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8/8 c1 Guest
I just loved it! It was lovely to see their development and the post-its were so cute! Thanks for that incredible story! Callian lives
7/26 c1 Flower70
Excellent! Thanks for this new story!
6/22 c1 EllePGT
Loved it! It's great to read a good LTM fanfic these days. I recently watched the pilot again and wondered why they never did the note thing again. This is very nice. Good work!
6/22 c1 guest
Awesome! You always make me fall in love with your stories! So Thank you, for not giving up on LTM, for posting and for making them so d*mn awesome!
6/22 c1 JustMyPillow
Really enjoyed reading this story, it put a smile on my face throughout the whole read. Interesting style, each intro makes you think what behind the scenes snippet of their life could possible be. I’ve especially liked that with each of their side the story proceeds, didn’t expect it at first. And describing the development of their relationship trough handwritten notes is an original and quite lovely concept.
Also I have really to thank you because you’re keeping writing beautiful LTM stories. I’m so glad your LTM Muse is still there, even after all these years I still find myself having rewatch of this series (and reading fanfictions as well) because I simply can’t leave for good our Cal and Gillian. So thank you.

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