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for Harry Potter, Grandson of God

6/19 c33 142Smithback
very nice ,... and very sad
5/31 c14 4David305
Enjoying! Your usage is mostly very good; one repeated oops, though:
"Hermione could emphasize a little" empathize
To emphasize is to make an emphasis: to focus on or magnify or underline the importance of something. To speak emphatically means to increase the intensity of one's words or volume to draw particular attention to one part of a whole; to make sure a listener takes special notice.
To empathize is to show empathy: to be sensitive to the feelings of another. An empath is a person who is so sensitive that they can feel another's feelings.
Keep it up!
5/31 c32 GatorLHA2
I grew up in the "Bible Belt" and encountered almost all of the different styles of preaching, degrees of devotion, and the controversies. With friends I attended Sunday services in Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodists, Baptist, Northern Baptist and Southern Baptist.

When I read the first chapter I was very concerned with the controversies messing up the story, instead the author has handled it well.

This story is good reading!

Carry on!
5/29 c32 142Smithback
5/28 c32 Jarno
It's quite an interesting story, very original. I love how you've written Hermione, Dumbledore and others. I'm not much of a fan however how you've written Harry and Ron.
Harry really comes over as obnoxious and very close minded, he's like almost a parody of a jehova witness. I hope Harry's character will evolve.
Ron on the other hand just doesn't read like Ron at all. He reads like canon Hermione with a high emotional intelligence added to it, also some leadership added to it, a good work edit added to it... it's just not Ron anymore.
5/27 c1 GatorLHA2
Only read the first chapter. It grabs my interest. Effectively portraying Vernon as a hard core preacher (I don't mean pornographic") is new and different. How he and the other characters and their interactions are handled is worth waiting for.
Carry on!
5/26 c8 Lexi
I am so here for all of this. The smashing of religions. The smashing of theology. It's the mess I have always hoped for. I love it.
5/25 c2 4The Geeky Folkteller
Ah yes, the difference between a Christian and a fanatic on display
5/24 c31 Guest
Excited to see more! :)
5/16 c31 Roosa
Hello, I read your story and looking forward to hearing more. However, is there a reason why Harry keeps referring Jesus as his way, truth and light? In Bible it is way, truth and life.
2/23 c2 Pteaset
Ok I lime it
2/22 c30 142Smithback

because... we are sure of so little...

and I do not think we are going to get the true in this life... and perhaps not even afther it...

still here we are...
2/18 c29 Smithback
2/3 c28 Smithback
this conversation was much more interesting than the original one..
1/20 c27 4weirdhead
Coolest fic I've ever seen.
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