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for Bleach: The Final Cut

8/11 c40 Zorban
Nice to see this isn't abandoned I was getting worried.
Fun chapter, looking forward to seeing more.
1/12 c1 5RFDN
I get what you are doing here. Really I do but best practice would have been to show this either as flashbacks or chapters in the story.

Best option for this likely would have been starting in the Soul society arc where most of these changes happened.
1/10 c37 3lionkingfactsguy3
I vote Kensei to be Ichigo's primary trainer since Hiyori is a useless crackhead.
1/10 c39 lionkingfactsguy3
I just love this story so much. It's such a fun and interesting take on the original series.
12/26/2022 c1 Guest
Hey Author,

I honestly think you should also do a "Final Cut" version of the final story arc, "Thousand Year Blood War." Some the things that bothered me in that last story arc includes:

#1. The fact that Soul Society did NOT condemn Ichigo for arriving too late to help them; as a failure of that magnitude should created a major trust issue between Ichigo and MOST (if not ALL) of Soul Soceity.

#2. The morale of Soul Society should've been MUCH worse than depicted in canon AFTER Yamamoto's death and the fact that some of the captain's Bankai. In fact, there should've more situations similar like depicted in canon in Chapter 538 (in which two members of the 10th Division talking about how they were done for because their captain lost his Bankai), but being much worse by having various Shinigami losing faith in their captains and considering quitting/resigning because they feel that it is a clearly losing battle if another invasion happened. Essentially, killing Yamamato should've just been part of Ywach's overall plan by having Soul Society weaken itself from within due to low morale and in-fightning amongst themselves in the aftermath.

#3. Uryu should've been depicted as joining Ywach for real and actually having a real life-and-death battle against Ichigo.

#4. The Zero Squad should've have consisted of characters who were fully serious yet showing kindness and compassion when necessary; as opposed to some of the goofy moments.

#5. The Quincy should've been depicted as actually originally having the means to destroy Hollows like the Shinigami do (via their zanpakutos); until certain events prompted them to abandon their original weapons and use reishi weapons instead.
12/25/2022 c37 kippusan
Please don't kill Kensei this time, he was my favorite Visored out of the whole group.
12/24/2022 c37 1SwarmingShadow
I think that played out much better than the original.
12/14/2022 c36 3romeoraiden
Finally, new content. About time someone lifted Sajin’s spirit, poor bastard can not take so much punishment. Interesting take with Sōya Azashiro. I can understand the idea of an Emperor of Soul Society since Reiō is more a godly figure so this works wonderfully. Not sure how I feel about Byakuya screwing with Renji with his life, though. As if there isn’t enough crap going on already.
12/13/2022 c35 dhunis
Author makes a bunch of changes to "fix" canon, so don't expect for the setting to be the exact same, but not so much as to be a complete AU. Its all listed down in the first chapter for you to check out. He uses some characters from the epilogue and novels too.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really makes things better. I would even go so far as to say it makes things slightly worse.
Grammar and prose is fine though, but the interactions/relationships between characters is kinda off-putting.

Score: 3.5 to 4 out of 10.
12/13/2022 c35 Zorban
Huh, what was the update?
12/13/2022 c35 3lionkingfactsguy3
You're just editing each chapter aren't you?
12/12/2022 c12 1SwarmingShadow
Wow. Tatsuki is such a great friend. I know my favorite part of any friendship is when they don't speak their mind with me and instead beat the shit out of me. It's a wonder if he ever bothers to spend time around her and Orihime ever again.
12/3/2022 c31 Guest
Very, very nice.

I'd originally caught up on this story when it went right up to Kensei's death at the ending of the fullbring arc, and while I'm very much enjoying the new stuff, I kind of wish there were somewhere I could still read your version of the Aizen and Fullbring arcs.

Reviewing stuff properly now:

The tournament arc is cool. Straight tournaments are always cool. Introducing the hell arc characters way early is very cool, and the fights are well structured too. Giving Akon some credit independent of Kurotsuchi is an interesting choice, and I like it. Adds depth to the character.

Showing that Zangetsu not only knows who Masaki is but has some emotional attachment explicitly tells the audience that he's already existed before the shattered shaft, which on one hand solves the whole asspull issue, which is good. But I have no idea why was he suppressed by "black lightning". That doesn't make sense as Zangetsu (Quincy) going by canon, but it could still make sense within this continuity. Or it could just be someone else.

The Isshin change is interesting. Makes sense that the Urahara suppressor thingy would go away once Ichigo was born instead of transferring to him, and it's an interesting change.

I'm excited to see where you're going with this.
12/4/2022 c21 6Kuma Akuma
You're incorperating Hell Arc characters. Interesting. I will say I like the rewriting so far. Feels like the world, especially the Soul Society, has more hierarchy and history to it than what we were given. Also feels like Hollows are getting more fleshed out as well, and that there actually is a world outside of Karakura.

That being said I'm also curious how you managed to read the Hell Arc cause I haven't been able to find a way to.
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