02
a stupid joke you could do is calling Harry "Nick Burkhardt" for an episode
5/27/2023 c78 IzahMalfoyBlack
I loved the story, but I think it would have been better if it was just Harry/Natasha, including the others, I found it a bit strange, even more Harry being the type to stay away from anything sentimental, and he was giving it a chance to see how it would be with Nat, and didn't even have time to develop it.
Then just another one comes in?!
I didn't think it was doable.
But apart from Harry's love life, the story was top notch, and I loved the omakes at the end!
4/29/2023 c78 Armiture
I still think it's hilarious that your Stan Lee cameo was Death of the HP-verse.
4/29/2023 c76 Armiture
IIRC Harry still has The Aether AKA the Reality Stone so he can defeat Thanos with trivial effort using reality itself against him. I've seen it done in other fics.

Clint's chickens gave me a laugh.
4/28/2023 c66 Armiture
I recall that when Harry first went to Asgard and "armored up" in front of Odin, Odin appeared to recognized the armor and was disturbed by it. Yet Harry never bothered to follow up on it, which makes me wonder if it's the armor of an Asgardian who died on Midgard when they kicked the Jotuns off Midgard.
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