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for Hello, Goodbye

9/11 c1 1amsev
Wonderful story! Thank you for writing.
8/9 c1 27Artisticmom2
A very sweet story!
7/1 c1 Red2Ruby
Wished there was more:)
7/1 c1 Red2Ruby
6/24 c1 Guest
I can definitely see Hermione and Severus opting out of the day to day Wizarding World. With the lack of innovation and continued belief that children should be ‘sorted’, thereby perpetuating a class system, magical Britain managed to suck the fun out of magic.

Enjoyed your story immensely.
6/22 c1 hisnhers
That was serene and beautiful.

6/21 c1 31Opal Chalice
It's a lovely story. I can understand why she choose to leave because you write it very well. Thank you for sharing it
6/21 c1 28duj
Sweet and gentle story.

I like where you've placed Percy, but I think any difficulties he'd encounter would be more about people-skills in general than the Muggle world in particular. Even as a teen, he understood the importance of the Muggle world; it's why he advised 2nd-year Harry to consider taking Muggle Studies as one of his electives. (TBH, I doubt that Arthur, who has more enthusiasm than understanding about the Muggles he encounters ... and routinely obliviates ... in his job, would have much of value to teach Percy. For advice about Muggledom he should be consulting Muggle-borns, or better yet *Muggles*, not his pureblood dad who treats Muggles with about as much respect as if they were trained monkeys.)
6/21 c1 poteetfamily4
very well done. while I generally don't like Snape/Hermione pairings, this one was done nicely. nothing over the top; very natural. great one shot!
6/21 c1 Guest
I like this
6/21 c1 Batty
Wow! Thank you for this wonderful little piece of art!
I loved this slowly developing friendship, turning to love. You write so sensitively, it‘s great to read!
I loved Hermione‘s story!

I was a bit sad that we didn‘t get to know anything about Severus‘ story after the war and that you changed his appearance. That‘s like taking his whole identity, everything, that makes him Severus Snape.

But I loved how affectionate and tender he is in those small gestures - and that‘s exactly what I think Hermione needs in her slightly damaged state.
6/21 c1 72worrywart
What a bittersweet story. I'm so happy that she and Severus will be starting a new/old life together, but sad that she gave up the magical world...something we usually don't see in Hermione (at least the stories I've read, and if she does leave, she usually comes back). I know we readers usually clamor for a sequel or more, but this story doesn't need it. I can easily imagine more for the couple. A lovely read, to be sure; thank you.

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