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4/26/2023 c11 Lolisuc
I know you want to write action scenes, but even the idea that Stane would begin to be even a partial threat to Potter is so laughable. He didn't figure out the icing problem, but he did figure out the anti-transfiguration issue?
4/25/2023 c59 Armiture
I was wondering if Spiderwoman was Gwen Stacy because I'm positive that was first introduced in this story as Gwen Tennyson. So I'm going to assume that's either a work identity or a brain fart.
4/25/2023 c56 Armiture
You really need to edit what you cut and paste from The Raven, you once again had "fingerless gloves metal gloves" which should've been "fingerless metal gloves" The missing word errors cropped up a bit less but still showed up here and there.
4/20/2023 c28 Hmm
I see what you were trying to do, by not having Harry alter the fight too much and become too overpowered. But unfortunately that's going to bite you in the but later. Harry IS overpowered. If anything you should have had Loki lure him away and remove him from ninety percent of the fight and show up to play hero toward the end. As it stands it "cheapens" the Avengers future teamwork by having someone else take care of bigger issues.

Especially in Stark's case. The "I might die here" feeling he got is what changes his entire perspective on the world and his own life. Now that you had Harry just do it for him willy nilly, Stark will remain a arrogant super powered individual. He won't learn that experience of what it means to sacrifice, which will then lead to his ability to perceive what is right and just. It's basically the butterfly effect. By doing this one thing, you've basically changed the 2nd Avengers movie drastically and almost entirely removed Iron Man 3 from being useable content for yourself. With two simple paragraphs.
4/22/2023 c46 Armiture
hmm, last chapter you had two 3s, this time have two 2s in the Omake.
4/21/2023 c44 Armiture
Harry messed up in Omake 3, it's "Tab P into Slot V"
4/19/2023 c37 Armiture
I'm guessing that during the convergence, Harry will use that piece of flesh to kill Malekith and all of the Dark Elves with blood magic. That or simply track him down and kill him before the convergence.
4/18/2023 c28 Armiture
OMG, Natasha is telling dad jokes.
4/17/2023 c78 MaximumAfro98
first of all congratulations with your marriage, and remember if the missus gets mad just press the muffinbutton. secondly, thanks for the amazing story, it was really enjoyable. I also really loved the DBZ abridged references. now enjoy your live good man.
4/17/2023 c9 Armiture
I loved the Omake, and the second one was honestly what I expected Harry to do because he had specifically said sleep at her place and not sleep with her.
4/17/2023 c1 Armiture
This chapter gives new meaning to the phrase "haunted by his war experiences" doesn't it?

In any case, I enjoyed Raven so I'm giving this story a shot, so far, so good.
4/13/2023 c76 stillfreeleader
"I'm sorry, but he pulled you out of hell?"

"One L, but yes my father had sent me there."

Fury narrows his eyes "How did you know how many Ls I used?"
4/9/2023 c78 repsev
It. Was. Awesome!
3/31/2023 c1 3Midgards Ormen
I’m about three paragraphs in and I already have to say: full stops are your friends, be a friend to them. As in, use them more than once every 42 words. Especially when the sentence is composed of three separate clauses without any conjunctions to so much as pretend they’re joined together.

(Also, yes, I counted, there is a paragraph that starts with a sentence that’s FORTY-TWO words long.)
3/24/2023 c34 Guest
I changed my Password because of your Omake
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